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Oh Dear People . .
Karma passed here on her couch just over an hour ago.
If you check my other post, you'll see that I had a feeling she wouldn't make it till tomorrow. (we have a 9:30 appt, at the Vet for her to cross-over tomorrow) She let out a loud gasp . I ran to her and held her head thinking she was having a seizure, telling her," it's alright, it's alright my love ". .then she relaxed her head into my hand . . I thought the seizure was over and ran to my phone to call for a friend to get me to a Vet, ASAP . . went back to look at her and saw that the laboured breathing had stopped! She was gone . . I'm pretty sure she passed when I was holding her head. She died in her home, on her own terms . . just like she did everything else in her life . . when SHE wanted to ! (she was raised by cats !) I know she had no desire to go back to the clinic after being there in a cage for 4 days on iv. . . my dilemma was : now what? It's sunday . . MY Vet is closed . . by the time my friend got here I had her snugly wrapped in her blanket in fetal position . . there's a Vet nearby open on sundays . . we took her there . . I'll get her ashes in few weeks. I had a bit of a breakdown at the Vets . . it was over quickly though . . time enough for that tonight.
Crazy me . . first thing I did was post on The Tribute Board so Karma get's on for tomorrows Candle Ceremony . .but I put down the WRONG BLOODY DATE ! I've emailed EdW and posted to the Moderators here to see if I can somehow change it . . my brain is mush . . it's been a hellish week!
Well . . she was my Karma alright! In more ways than I ever imagined. She taught me SO much! (and more about Kidney Disease than I ever wanted to know !) And she lived longer than ANYone predicted. In the 2 and a half years we were together we had MANY blissful days and LOVE-Filled moments . . not even Death will take that away.
She was my Karma!
There is a positive postscript to this story however . . her breeder, who I've kept in constant contact with from the day I brought Karma home, has a new litter of pups born April22, . . she's giving me my pick ! So in about 8 weeks there will be a new Love in my life . . the mother's name is Ashley and the sire is Jeb . . soon as I heard this the name Scarlett popped into my head . . so soon I'll be running in the woods calling, "Miss Scarlett!, Miss Scarlett !"
and now . . I'm off to morn . .
Love Blessings and great thanks to all in here, your support, and concern has,once again, helped me through a very , VERY challenging time.
And if I can offer anything from all this;
Let LOVE guide you . . not fear
you'll never go wrong!

And God Bless EdW VERY much!


Posts: 76
Katherine, I'm so sorry fot your loss.  She's in a place with no pain, illness or fears now and I'm sure she'll love you just as dearly from there as she did from here.

I wish you the best and I hope to see you remain on the board.

Bob D
Wizard Kitty's Dad

Posts: 1,604
My dear Katherine, I'm very,very sorry to read that your beloved Karma has left you; but remember, it's only a temporary situation.  How very blessed you are in her leave-taking - from her own Earthly home, on her own.  Remember to thank the Creator for that blessing; my Merlin, too, left on his own, and I am still grateful for that.

May Karma's Creator continue to bless you - with faith and strength and  peace.

Posts: 5,100
I am so sorry Katherine. 

She is now free of all pain and suffering and has joined our babies in the beautiful radiant light of the Bridge.  



Posts: 38

Dearest Katherine;   It is with Heavy Heart and Sorrow that I send you my deepest condolences at the Passing of your Beloved Karma!!!!You both knew in your Hearts when it was time for her breavest journey;;;Sweet Treasured Memories of your Darling. I send my Prayers and thoughts ;;; MOLLYSMUM.Marion.


Posts: 49
I'am so so sorry. Your cat died the exact sameway mine did. It was painful to watch because it took her nearly 2 hours before she died, and like Karma my Tigger died at home and on her own terms. You seem like such a wonderful caring person and the dog you get will be very lucky to have you as a mommy.

I'm sure Karma is being taken care of too, and maybe is with my Tigger as we speak.

God Bless.

Posts: 355
I want to offer you my condolences on the passing of your precious Karma.
It is 3 weeks ago today that I lost my baby boy Cheeseburger. He was 10 years old. My heart and prayers are with you.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee and Cheeseburger


Posts: 1,234
Dear Katherine,

My deepest sympathy on the loss of Karma. She is in a safe, painfree place. Perhaps she is with my Hershey and Sophie Esther.



