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I am in no way trying to shift blame to my vet--I don't like what he did, but alarm bells went off for me and I paid no heed nor did i got to internet for further informtion. 

But just curious--when your vet prescribes a medicine, does he warn you of any side effects or anything to watch for.  I was too stupid to ask--he just said it was "well-tolerated"

I know a good pet owner investigates the side effects of medicine.  I can't understand why I didn't when I had before.

Anyway, just curious.

I know it sounds like I am in a stage where I am trying to shift blame--it isn't that and anyway it wouldn't bring her back.

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Hi Becky,

Regarding medication side effects, one of my vets does usually advise of possible common side effects, the other two are a little less compulsive about it (I go to a practice where we use--and trust--all three vets).  They don't usually tell you ALL possible side effects because there are too many to mention (you can have just about anything as a side effect on any organ system when you take prescription medication).   You probably didn't bother to look up the side effects of aspirin because it is such a COMMON medication, and you just listened to your vet.

My sister had a horrible scare the other day.  Her little Chug (chihuahua-pug) had a terrible reaction to a vaccination and became acutely ill.  She pulled through, but my sister was irate at the vet because the vet didn't warn her about side effects from common vaccinations.   I have never, ever been warned of side effects from vaccinations.   So, recently, in light of what happened with my sister's dog, I have taken it upon myself to do some research on the internet and have consulted with our internal medicine specialist.  She tells me there are pros and cons to everything vets do for our babies, and it always requires a benefit-risk analysis on the part of the vet AND the furparent.  However, she warns, even when we are vigilant, bad things still can happen to great furparents.   This is the same vet who heard Libbie's story and told me about IMHA.

That said, Libbie was acutely and dreadfully ill, which upped the ante considerably.  I still feel you were in shock and overwhelmed.  You had very little time to react to what was happening.  Besides, the dose of apirin that you gave her was almost negligible and certainly should not have precipiated that kind of bleed.   Believe me, your vet NEVER expected Libbie to have that type of reaction to aspirin, IF it was a reaction to aspirin at all.  But, I think you are still playing the blame game with yourself.  Even if you would have known the side effects, unless you have a special power I don't know about, you could not have stopped the cascade that took her. 

Hope this helped a little.  As always, I am here for you.   We are going to get through this tough part, I promise. 

Hugs to you today,


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Melissa, It isn't just the aspirin.  My vet even excused me for not acting on symptoms of autoimmune disease saying I mistook them for arthritis symptoms.  But even if they HAD have been arthritis, they were still too severe not to have taken her in.  I understand why I made emergency calls, but I do not understand why I did not follow up on the emergency calls.  And when I did take her in on Friday after the call on Tuesday, I was just concerned with her breathing attacks.  I never put anything together with the aspirin. 

 I didn't know until today that some time liver damage can cause the blood not to clot which could have happened with my dog--that is why you stop the aspirin when you see abnormal signs which I did.  Doesn't matter if I knew they were connected or not--they were not normal.  I have to ask my vet what KIND of immune disease he thinks she had--I guess a platelet disease, I may never know.  What a dog to give aspirin to--liver disease which effects blood clotting, and a platelet disease which destroys them.  Anyway, thanks again Melissa.  I just keep picking at it, I know.

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That's okay, Becky.  It's okay to pick at it.  You just want to understand what happened.  I would do the same if I were in your shoes.   I can tell you are starting to understand the whole disease process that occurred.  I am just happy that you have been able to get some answers to your questions.

Take care,


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hi becky,
just my two cents: i foolishly do not even look up my own meds on line (very dumb i know) - so, when the specialists (i keep saying that word, as i trusted them as the final word - way too much) put kitty on three meds - i did not look them up either. the doctor was a diplomate!!! (the very best, yeah sure...ok, i am blaming these vets, not nice, and Divine Intervention does come into play too, i know...) BUT; something compelled me, after she left this world, and I found that when combined in humans they are FATAL.
However - that said, no reports of fatal in kittys (i double checked with Cornell, again post-mortem). But - why didn't they tell me that?
so, no all vets do not communicate well...i think that's what you were well, vickie 

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I get a printed sheet with basic information any time I get a prescription for my Bella.

Years ago I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, so I make certain to get all the information I can about meds. But I am one of the few.

Please stop torturing yourself. It makes the healing and grieving that much harder.


