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So...I’m new to this site and thought maybe sharing how I feel might help with the horrendous loss I fell. My gorgeous jovi, a male lop rabbit died at the vets on 19th May. He was 11 years old and despite his age I didn’t expect him to die :( I had taken him to the vets 4 days before to have his teeth looked at because he was dribbling but healthy other than that. I was told he needed to go under anaesthetic so the vet could see his back teeth as he had suspected molar problems and had gone off eating hay. I was worried (as he sat on the vet table cleaning himself seemingly happy) and asked how likely it is he would make it through the op as I’d read about the risks and he’d never had an anaobedkre. I was told the vet on average only loses one rabbit a year so I thought about it and decided that to increase his quality of life I’d follow the vets advice. I couldn’t bare to see him lose weight and seem miserable anymore when he was still clearly hungry. I took him in for his surgery a few days later and talked to him all the way in the car, he was looking at me from the pet carrier :( I told him I loved him, explained it was only dental work and I’d pick him up later. Anyway, I got a call saying he’d come round from the op then another 2 calls saying he was being ‘slow’ not eating etc and they wanted to keep him overnight. The next morning I got a call saying he was still with us and had been hopping about so they removed the fluid line from him and we’re monitoring him but didn’t want to send him hone. I waited all day and finally got a call at 4:30 some 7hrs later. I thought because he’d come this far he must be getting better and I could bring him home. A 3rd different vet due to shift changeover said he had had a seizure whilst being syringe fed and they were trying to get fluids back in as he was not metabolising the anaesthetic :( I broke down on the phone and just asked they kept me updated. 20 mins later I got another call saying he had gone. I’m heartbroken, I literally couldn’t stop crying. I feel so guilty, all I tried to do was improve his life as he was otherwise healthy but now I’m worrying if the vets didn’t manage him right, overdosed him or if the stress of him being away from me and his usual routine caused him to go downhill. I wonder if I should have demanded on the day after surgery that I had him home. I am a lawyer by trade and almost designed to question and analyse everything. I know nothing will bring him back but it really feels like a piece of me went with him.

Sorry for he epic message but how does everyone cope with this? He meant more than members of my family that have passed as awful as that sounds.

I miss the way he would nudge my legs for attention and run over when I got in. He would literally follow me round and we had such a strong bond. I just hope he knew how much he was loved.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Jovi. We understand the love you have for your pet and the pain losing him caused. Thinking of you during this difficult time. ((hugs))
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