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I'm having an extremely difficult time coping with the loss of our V.
This happened Monday so it's been a few days.

Di Vinci was 6 and a half years old.

He bit our child who's 1.5 yrs old Sunday night. My wifes mom came and picked him up for the night.
Unprovoked, awake and comfortable in the living room. 100% not like our V. He was petting his hind leg.
Our child isn't the first bite. He bit me a year ago though it was "provoked". He hates being picked up, I knew this and was trying to work through that issue in all the wrong ways so i don't blame him for biting me. He also bit as a puppy through the vets hand once when getting a temp down south and also bit my wife, but not as bad. Those initial bites were as a pup.

When he was younger we dealt with a lot of aggression behavior issues and it was hard for the first couple yrs.
At about 3 yrs old he got cancer. I posted about it. We had surgery done and he continued life. It was amazing, to give him continued life and we never would have thought about not doing it.

Here recently his bumps just overtook his body. He probably had 2 dozen bumps but the first dozen we had tested as the popped up over the last couple years and weren't cancer. But there's just no knowing. Looking back, he did act like he had forgotten stuff the last month.
We really believe he had cancer again and it had really developed but didn't get any bloodwork done because of the situation.

My son was bit in the hand/finger. No stitches, no ligament damage but it was still a bloody bite. All my son did was pet his back thigh. Super super normal.

DiVinci loved my son and children(other kids in the family) He never ever had any issues. My son would do crazy stuff being a baby and DiVinci just took it all and kissed our baby any time he had the chance. It was amazing! They would play together! They would play chase where DiVinci would walk around letting our son play with him.
It was the boy and his dog relationship I wanted my son to have!
He wasn't the typical running vizsla, he was kinda lazy! Lol he wouldn't run more than a mile with us, He would stop and lay down. Lol he was of course the best snuggle bug and warm cozy companion in the bed at night.

But after the bite we talked to our vet who was our vet for the last 5.5 years of his life. He strongly agreed we should put him down. We didn't go into the conversation telling him we wanted to.
Our vet even took divinci home the only time we boarded him for 2 days because he knew he couldn't handle the boarding being alone and because he was such an awesome dog.

It's so hard. I Feel regret, maybe if we kept them apart if he was laying down then we wouldn't have to deal with this loss and pain. But how is that a life to live? To always have to watch our kid and his dog, in terms of during calm moments in the living room with everyone awake. The dog wasn't sleeping, wasn't asking for alone time wasn't trying to get away. I'm not saying we shouldn't have to watch them, we're of course responsible owners and parents.

It all happened so fast. Within 24hrs of the bite we said good bye.
We were there through the process balling our eyes out and whispering in his ears how we loved him and he was a good boy. We buried him where we could visit him. Yesterday we went back to clean the site up, that helped me a lot. So yesterday was easier.

I'm 30 and have never felt like this even when I lost human family members.

I know that if we hadn't done It then, that we would have kept him. And had we done that, if he ever bit him or even in the face I could never live with that.
To ever have to explain to my child why kids in school made fun of his face because of a dog bite, id never be able to live with that.
Someone I know 3 weeks ago had that happen. His daughter was bit by one of their dogs in her face. 32 stitches and some surgery later she's going to be okay.

I'm so lost. There's a hole in my heart. And my wife's! She picked him out, he was hers for one year before we moved in together.
How can I ever love another dog like this. How can we ever have another dog. Could I handle another vizsla? I just don't know any of these things.

I just feel like we didn't do the right thing, even though I know it was what had to be done and was the right decision in my heart I want him back.

I've done nothing but cry for 5 days and ive never done this before. I'm suppose to be a strong grown man! lol...

Even eating time, divinci never had an issue during eating even when we had aggression issues. It was just sooooo unlike him to have ever bit our son with the last 4 years of absolute amazing behavior and just the best dog ever.

We took him everywhere. Vacations, family events, going to the store. He was the best dog ever and we loved him so much. We knew what we were getting into and loved everything about him. Obviously aside from the biting.

I know I didn't properly word this all together and make it easy to read. I really hope what I'm trying to say gets across to you all.

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I must say that is one super adorable picture. Vizslas are so beautiful. I used to see them often in Europe.
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