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Well it has been three weeks since my baby Sadie has passed. The pain has somewhat lessened but my heart still aches greatly and I imagine that it always will when I think about the best friend that I have ever had. I just still worry and wonder if she was in pain in her final moments or if she was sleeping when she passed...or if she was awake and scared? And I want a sign from her to know that she is up there happily and knows how much I love and miss her. I need to  know that she is alright, I pray every night for a sign from her but I have not gotten one. I just want to know that she is alright but I guess there is nothing else that I can do but pray and openly look for signs.I'd also like to see a sign for our precious cat that died recently to know that she is up there and happy also. Some days are better than others, but today I looked at some pictures of my baby and it hurt. Anyway, I was just wondering what kinds of signs everyones furbabies have left them? And if they haven't, how do you deal with that? Any answer will give me some comfort, so please help me out. Thank you, you have all been so understanding and I need this so badly.


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I would so much like for shadow to visit me too, but he doesn't. I think I am not perseptive in that way...I have never really seen ghosts or had much of a sense of things "other worldly" even though I believe in them. Maybe that's why....IDK
BUT about a week after he died I had been having nothing but really bad dreams....then one afternoon during a nap I dreamed he was sitting on my chest looking down into my face as he often did and he looked awsome and fluffy and sparkley eyed and I asked him a question almost like I was confirming something...I said, "so you love me and i can still hold you just not the same way, right?" then he curled up on me and went to sleep...the dream was over...
i don't know if this was a sign or just a dream...but i know I haven't once dreamed about him since even though I think of him all the time...
My good ole gramma said that it was definatly a visit from him ....but i'll never know for sure....
i know I miss him so much...When i get to heaven, if God happens to ask what were the best things about this life? Shadow will be in the top two or three!

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Thank you for posting pics of your precious angels. They are so sweet.

It is very hard to be without them. They are so much a part of our lives and everything we do. My cat Cheeseburger was my best friend and I found so much love, friendship, trust and compassion in him; more than any I have ever known. I miss him so much, but he was very sick and we had to let him go. I know he is free from the cancer that took over his body, and he is healthy and strong again.

I have had signs from him. When he appears in my dreams he is so healthy looking and his eyes are so bright.

After we left the hospital and Cheese was gone, my son turned on the radio in the car, and the song "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd immediately came on. My kids said that was a sign from Cheese to tell us he is o.k. and free from suffering.

I hadn't listened to the radio for a while since Cheese was gone, and then one day at work, I opened my photo album of him, and for some reason turned on the radio at my desk, and the song "Home" by Daughtry came on. That was "our song" - I used to sing always sing it to Cheese.

We always hung out together and listened to music, or I would play my guitar for him, so I think he is sending me signs through music.

I believe the love our angels possess is so pure, powerful, and unconditional, that it cannot end. Their spirit, love and energy is always with us and around us and somehow they will let us know they are o.k., and I am sure they are hoping we are remembering all the happy times we had with them. I know my Cheeseburger would not want to see me in such pain - I am trying so hard to find comfort and peace in his love and the precious memories I have of him.

I hope this helps you a little.

You have friends here who care and understand.

Your Sadie and your kitty (sorry I don't know her name) know how much you miss them, but they also know how much you love them. I feel our angels are watching over us. Their love remains deep in our hearts forever.

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


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Katheleen--Your pets are adorable. When Puffy passed away, my husband had a dream. They were bonded tight and she came to him through that way.
 He also had a dream another night about the cat, Peanut, that we lost 10 years ago--both were together. That's kinda how he knew it was authentic. He had never ever seen Peanut before in any dream, and here he was, telling him Puffy and him were together.
He was at her grave,maybe a month later, and he saw a butterfly buzz around her tombstone. He went back the day after and it was the same butterfly--same size and markings. I've never heard of that ever happening, but it did. I guess that was important validation for him.
It comes individually through the best way for the person left behind to get some type of validation, I think. It is a real phenomenon that does happen.
I think, firstly, wanting it bad and focusing on it alot helps.Then, kinda release it. It's like wanting something real bad, but knowing it's up to the powers that be to grant it for us. It might take time, too. Patience is important. I hope it happens for you in whatever way it's supposed to.