Posts: 699
Dear Kat,

I'm so sorry.  After all that has transpired, all that you and Karma have been through together, her passing pulls at my heart, I am in tears.  Your Beloved Rottie Girl is now free.  I'm so sorry that you lost her at such a young age.  It's clear that you and she shared a love that transcends time, and a life that was filled to overflowing.  No doubt she had her paw in guiding you back to her breeder where a baby girl named Scarlett was waiting for you, to be with you, to know your special love.

Sending you my deepest sympathy, and many hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever     

Posts: 317
Dear Katherine, I'm so sorry about your loss. It's so painful but at least your sweet Karma is now healthy and strong again. I hope she's enjoying with other fur-babies.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 64
God Bless All of you . . and thank you for all your compassion and loving support . . this is truly a blessed place !
Last night thoughts of her and some of her antics kept coming to mind and I just HAD to chuckle! WHAT a dog! I "feel" her very strongly . . I like to think the Mighty Muqua helped her make the transition . . once, when she was on the couch, maybe half an hour before she left, she suddenly lifted her head and looked up out toward the window . . maybe she heard a dog passing . . maybe a bird . . or perhaps a soul appeared to let her know she was about to take an amazing Journey . . she dropped her head again after a few seconds . . I know she was miserable and that was tearing me up . .you know how all you can do is pray for all you're worth at these times! Keep thinking she's at my feet here under my desk . . imagined I saw her out of the corner of my eye this morning . . I know tha'ts going to happen for awhile . . oh, she was such a little Boo-head! We loved each other a LOT! We had amazing times . . she was so funny . . loved her cats . . loved every soul she met, you know Rottie butts, they wiggle from the waist down! I was blessed to have her . . it's going to be a long 8 weeks . . the breeder sent me picts of the puppies this morning . . had to clean my keyboard, I was drooling ! I can just SMELL Puppy!!! FYI . . I feel not a shred of guilt at getting another Pup . .The Creator sends us what we need and part of my purpose in this life is to love (and love DEEPLY) the creatures . .If there is a consciousness after we "shuffle off this mortal coil" . . I'm CERTAIN that Karma would INSIST I get another one soon . . who knows who may need me?
The only cure for death is LIFE! Take delight in the living . . "what we focus on increases . ."
Get Back up on the "horse" . . one of the miracles of life is that . . it goes on ! I choose to be a part of it. I hope those wounded souls in here can make the same choice . . Dogs and Cats have taught me that . . you fall down, you get back up . next! we must move on . . . "Life goes not backwards nor lingers in yesterday" . . here's to LIFE!
Please do not think for a minute that I do not grieve, it's a process . . and we each do it in our own personal style. God Bless EdW and all who so freely give of their love and understanding in this wonderful place.
And please people, help Dear Bob and Wizard all you can . . he's having a rough time.
Great Love!


Posts: 1,328

Sorry for your loss of Karma.


Posts: 64
My most heartfelt thanks for all the posts here and for all who have so freely given of themselves in my very dark time, I was remarkably upbeat yesterday , though I felt exhausted in a way I've never quite known . .sunday was one of the hardest days of my life (right up there with watching my Mother die). I think that after 2 and a half years of living with the knowledge that my Karma would leave me sooner than I would have liked . .I am wiped out from the stress of it. .watching her every day for those years, watching her grow into such a beautiful Lady Dog . . yet knowing . .
I guess, I've been subconsciously grieving all that time . . it was SO UNFAIR! just really wasn't ready. I dared to think she would surprise us all and prove the Vets wrong . .and Live to a ripe old age in spite of them! But life apparently had other plans.
Today I feel just empty . .looked at the pictures of the new puppies that the breeder sent me,hoping to pick myself up. They are SO precious, I can almost smell puppy, and it helps a lot to know I'll have one of them soon (puppy training . .I JUST FINISHED THAT!!)
But today as I walked in the woods with a new dog who's boarding for a month, I passed by the spot where Karma plopped down on Sunday . .and just fell apart! Oh my Baby !
I'll see her brown heart-shaped butt trotting before me and running off into the bush to investigate something that only she saw . .and inspite of my calling and calling for to COME(!) she'd wait till she was good and ready . .Rotties! Stubborn! I had to keep her from eating dead things out there . .she was on a reduced protein diet for her fragile kidneys, never allowed commercial treats, I had to watch her like a hawk. I think her passing has taken a heck of a load off my shoulders . .I just got used to living with the stress after two years. I guess I'm in shock . . today's been rough. I just received a dozen roses and a beautiful card from my Concierge . .she was crying! I'm telling you, everybody loved that dog! And she loved everybody she met. She really was a Goodwill Ambassador for the breed!
God help everybody in here . . I know from experience that the pain eventually lessens but not the memories or the Love. Right now it seems I'm in the Pain Stage.
I pray that my next dog is healthy and that we have a LONG Journey together . . and that I'm given the wisdom to be the best human for HER!
God Bless us all!


