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The time has come. It is again time to write something. I have to say that you are on my thoughts everyday. I just cannot believe that a few months ago you were both still alive.
Jessie, Today is your 3rd Month Bridge Day Anniversary, I always thought you will become very old and that you'll beat the record of the oldest doggy in the world. Was that a little selfish from me to think that? I just wanted you to stay with me for many many years. It broke my heart the fact that I left home and you had to stayed with my mother. It broke my heart to know that when I was gone you were looking for me in my bedroom. How much I missed you!!! Then I went back the year after and you received me with so much love and you were so happy, is like I never left. Again I had to say goodbye, and one year passed, then two years... I wasnted so much to go back, but it was not possible at the moment, and then it happened. Never expecting to hear that, you passed away. You were so healthy the last months!!! I don't know what happened... I was not there and you were gone, I miss you so much. My sweet Jessie, take good care of your adoptive brother Neko, your little babies which died at birth and your little grandson. Remember also to ask God to take care of your daughter Lucy, she miss you a lot, that's why she got sick these last weeks... Jessie I love you, you are in my heart. Enjoy on the RB.
My Jessie 12/10/1999 - 03/23/2008


Neko, this is your 1st Month Bridge Day Anniversay. l remember lwhen I left Jessie and Lucy behind with my mother and started a new life with your daddy. You were born the same day of our wedding but we did not know that until later. When you were like 4 weeks we saw you for the first time. You were in a box with your two black & white broders/sisters. You were a sweet cute orange tabby with some white. I liked you since the begginnig. We waited two weeks and finally daddy brought you home. What a little devil you were, so funny and always making a mess... it did not matter to us, you were showing such a funny and unique personality... you grew up and with six months we let you outside. It was such a wonderful experience to you and so the years passed. Last april was your 3rd birthday. We gave you some yummy meat b/c we knew how much you loved that. You got so many other nice kitty treats. Your life was happy and you enjoyed so much. During the day you liked to have some adventures outside, play with other kitties (you were so friendly) and in the evening you were at home with mommy and daddy. You would lay with one of us, and we would play with you and give you atention. I never thought something will happend to you. I just lost Jessie, and when those girls were at the door with your blue necklace I felt like the roof just felt down on my head. I quickly went with daddy to see you laying on the saide of the road, already gone. You cannot imagine how sad we were. We miss you so much, there is not one day I do not think of you. Take good care of Jessie and enjoy with your new kitty friends.
Neko 04/21/2005 - 05/21/2008

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My heart goes out to you on this day. Again the tears are flowing as I read your two tributes to Jessie & Neko. I can only say how sorry I am for your loss.---Jerry in Oklahoma. 

Jessie & Neko, you were both so lucky to have such a loving and wonderful mom.


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Dear Dianae:
"Happy First Month Bridge Day to Neko" and "Happy Three Month Bridge Day of Jessie." 

 They will always live in your heart and you will see them again one day.

The love you showed your little Jessie and Neko will be with you forever.  What beautiful pictures of them. 

I will send prayers for them tonight at the Candle Ceremony.
I will take part in the ceremony tonight for the first time in memory of my sweetheart Meister who when to Heaven on June 6. 

Cherish the memories.

Meisters Mom

Posts: 1,415
Diana-- I'm so sorry for both your losses.  They were so beautiful and I certainly can feel the pain in your words.  I will be coming up on Teddy's 8 month Bridge day next week, and I still feel the same as that fateful day I had to let her go.  These precious furchildren will forever remain in our hearts, and hopefully, we can heal in time to smile at the memories.

     All my thoughts and prayers are with you-- Teddy's Mom

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I am so sorry for your losses.  I, like you, have a hard time when I think that three months ago the world was good and right.  My thoughts wander back there nonstop.  Jessie and Neko are beautiful babies.


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Dear Diana –

I’m thinking of you as you remember both of your babies – Jesse and Neko – who are keeping each other company at the Rainbow Bridge. I know they are watching over you with love and would want you to know that they are safe and in a place of pure joy and love. And of course, they miss you as you miss them.