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Hi Kathleen,

I'm so sorry about Sadie and your kitty.   I lost my Samantha in April of 2006 and her brother Smokey last Thursday, July 3.  I don't think I ever really got over Sam, the pain just lessened a bit.  Now with Smokey, I feel as if I am losing my mind.  I have lost my best friend.  I know our pain is so great, but we have to move through it and believe that our fur kids are safe.

As far as signs go I would keep a listening ear, a watchful eye and allow your mind to be open to whatever it is you shared with Sadie and your kitty.  Like some of the others have said.  And pay particular attention to your dreams.  It's just one of the realms of communication.  I believe everyone of those described in this thread were signs from their beloved pets. 

I believe I have had at least three signs with Smokey's passing.  Just prior to having Smokey PTS (hadn't even planned it yet, just knew his health was failing and the day was coming quickly), I had a dream with both Smokey and Samantha in it.  They were both running away from me, crossing a road and running through a big field.  Not a care in the world.  Me on the other hand, was frantic that I wasn't going to see them again.  When I woke up, I was freaked.  I believe that was a sign from Sam telling me it was Smokey's time and she was here to help him over.

Prior to Smokey's crossing over, I asked him to visit me in my dreams.  After I PTS Smokey on Thursday, I started reading and writing on this message board.  I had prayed for a sign and several people on this site suggested I ask for a sign from Smokey.  So I did and I prayed to God for a sign that Smokey was alright.  On Friday, I happened to see my next door neighbor sitting in her back yard.  I thought, I should go over and say hi to her (She's 84 and we chat a lot).  Then I said no, I just can't do it right now.  Then something in my gut said, yes go over there, it will make you feel better.  So we are sitting in her new chairs and chatting.  Then she says look over there, there is a cat running in your field.  When I looked, there was a black cat running across my little field and into my wonderful woods.  Not a care in the world.  Those are the same woods that I never let Smokey go into.  I would walk him on his harness and we'd get up to the edge and he would pull hard to get in there and actually get mad at me when I wouldn't let him in there.  Funny thing is, Smokey was a beautiful black cat.    When I came back in later that day and read my messages, Jerry C. had specifically asked Smokey to provide a sign to me.  Like WOW.........I think I got it.  Doubting my Friday sign, on Sunday I combed the entire wooded area looking for signs of a cat, black or any, and there was nothing.  I have to believe that Friday was a sign.

The third sign was the other night.  I had a dream that I was in a house and I rounded the corner.  There was Smokey and I looked at him in disbelief and said what are you doing here, you aren't supposed to be here.  And I think he said oh I'm fine or something to that affect.  He was beautiful and then it was over.

I did get a sign once with Sammy, I had a dream that she was weaving in and out underneath my rocking chair.  Just having a ball and purrrrrring away.

We have to believe.  There are so many cases of things like this and like the other gals have mentioned.  You just have to tune yourself into it and allow it to come to you in any form. 

I'll pray for you, Sadie and your kitty and ask that you receive a sign.


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Kat those are the sweetest pictures. I can't wait till I figure out how to post pics so you guys can see Saxon. He was ADORABLE and I'm not just saying it because he was my baby. I used to have people offer me money for him when I took him out.

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Dear Kathleen,

The photo of Sadie with the towel on her head tugged so hard on my heartstrings that I am typing through tears.  Thank you for sharing your photos of your precious babies with us.

Since you asked, I will share some of my experiences with signs or "visits".  I never had any doubt that Betsy, my beloved little terrier, would eventually send me signs.  It was just something I sensed about her...and our relationship.  I have received signs from departed human loved ones in the past, as well. 