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Hi Becky,
First of all let me say one thing to you.
Please be gentle with yourself.
You have suffered a terrible loss and your heart is broken.
One of the first things we have to do is ask ourselves a few questions.
Number one is, Would I have done anything to hurt my baby on purpose?
Of course you wouldn't have.
The second question is, Was I upset and worried about my baby through those last weeks?
The answer is of course you were.
The third and most important question is, When someone is upset do they always think of everything they may have known in the past?
The answer is of course they don't.
Being upset often makes us overlook things we may have known about.
Worry and stress over a sick baby and trying our very best to help them takes our focus off the important medical information we may have heard about in the past.
Having said all this there is one other thing.
Through all of this I have wanted many times to say one important thing.
This is not to put blame on your vet but it does hold him and all vets accountable.
Any time they prescribe any medication even as simple as aspirin they do need to warn of any possible side effects even if a remote possibility.
We trust them with our pets lives and they know full well that when an owner is upset they may not think of everything.
They also have no idea of how knowledgeable an owner may be so they need to be certain that the owner is aware of any possible side effect.
Aspirin seems like such a safe thing to most people.
It is something everyone has kept in their medicine cabinet for many many years.
Yes some people do look up new medications.
The answer to your original question is, yes my vet does tell me about any possible side effects from new medications.
I honestly feel it is the vet's responsibility to do that.
One thing is for sure.
Your baby wouldn't want to see you beat your self up because she knows how much you love her and she knows you would have done anything to keep her with you.
No matter who did not do what the bottom line is that your heart is hurting and that is what is most important to me.
Please know you are in my prayers.
Love and Peace,

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   In the past I have questioned drugs--but the wrong question.  I always asked is it safe?  No one can tell yu that.  I am sick to my stomach for not asking the correct questions--I questioned the safety of it  and wanted to make sure I got the correct kind and dosage--but not how long I could use it or main side effects.  I am totally responsible for that . He never said how long to use it at first he said two times a day then changed it to as needed--now I find out two days is maximum.  It is so ironic that the last time I was in vets, I saw Rimaydl sign and thought I will never go on that.  My brother's dog had some problems and I knew that could have some bad side effects  because I looked it up. I just know thta once he said "dogs tolerate aspirin very well" that was her death sentence.  In fact, after researching this nonstop, it is just the opposite.  As I have said before, my biggest mistake was not giving it that night when she was in distress.  I honestly think that would have been fine.  It was fine three weeks before when I used a half for a couple of days.  My biggest mistake was continuing to give it to her without taking her in for a complete checkup the next day or two. Even when I took her in on Friday following Thursday's dosage, I didn't even ask about aspirin.  It was her brething I wa focused on and now I know those severe breathign attacks were a symptom of aspirin sensitivity.  He wuld havae had no way of knowing they started immediately after ingestion of aspirin.
Thank you for pointing out so many things.

Posts: 657

Thank you again melissa, vickie,and louise.  I had seen my mom nearly die from drug side effects--one of them being aspirin.My dad was on cumadin-he couldn't take aspirin.  I am too passive--I never used to be that way.  Thank you again for replying.  By now you must all be sick of my posts because they are never any different.


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Hi Becky, just to add my experiences. My beagle Peanut had been on numerous meds the last few years of her life and my Vet was always very good about explaining all the side possible side effects. The main med she was on was Prednisone and was on that for a few years.  That medication does have alot of side effects but at the time it was worth doing it at the lowest dose possible because the benefits of it outweighed the side effects and I think it prolonged her life a long time.  Your Vet should have thoroughly explained any medications your furbaby was taking, perhaps there was some ovesight in this but I am sure he/she didn't do this with malice and was just accidental.  My friend, I have read all of your posts and you really are having a rough time letting this go. You are letting the monster called "Guilt" eat at at your core being and you are going to make yourself nuts if you let him continute.  I too have been dealing with guilt at making the decison to let Peanut go. However you feel like you were a bad furmommy because you didn't pick up on some of the side effects of the medication she was taking, should have taken her in to the ER more, should have asked the Vet more, questions, etc.  We can all see that you were a wonderful furmommy and loved your baby with everything you have. It sounds to me, asprin or not, she was a sick girl and that she was having a rough time.  She is now free from pain and is happy and healthy again. She knew you loved her and wanted her with you always. Life just doesn't last forever and we all have to realize that and learn to let go. You need to let this go and go on with your life and know in your heart simply you loved your girl and she knew it and she loved you. She will always be a part of you and you will always have those wonderful memories of her.  Unfortunately we can't go back and redo things we wished we had done differently. Believe me I wish I could do the same thing but I have accepted that I can't. We do the best we can in the situation with the information we know at the time.

Please take care of yourself. I wish you peace.


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