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i have a fawn pug 5yrs old named rosey.... among other animals, and also a 4 and 1 1/2yr old boys. rosey can be very spiteful! but recently her behavior changed. she bit my 4yr olds finger 2days ago and tonite my other boys chin! not a bad bite but drew a little blood. enough for them to cry. more of the shock i think because she never did it before! now im scared the next bite can be worse! we all know kids arent exactly gentle but they sure dont abuse her! i have a huge italian mastiff who i would leave to babysit if i could! he is so easy going with them and never do i worry about him. he protects the family. i just dont know what to do, i had her as a pup and its eating me up inside... i mean maybe she aint happy here and thats why shes spiteful. but that dont explain the bitting. anyone who knows me knows i love my animals and others. i just feel like im wrong for thinking of finding her a new home. but my boys safety will always come first. i dont want to crate her all day that aint fair.... i just worry if i do that she wont find the right home. obviously i wont just put her anywhere but the wondering if shes ok kills me. i do love her just not her actions! if theres anyone that can give some advice or who is maybe interested in a pug, please message me. im torn...


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I am wondering if there are any changes in your household to make your Rosey change in her behavior. 

Is she ill from something and you may not be aware of it.  Have you taken her to the vet.  I would have all these things checked out to see if there is something that could change her behavior.

In the mean time, perhaps keep her seperated from your children.  They safety is of the upmost importance. 

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i would take her into a vet for a good exam and blood work up to rule out anything physical going on. that may be the cause to her agitation. also i do know of a lady who does readings/healings on animals. i have used her many times in the past. i am pretty certain that she could pinpoint the cause of the problem for you. if you're interested at all, feel free to pm me and i can send you the info.

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Clara has a valid point - see if you can find a reason while you look for a new home - she may just be sick or getting sick and feels bad. One of my Kitties recently clawed me "for no apparent reason"- i have never abused him and was giving him lovin's at the time because he had come to me and bgged for attention. Turns out he has 2 very bad teeth and a very sore mouth. It could be something very simliar (and as easily fixed). Dogs and kitties have very sensitive ears - most children those ages are not quiet - could she have an ear infection? Until this is resolved i agree keep them seperate - maybe baby gates so they are in different rooms

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I am so sorry you are having these troubles.  Is this the first time Rosey has bitten your boys?  Did you actually witness the bites?  Did you see what provoked the bites, or did she just suddenly charge the children for no reason?  If this is new behavior, I would take her to the vet and explain to him/her what happened, and have her checked out.  She may be in pain or have another illness.  I would not allow the children to play with her unsupervised. In my opinion, children that young should not play with any dog unsupervised as they can antagonize a dog without even realizing what they are doing.  Maybe a local trainer can come in and offer some suggestions.  I am wishing you, your family, and Rosey the best of luck.  Keep us posted.


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To add what others have said, not only is an exam extremely important but you have something to consider as well.  I would strongly encourage you to also meet with a behaviorist if the vet visit yields no answers.  I say this because in most states you are still liable for the dog's actions even after the dog has been rehomed (especially with a bite history).  Most rescues & shelters will not accept nor adopt out a dog such as this either.  Working with a behaviorist/trainer (dually certified) really helped with some issues we were having with our lab. 


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thank you all... i dont think anyone can train her! she is just crazy! i really dont have the money for a trainer to be honest... it seems like since i got pregnate with my second she went nuts. here is a list of the things she does.... goes to the bathroom in the kitchen if no one is looking, sometimes we catch her. if you let her upstairs or in living room even basement she does it. if you open the door she runs out, then u got to chase her inside. she bites my big dog and always starts a fight with him. if you close basement door infront of her she attacks it. and now the nipping my kids! i gues just wish me luck with her crazy butt!

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Here is some things that might help you:
1. Remember you can only scold/reprimand her for things you catch her in the act of doing.  Otherwise the dog has no idea what they are being reprimanded for.

2. If she is repeately having "accidents" in the same area, then they need to be cleaned better.  If it's carpet you may need to pull up the carpet to clean the pad & subfloor. 

3. Teach her the command "come."  It works best w/ 2 people working with them for this.  We train it by round robin sort of outside (fenced in backyard).  One person will distract the dog, and then other person calls the dog.  Have food & be extremely fun.  Then why you are treating the dog, the other person calls the dog.  Just go back & forth.  Then you can transition to calling them to come inside the house & eventually using no treats.  If you can, say it the same way everytime such as "come, joe."  This is very similiar to off leash training.  Never run after the dog, they think it's a game of chase. 

4. What we think is biting/fighting between dogs is often play time.  She could very well be trying to initiate play.  My dogs do this.  However, if it is truely a fight both dogs need to be reprimanded.  Our trainer has us give our dogs timeouts when they have a behavior that is undesired & is a safety concern.  We give our timeouts in our garage.  You want them to be away from the pack, so that being in the house with the family is a reward for good behavior. 

I think she is probably a little bit afraid of the basement door.  I'd try spraying her with a water bottle everytime she attacks the door. 

When she nips the kids, what is going on?  Are the kids running after the dog?  Do they have food?  Are they pulling on the dogs ears/fur/tail?  Poking it in the eye?  It's my experience that when a child gets nipped, it's usually a warning nip like "hey stop that!"  Momma dogs do it to their pups. 

Hopes this helps.  We got a big a pack of 5, so it wasn't a matter if we wanted to spend the money or not to do some formal training or not.  They were all trained by myself, but they needed a little "finishing" school.  Additionally, we do rescue work & dogsit so they MUST be good.  If you have more questions, feel free to PM me.  I'm more than willing to share what else we learned. 

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Are these all new things she is doing that she hasn't done before and she's 5?

Was she calm and loving before and the kids always played with her in the same manner?  Has she always been this way with the basement door?

If these are all new actions, there must be a reason.  Have a long talk with your vet, and take bdpringle up on his offer and get in touch with him/her.  It sounds to me he has become fearful of the door, the childrens playful actions, etc. and so he is responding to protect himself.  I wish I had some answers but I don't.  I hope you are able to find help or answers.


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There is a website for behavior that is attached to UC DAVIS. You can write and ask student vet behaviorists and they write back to you. Takes about 2days. I forget the name. Something like "dumbest friend league " dumb as in can't speak. Not stupid. Just Google it with BUCK Davis. If you can't find it, pm me and I will get it for you.

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The local Denver Dumb Friends League has something similiar,


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thanks again all! when i got rosey i was pregnate. it was only my husband myself and our rabbit(rip mr buttons) she was great. we would go for car rides, lay in bed together, snuggle exc. she was hyper like all pugs but very good... the crazy rosey started a little over a year ago. i really believe she is jealous and is acting out... im going to look up tips on training because a trainer i can not afford. or at least not now. i just wish i had a magic wand!

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