The first sign from Betsy was spectacular.  The day before she passed, I took her out into the yard late at night to potty (she could no longer walk out herself).  I held her in my arms like a baby and showed her the moon and stars and asked her if she would send me a star to let me know she made it safely to the Bridge.  We helped her pass the next day.  That night, in the middle of a deep sleep, I suddenly sat straight up in bed awakened by the brightest star I had ever seen shining through my window.  I knew immediately she was at the Bridge.  I am smiling as I type this as it was just "so Betsy".  She was a feminine little thing who lived to love and please her momma.  And, boy, did she come through in a big way.

I have recieved numerous other signs but one of my favorites is the dream visit I had a few months back.  I dreamed she was in my backyard playing happily at the end of the Rainbow (in my dream the Rainbow ended in my backyard and was bathing her in all of it's radiance).   In another dream, she was sleeping in her bed and awakened and came running and jumped in my lap.  This dream was probably the most significant, as she was already very frail and ill when we moved into our current (new) house.  In the dream she was restored to full health and was sleeping in her bed in our new house.  This seemed like a true dream visit from her.

Six weeks after she passed, as my husband and I were exiting our cars in our driveway, we suddenly heard her bark.  We looked at each other as if we had heard a ghost and immediately went looking to see if there was new dog in the neighborhood who might sound just like Betsy.  We have never been able to find that dog.  The timing of this was significant, as I was deeply depressed (over losing her) that week.  After I heard the bark, the depression over her loss lifted a bit and I felt much less despair.

I can tell you a lot has been written about after death contacts (ADCs) or "visits" and two states of mind have been mentioned as being helpful: meditation and/or gratitude.  For me, GRATITUDE is all it takes.  From the moment I laid eyes on Betsy as a young pup I felt so much gratitude.  All through her life, I felt gratitude as she brought me so much joy.  At the moment of her death, all I could sob over and over again was, "Thank you, God, for sending me this angel."  So, I live in a state of gratitude.

I think pain and anguish, which certainly cannot be helped, especially at the beginning, also can block signs or "feelings" that your baby is okay.  So can doubt, second-guessing and guilt.  So, if at all possible, try to be gentle with yourself.  You must remember that your beloved Sadie knows your heart.  She knows you love her and she wants you to feel her love.  Just start by doing something simple.  Gently invite Sadie to come sit next to you.  Feel her presence.  She WILL be there.  Just let go of the pain for a moment and feel her.

Hope all of our stories have helped.  Take care of yourself and keep us posted. 

Betsy's forever grateful and loving mom


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Melissa, I think you said it best...Gratitude!  Also, the blocking of signs - "pain, anguish, doubt, second-guessing, and guilt."  Your words are purrrrrfect.  I too live in a state of gratitude, however I have been living in the pain, anguish, doubt, major second-guessing and guilt for some time.  I'm surprised any of my signs came through.  Thank you for your loving reminder to open our hearts, to forgive ourselves and let the signs and love flow to us.  Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to print the page and save it so I can look at it as a reminder....thank you!

Kathleen, Melissa hit it spot on.  Try to think of the good things you shared. The language and things you used to say to them.  Speak to your Sadie and your your heart.  Animals are capable of communicating on a whole different realm then us.  Go for it!


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Hello all, I just wanted to thank you so much for posting, sharing your beautiful stories, opening your hearts, and giving me advice. Everything said here has helped so much...I hope that I do get a sign and I will take all of your advice. But I do believe that I will see her again and that she is safe...I just need a little reassurance. I really can't express how grateful I am that all of you have been here for me during this. I only hope that Sadie is playing with all of your pets right now, because they all sound so nice.


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I hope you do get a sign.  It means so much.

I told this little story on another post but I believe I had a sign from Pepe the morning after we had him PTS.  I was sitting at the computer and looked up and on the window sill there was a tiny little bird, looking like he had flown the nest for the first time.  I sat and looked at him and he looked at me.  He lingered for a while.  I felt  that little bird was giving me a message from Pepe that he was ok.  A wave of grief passed over me but also a beautiful warm feeling of love.

I still have not dreamed of my dear Pepe but one of our grown daughters dreamed of him one night and that makes me happy.  
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