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Hi all, I am trying to type this through the tears and heartache. My husband and I had 5 beautiful beagle girls. Our oldest being Juliette Nichole, who was 9 this year. She had been with us since about 8 weeks old. Now, Julie always was a big eater as most Beagles are. Playful, and such a beautiful little chunky girl! The last couple weeks we noticed she hadn’t been off the couch as much down by the food bowls at all, but was still eating her dog treats & going out to potty...but then we noticed weight loss-she started to look really good & we thought she was eating less due to older age setting in. She seemed to be a little more disinterested in some things but we also thought that was due to being a senior dog. Now, within the last week we noticed when we wriggled a food wrapper or shook the treat bag at them she wasn’t interested at all. She started to not get off the couch by herself, so I or my husband one would lift her down, and her coordination seemed off a tad. She drank a tiny bit here and there. I was giving her water & pedialyte by syringe & trying to feed her canned food. She ate almost a full can one night then threw up some. Next night I made up a steak and gave her tiny bites here and there and she kept those down. She wouldn’t eat anything else. We knew something was definitely wrong at this point. Our vet does not do regular or annual blood tests, never has brought them up. So we called and requested one, took her in. Next morning, he called and said she was in kidney failure which I at that point LOST it. I asked what the options were and he said “we will be looking at having to put her to sleep.” I was hoping it would’ve been something like diabetes maybe or something easily fixed with medication. This news completely turned our worlds upside down. So, a couple hours after the horrible news, my husband rushed home & we cuddled Julie on the bed with our other beagle girls, saying our goodbyes as we didn’t want her suffering. We took Julie up to our vet & he said her kidney blood test results came back as 25-not sure what that means?? But he said it was extremely high. Crying and contemplating, making sure there wasn’t anything else that could be done, we helped our girl over rainbow bridge..🌈🐶😖🐾 this has been the hardest thing we’ve ever been through. Our home has never been sadder. After Julie crossed at the vet, we took her in our vehicle since we wanted her with us & we took her to a Pet Memorial Center where she’s being cremated & clay prints of her nose & paw are being made & fur saved. Now we are wondering, why? Why wasn’t this caught sooner? How long did she have kidney disease/failure? We are switching vets-he never did regular exams or blood tests annually...I feel like this could’ve been caught before it progressed but the vet was negligent. Any thoughts? Advice on getting through this EXTREMELY difficult and sensitive time? ❤️ JULIE is now our Angel Forever...😢🐶🐾🌈❤️💐all we do is cry and second guess and feel like we’ve betrayed our beautiful baby...this is by far the worst thing we’ve ever experienced

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It feels impossible to do anything without Julie, our hearts are just completely broken. 😰😰😰

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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Julie....

Words somehow seem meaningless, but please know that everyone here feels your pain.  No matter the circumstances we have all been where you are right now. 

Please know that you haven't betrayed your baby.  You loved and cared for her and didn't want her to suffer.  With great love comes great grief.

This website was a Godsend for me....I've been through this twice and I don't know what I would have done without it.

Hold tight to the precious memories you have of Julie - she knows how very much she was loved.

Sending thoughts of comfort to you,

Angel Brandy's mom
Angel Miriam's mom
And now foster mom to Clarissa

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I am so sorry to hear of all the pain your in. I am not sure how these little guys get so far into our hearts but I know they do. I have been dealing with some of the same things since 1-19-18. Today the wife said "could you show me some pictures of our Cooper", I did and then I just lost it. I've cried for the last several hours now. Such pain.
I hope your pain will get better in time,

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I'm so sorry to hear about Julie.

I had the same sort of thing happen with my baby, but she was only 4.
Loss of appetite which I put down to an ear infection which was being a pain. (Being a sharpei and knowing they were prone to bad ear infections, I didnt think it was anything worse)

Some mornings she would eat her treat, others she wouldn't. She still ate dinner every night, or most of it, but I thought she was just leaving it for my other dog as a submissive type thing..

Since being on this page, I have seen that kidney failure is one of the main causes for our pain.
The vet who helped her go to sleep told me that it's just something that happens and there is no way to see it coming, but I still think I could have seen it if I hadn't been so focused on the ear infection.
The sickness came on so fast! Friday night she was fussy but had some chicken for dinner, Saturday early morning she vomited and I was worried as it was a creamy colour. Took her to the vets as she wasn't herself and found out Saturday afternoon.
She stayed at the vets overnight on a drip and come home Sunday morning.
Sunday afternoon when the vet came to our house to help her sleep, she was severely dehydrated, wouldn't eat, had constant diarrhea and was exhausted. Apparently she hadn't slept all night, which I feel terrible about! She never spent a night away from me/home and always cuddled up to my legs to sleep.
I had gone to the vets at 2am as I couldn't sleep and she just kept walking to the front door trying to tell me to let her go home. I regret not bringing her home when she wanted to.
By Sunday morning, you could see her usual spirit and happiness had left her. She would have had a horrible last night at the vets being pojed and prodded as they couldn't get the cannula back in her for more fluids (she had ripped it out before I came to see her).

Sorry for the long post about us. I just hope that you are able to grieve your baby and not beat yourself up for this like I am.

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What an awful experience for you and Julie....I am so sorry you went through that and that she did too.  Honestly, I don't know how many vets are in your area - but I would consider finding another one.  After age 7 dogs are considered senior and you should have been offered a baseline lab test at least once by her age and than annually after.  

After reading so many stories from pet parents, and losing my boy almost two weeks ago, most times things creep up on us despite even taking really good care of them.  it's impossible to focus our attention completely on our pets because of life.  Whether it's work, needing to sleep, other relationships in the house, other pets, other activities, etc.  Hopefully catching things early is doable - and when that works out it's great.  Even then, there is nothing that will prevent things like kidney failure.  You can stave it off using a variety of things but when function is lost it just can't be had back.

I'm so sorry for your loss.  I feel guilty as heck for my dog and feeling like his last 9 months could have been better.  I hated seeing him decline - mostly due to cognitive and neurology issues.  It's awful to see them lose their zest for life - dogs are so full of life.  

Hopefully you can find some solace on these boards.  Another good thing to do is make a timeline of your dogs life.  Starting with when you acquired them to when they passed.  Look at it all not just the very end.  Write a letter then apologizing for what you believe are failures, things they might have done that weren't exactly ideal, as for forgiveness, and tell them how much they meant to you and times you appreciated their unique personality and behaviors.  Set up a memorial - remember them.

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