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It's never happened before. I let Little Bit, Tober, and Susie (newest little one) in from outside. Bit came in with his head down, I told him he was a good boy, and he perked up some. Few seconds later, they were all in my room and Bit was somewhat wobbly, he looked like he was gonna fall & I picked him up and held him when I saw he was having a seizure. Just pet him, stroked him, trying to ease his muscles to relax, talked to him, kissing on him, things I did with Blue when she had a seizure.

Afterwards, I took them all to the kitchen & gave them bread. He ate without a moment's hesitation so I'm figuring he's okay. Just scared him & me.

Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers that it won't happen again, or if it does, that I'm home.

Hugs to all;

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Dear Lisa,

I know that when your animal has a seizure it's very scary.  I am sorry that this is happening again now with Little Bit.  I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully this won't happen again.  Because it has now happened to two maybe there is something outside or that he is eating or doing that might bring this on, just a thought.  I truly hope this never happens again but on the up side of this, my vet told me that they don't feel anything and are just a little disoriented for a short time when it does.  My Comet was on medication for her seizure disorder and I don't know if Blue was but if it does happen again make sure you write it down and keep accurate records for the vet.  Again, I hope this was just a freak thing and it won't happen again.


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Dear Lisa:
I will keep Little Bit in my prayers tonight.  I hope he will be OK.   If you can I would like to know something about him.

Hugs back to you.

Meisters Mom

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Thank you both for your comments. Blue wasn't on medication because her seizures were so few & far between. Vet just said to record them and if they become more frequent, to bring her in. Last time she had one was December 2006.

Little Bit never had one until last night. I'm wondering if it may be stress related. All that's gone on in the past couple of years: Losing Riefer suddenly two years ago; new puppy, Tober; Blue having surgery; Boo being CRF; losing Blue suddenly; and again a new puppy.

I recorded it so I can keep track of it, and hopefully will never happen again.

The Dog Whisperer says dogs live in the hear & now. I say that's crap. Otherwise, how do you explain grieving & mourning?? They have feelings just like any other beating heart.

I'll keep a watch on him & give more TLC and more mommy time to him.

Little Bit :)

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I know the seizures can be scary. I have had two dogs that were effected by them. There is not much you can do while the seizure is happening. I did, after awhile, have both of them on medication which helped. Hopefully this was a one time occurrence with Little Bit. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.---Jerry in Oklahoma.


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My husky, Deanna, had one years ago out doors. We took her to the vets, but they found nothing wrong. I think idiopathic seizures are not uncommon in dogs--for some reason. It never happened again, but vet said he could have put her on anti-seizure meds. Take care.


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Thank you all. I've been worrying all day about him. Hard to concentrate. It's only 3 weeks tonight that I lost Blue and I'm just beside myself. Praying all day as well. I found Bit when he was just a tiny puppy. He wasn't any bigger than his head and he had mange. I nursed him for over a year to get rid of it all and even coped with a medication overdoes (vet's fault) that had me terrified.

Please continue to send prayers and happy thoughts our way. We've been through so much and I've always worried about my fur kids.


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Seizures don't happen for no reason--and for all kinds of reasons--and there are more than one kind. Can you describe this one? Was it a grand mal? Was it one-sided? Could it actually have been some sort of blood sugar issue? A faint? I know how much you love your babies, so I would at least talk to my vet about what you observed. I had a dog with epilepsy, but Layla also had a few episodes where she just sort of slumped down for a few seconds and scared the daylights out of me long before we had her heart checked. She also had a reaction to an antibiotic that she had taken several times before and began sort of stumbling around and falling over, which was ever more frightening. Just make sure you keep a close check on this since it could be anything.


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He hasn't taken anything. It happened as he was coming back inside. He was walking a little wobbly, but I didn't realize it at the time.

He was at his food bowl in my bedroom & he looked like he was trying to lay down, but couldn't. It was more like he was dizzy. Then I noticed his legs & paws & that's when I picked him up. His paws were all spread out like a muscle spasm or something, and that's when he got scared. I pet him and talked to him comfortingly while gently massaging his muscles to get them to relax.

I've been anxious all day and can't wait to get home to see how he is.

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Please know that Little Bit is in my prayers.
Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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I just wanted you to know that Little Bit is in my Prayers.  Christopher had seizures as well.  They did not know why at first but we later found out he had pulmonary hypertension.  It is frightening!!  Hopefully your veterinarian will have some answers for you.  I hope Little Bit is OK.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher
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