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It really hasn't gotten much better. This was a particularity sad weekend after two months on the Sunday afternoon Taz left me for good. I keep hoping the pain and sadness will get better, and maybe in some ways it has, but sometimes the grieve is almost unbearable. I think it's now really starting to sink in that I'm never going to see Taz's precious little eyes and face again. It's hard knowing that my life will now go on without him forever more now. I find myself trying to remember him and the good times we had together, but then that brings all the sadness and tears back intensely. Without question, I am not the same person I was before he died. All I can do is to keep trying to go on, best I can and know how to...

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I am so sorry about your loss and to hear about your depth of sadness. I can relate to how you are feeling because it has been just over 6 weeks since my fur baby & I parted & I too feel just as bad as I did when we parted, with some days being worse than others, today in particular!

People who have been through this have reassured me that things will ease over time & it will for you too, please believe this. Sometimes I have moments when I question grief, wondering if I will feel like this forever as it feels like I will never recover and the tears will never dry, but people have told me that it takes time as there is no fast forward button on grief..

Because pet grief is not always understood by some it can often feel very lonely, & sometimes harder to deal with because they gave us us unconditional love in the purest form. I believe that us pet lovers have been blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this. It is a bond so special!

You WILL heal in time & the people who have loved and lost on here all understand and will support you. .

There are some things I haven't yet been able to change at home as I feel I am not yet ready & my heart is so fragile, but in time the days will get easier & there will be more smiles and less tears and it will be the same for you too.

Keep posting on here and do whatever brings you comfort..All I can say is be kind to yourself for all the love you gave to your Taz.

Sending you support.



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Thanks babydaisy...I do know how time is supposed to heal all wounds, but some wounds are deeper than others. This is one of those times. Funny how the last two months have flashed by in one respect, yet it also seems like two years in the other. I seem to be stuck in an emotional time warp. Not a night passes that I don't wake up thinking I heard Taz getting settled in his bed below the end of mine. These sounds sound so real. It takes me a moment to clear my fuzzy mind enough to realize it's not him. Then I try to go back to sleep again wondering if I'm losing my mind. Oh well, another day goes by. I pray he's doing okay and not in pain. And that one day we'll be with each other again...

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I agree with the comment that "Because pet grief is not always understood by some it can often feel very lonely."  When my dog died 8-weeks ago I felt family wanted me to move on quickly, within days of his death.  After 8-weeks of grieving I begin to feel better now, but not one day has passed by that I don't think about him at least 10 times per day.  I walk frequently just to be in touch with nature and lessen some of the pain. 

A friend who took care of our dog for a while offered one of her puppies and we declined for the first 7-weeks.  Recently we decided it was time to move on, at least open our heart to another puppy.  This new puppy is special because she got to spend some time with our dog.  She also was really cared for the first 4-months of her life.  Even with the happiness of her company, I think about our dog every single day.  There's so many things that she does that reminds me about him, that in a way is comforting.  

Take your time grieving, nobody can tell you when you feel better.  Time will come.  Give yourself the opportunity later to open your heart and love another pet.

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To tazdad
I too have just had the biggest loss I will ever have my little girl and my best friend, felling lost with out the love in your life will never go but we need to think how much of a good life we gave them and the love we gave them all the time. They couldn't of asked for a better life however short it was it was filled with love and joy they knew how loved they was.

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Thanks f defillo1 and Em ma. Sundays are particularly bad. 
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