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..... he was a morning "person"
He liked to watch me blow dry my hair. a cat completely unafraid of the blow dryer.
He pawed around in my make up as i got ready every morning. He had seen me digging for this item or that and was trying to help by digging around in the make up bag with me. I loved every second of it~~super funny!
Occationaly he would sit on the sink and watch me brush my teeth as though he might like to try it for him self. He was interested in ever single thing I did.
He would stretch out in front of the door about ten minutes before I left in the morning and then refused to move on his own. Or he would stand on the table near the door bobbing his head up and down. protesting me leaving for sure.
Now with my husband away so much with work all the time(always) and the kiddo at her grammas more since its one gives a hoot when i leave or come home or even IF i come home...
And he did a billion+1 other odd and wonderfully uniquely Shadow things.
He called me MOO. The only time he said it was when he was looking for me. And i could here it from anywhere in the house.
He roamed the house constantly calling for me when I was gone for more than a day.
He howled HOME when he was in the car or at the vet.
He always squeeked "WEow" at my husband, maybe thats was Shadow's name for my husband.
He said MI when he wanted milk.
He would come running with the quickness if I called out, "MILK"
He like strawberries and tomatoes and corn ON the cob and he LOVED apple sauce! He LOVED ice cubes in his water (it drove the husband crazy when I babied him like that :)
He would stretch his arms up toward me like little kids do when i would reach down to pick him up . I could carry his big butt around the house all day if i wanted and that was just fine with both of us.
All these little things. One huge, limitless, heart breaking love for my sweetheart, the big boy, mama's buddy, mamas good boy, for Shadow.

tell me what silly, weird, sweet, interesting, kooky things your little darlings did.

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You two sure had a strong bond. Very funny some of the things he did. He must have been a very intelligent guy, too.
My Bootsie puts his head on the side of my leg when I'm sitting and covers his eyes. He's the most affectionate, but I've found male cats to be more like that.
Puffy used to take her paw and keep tapping my arm when she wanted her head rubbed. Every time I'd stop, she'd start tapping again. Esp. in her end months. And, she'd sit up like a little squirrel next to my husband's lap alot. Cute pose.
They all have their little cute things that make them unique.


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Dear Nancee:
What wonderful memories you have.  There was great love you shared together.  We were very luck to have had them in our lives.  My husband and I loved our sweetheart Meister so much.  The pain of his loss is unbearable.  I can relate to some of the things you said.  I would pick him up and hold him while he slept, make special chicken for him and hand feed him, watch him in the yard to make sure he was OK, hold him and look out the window and talk to him.

He would do 360's behind my husband in the morning as he carried his cereal down the hall and sit on his lap and wait for his share.  We took him sailing with us and on as many vacations and trips that we could.

When he was younger he would sleep on the top of the sofa and he would recognize our cars coming down the road and run to the door.

Just of few things.  Meister was 17 when he left us on June 6.
Sometimes it's hard to remember the great times you had together but I am grateful we had so many of them.

Thank you for sending your memories,if you can, please continue to  send them to us.

Meisters Mom

Posts: 1,400
Dear Shadowsmama:
I am so very sorry I put Nancee's name on my reply to you.  I get confused sometimes. 

Sorry again.

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It is all of those special memories that make us miss them so very much. Just them being them, doing the things they loved to do. I think sometimes they knew just how much we loved that they did those things. Hold those lovely memories close to your heart.

Thank you for sharing such special moments in your life with Shadow.


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Dear Shadowsmama

I really loved your post. It made me think of all the wonderful little things Cheesey did.

It is simply amazing how much these "little things" mean to us and fill our hearts.

A quick one I'd like to share:

Cheese had this cute way of extending his hind right foot out when he lay down or sat (see pic below.) We always called his hind paws his "bunny feet." I would pet them and say to him "Don't mess with my bunny feet." (silly right?)

Cheeseburger's Mom

Cheeseburger "Bunny Foot" Picture

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