Posts: 577
I am so sorry for your loss.   I lost my Merry similar to your loss.    Like you said, she left in her home and on her terms.

Many hugs to you.   I wish you peace during this time of grief.

Merry's mom

Posts: 1,001
I am so sorry that your dear Karma has gone on to Rainbow Bridge . Your loving words " Let LOVE guide you . . not fear
you'll never go wrong! has so much wisdom and I am sure Karma always brought her wisdom and joy to your heart and she is still there watching over you. The little pup that you are planning to bring into your life was born on Earth Day a day of Hope and Life and Karma is certainly bringing this to you as she always did.
I wish for you much peace on this journey .
Hugs to you,
Max's mom Jo

Posts: 1,415
Dear Katherine-- I'm so sorry about your Karma.  I've been following your posts and have been saying prayers for the both of you.  I know how hard it is to say good-bye (and yet the relief too) after the stress of having to take care of them and deal with their ailments--the bonds are so strong.
   The hardest part is living without them and seeing so many things that remind us of them while they were here.  I still cry every day for my little Teddy girl and she's been gone 7 months on Fri.(30th).  I guess the only hope we can cling to is one of seeing them again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
      All my thoughts and prayers for you---Teddy's Mom

Posts: 64
Thank you EdW for posting the photo for me . .my ancient Mac needs updating . . right after I pay all these Vet bills !
Karma's Mom

Posts: 699

Karma's picture is so beautiful, what a gorgeous baby girl.  It is heartbreaking that she had to leave you so soon.

I'm thinking of you today,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 774
Hi Katherine;
I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. I hope you are okay. Just concerned.

Posts: 64
I wish I could just reach out through this "room" and give everybody a good long hug!
I am . . alright ! I'll be softly calling . ."my baby girl" as I walk through the woods for a long time I suspect . . but the Creator has given me the woods to walk in and remember her . and a big sky to look up into and give GREAT thanks that I had her at ALL! And mercifully, there are always dogs coming to stay with me for awhile . . this Sunday I plan to make the 2 and a half hour drive up to the breeder and just bury my nose in PUPPY BELLIES !! Hope to discover which of these little angels is Miss Scarlett! Whoever she is, she'll have some pretty big collars to fill ! My mind is already looking to the future with this new Life . . we'll do the training for the CKC "Good Neighbour" . . that's FIRST! and if she shows the same talents as Karma . .I'd like to explore Tracking . . not competitively . .but to help her develop into ALL the dog she has in her. I've always admired the people who have special activities with their dogs; agility, all the Top Dog people . (doesn't that look like fun!) These creatures are a great gift ! They keep us SANE . . and lead us to other simpatico souls . . great Gift!
and then, the cats just keep us humble! I had 8 cats three years ago, ages 14 to 17 . .. only 2 left now . . clearly, it's been the end of an Era in my Life. Who knows what the future brings?
As Miss Scarlett would say, . .
"after all, tomorrow is another day!"
God Bless everybody in here . .great thanks for all your love and support and caring . .
and very special blessings to EdW . .
Thank you Ed!
As ever,
Karma's Mom

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