Warm hugs,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


Posts: 1,288
I am sending you many loving thoughts for you, Jesse and Neko as you remember them on this sad day. The loss of two so close together is so very hard. They are together now and safe. Hold them close to your heart always and they will always be with you.


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Dear Diana,  I feel so bad for you, losing both your darlings in such a short time. Somethings are just not fair. Jessie and Neko are together watching over you and they know how much you love them. I wish you peace and comfort.
 Happy 3 month Bridge Day darling Jessie!
Happy 1 month Bridge Day dear Neko! Let Mommy know you are together and taking care of each other. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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Dear Diana,

I'm thinking of you today, remembering your sweet precious ones, Jessie and Neko and their Bridge Days, knowing that you miss them more than words can say.  The sadness does not go away, and that is so understood by all of us.  Your Jessie and Neko are together, and they are still with you, connected to you by love.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 317

Dear Jerry, Mary, Teddy's Mom, Becky, Rusty’s Mom, Helen, Donna and Katharine; thank you so much for your words of comfort and your prayers. Each one of you has lost a beloved fur-baby and still you help others passing through the same. I think you are all wonderful and I really love to see that there is so much people who really care about others, who help those in pain. I always try to write, specially now that two of my furbabies are gone. I hope that my messages can help someone who's suffering.

With love,

Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Jessie december 2006


Neko 1 year

Posts: 5,100
Dear Diana,

You have been through so much losing two furbabies so close in time.   I know these BridgeDay anniversaries are so difficult so you are in my thoughts and prayers.   May you be comforted by beautiful memories of your beloved Jessie and Neko.

Sending big hugs,

Betsy's forever mommy

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Dear Melissa thank you so much for your words. I just cannot believe that time goes by and I feel like nothing really happened. For me, every moment of the day I see outside I look at the places and I wait, hope that Neko will come. I hope to hear from my mother that Jessie was never gone... but reality is different and it hurts to realize and think about what happened. I guess it would be like that for many years...
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 49
Your story is sooo sad and my heart goes out to you - not a day goes by when we don't think of them - It's been 1 month today that I lost my beautiful, gorgeous dally Jesse - she was our special girl who missed her 13th b'day by 3 months - struck down with a heart condition and finally seizures that we just couldn't bear to see her suffer from. My mum and I have lost our most faithful companion. Our hearts ache just to have her back in our lives again, giving us smarlies to greet us, sitting on our feet to warm our toes in the winter, nibbling my ears when we played - I'll never get those days back, but slowly I'm coming to grips with focussing on the reality and trying to remember the good times, all the years she gave us happiness, instead of her last few weeks of tough times. It's so very hard, but your tribute made me realise how much I need to focus on the good times. They are here for such a short time, but gosh, how many wonderful times and how much love do they give us during that time - heaps! They are all together now, and they remain alive in our hearts forever. That can never be taken away from us.

To our babies.. wherever your spirit runs, we are with you.

Jesse's Mum


Posts: 317

Dear Jesse's mum, thanks for your message.  I'm sorry for your loss, it happened close around the loss of my Neko. I understand what you mean, I have such a deep emtiness if I think of all those little things my furbabies did and now they cannot do anymore. I miss so many things from them. How special they are... I jsut cannot get used to the fact that they are not waiting for me at home anymore. I think the feeling will never go away, but at least beautiful memories help me to go on and to smile.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 555
What beautiful babies and what wonderful memories you shared with them.
They brought you so much joy in their time with you and I know you gave them a wonderful life.
There is never enough time with them I know but it's not the quantity of time we spend with those we love but rather the quality of the time spent together.
Tat is what makes treasured memories that no amount of apart can ever take away.
They may not be here with you in body but their spirits live on in your heart and in every beautiful part of nature that graces your life.
They will be in your heart always till the day you can hold them in your arms again.
May that bring you healing peace,
Love and Peace,

Posts: 49
Hi Diana,
Thank you for your kind and comforting words - yes, it's been one of those really tough days today and it gets worse on weekends when I have less "work" to distract me. Jesse is everywhere I look, she is always in my mind. We are all in the same situation in this forum, which is so sad at the same time it's comforting.
I can only hope that Jesse, Jessie and Neko are together right now with all the others running free and waiting for us to greet them again.

Jesse's Mum

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