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Mango was the sweetest and laziest little chihuahua-yorkie mix. She was given to me as a puppy from my aunt 15 years ago. She came in at just under 3 pounds and was small enough where you could walk around with her being held with one hand. Even though she was small she was the toughest little thing you ave ever seen. She was bitten by a bigger dog at a young age and lost her left eye. She adapted well and didn't let it slow her down in anyway. She was always an indoor dog because of her size, but this made her extreme escape artist always finding a way out of the backyard and into the front so she can explore. One time even making it into the neighbors house via a cat door! But one day I couldn't find her and she got out, when I did track her down she was across the street and the neighbor was coming home. Before I could even react the neighbor had rolled into the driveway and slowed down just as the car moving over her. They stopped in time to not crush her completely, but the car did crush her pelivis. the vet said there was little to do other then wait and see what happens. After a week went by little Mango got stronger and stronger. she began walking on her front legs to go to the restroom. then a month went by and she was trying to stand even though I tried to stop her is she could heal. Then two month went by and she could stand but not really walk. fast forward a year and she was mobile again. Mango never fully regained full control of her rear right leg but she was a spunky as ever and acted as though nothing happened. 
We eventually moved to a new place in Florida with a pool. Mango was terrified of water and refused to ever go any where near-the pool. which was okay for me I didn't want to force her to do anything she wasn't comfortable with. other then the pool she spent the next 6 years of her life being as pampered as possible. she slept on the bed with me every night until about a year ago when her cataracts were making it to hard for her to see. I was worried she would fall off the bed and hurt herself since she was so small. So I bought her a nice soft bed just for my room. where she slept right by me. Her eye sight was getting worse and worse. she would bump into to furniture. so I moved things where she could get around well still. The decreasing eye sight also made her a lot more skittish so loud bangs and booms would scare her a lot so I would pick her up and comfort her. Yesterday I was working in the backyard and left the rear door open so she could come and go and enjoy the sun. She had stopped trying to escape years ago because cataracts and stayed where she felt safe in the yard. While working I had to use the saw for something and didn't think about it because I thought the dog was inside the house. After completing my project I went to clean up and went to look for her in the house. I couldn't find her anywhere. So I began looking outside in the bushes or for holes in the fence. I found one behind the pool pump so I thought she must have gotten out again, but it had been so years since her last escape attempt.
I searched the whole neighborhood, every person that I saw outside I told them that I count find my small dog and to please keep and eye out and to call me if they see her. I was looking for hours. when the sun began to set I went home hoping the neighbors might find her hiding because she got turn around. I walk around the pool again just to be sure. Since I was there I decided to check the simmer for leaves since the neighbors tree drops thousands of them. When I opened the cap I began yelling because Mango was inside it face down. I Grabbed her out so quickly and ran inside for a towel but it was to late. I burst out in tears. this had been the first time I cried since I was a child. I am absolutely heartbroken right now I lost my best-friend and the thing that matters most to me. I think when I used the saw she must have still been outside and the noise scared her up the steps to the pool where she never goes. she must have gotten turned around and fell in when trying to return the familiar territory. She is very small and must have come across the skimmer inlet as the first ledge she could reach and crawled in. after that there was no way she could fight the suction for the pool pump and was pull to the bottom of the basket. 
I feel like a part of me died. I looked for hours in the neighborhood and she never left the property. I waked past the pool multiple times but never though to check in the skimmer since I thought she would never fit. And not I just can't get the thought of my baby fighting for her life gasping for air. She died scared and alone and I feel responsible. She was the greatest and now she is gone. I buried her that night by the bushes in the part of the yard where she always liked to sunbath. Tears in my eyes the whole time. 

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This is so sad. I'm very sorry this happened to you.💕
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