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I have been hoping for over a year that things would work out but I just don't know what to do. I am having to give up my little Jingles kitty. My husband brought her home from a shelter on Christmas eve 2008, the year we got married. He knew I had been devastated by the loss of my sweet baby angel Sassafras in February of 2007. I had always had "2kittys" until my Sassy passed so suddenly.

Bless his heart he was trying to do something very sweet and loving. And she is totally loveable, to everyone except my other cat Licorice. Licorice is 13 now and has only met 1 other cat in her entire life, Sassafras who has been gone 3 years almost to the day. Jingles is very spunky and is an 'alpha-cat' and has chased Licorice since the day she came into our lives. Chases and attacks, with growling, hissing, spitting, terrifying, heartbreaking results. I cannot bear to put my precious Licorice through the torment, so I started keeping Jingles in the guest room. I try to gradually reintroduce them from time to time, but it is always the same. Then a few days later, the stress will cause Licorice to have a conjunctivitis flare up and she will be weeping tears down her face. I love Licorice so dearly this breaks my heart in pieces. She has been with me since she and Sassafras were little teacup sized fuzzballs and we grieved together when Sassy died and that deepened our relationship so significantly my loyalty to her can't be quantified.

It is heartbreaking and I dearly wish there were another way but I have struggled for 13 months and made absolutely no progress whatsoever. It is actually starting to cause problems in our marriage since we can no longer have any guests stay in the room, it belongs to Jingles.

She is such sweet, funny, energetic little kitty. She's black and white with a cute pink nose and little pink toes too! Her belly is so snowy white and cuddly. She loves to play with her toys, or just curl up and snuggle. She also loves dogs. We have a 4 year old black lab, Mojo, who went blind a few months ago. Jingles loves him like crazy and washes his ears and smooths her face against his. I don't know if she is trying to comfort him or if she thinks he can feed her!

A few weeks after Mojo went blind, he started having seizures. He is probably bound for a stroke since his vet speculates a tumor or aneurism. Unfortunately we cannot really afford the MRI and probable surgery. I just can't cope with the stress of watching Mojo deteriorate and try to get these cats to get along at the same time.

Jingles is about 18 months old and healthy and happy and I adore her and could never just take her back to a shelter. I wish there were some other way. I have tried my family and friends but they are full up with animals. I also could never trust a stranger, but I don't feel like anyone on this site is truly a stranger. If you or someone you know is ready to love and be loved, and share many years of joy, I have a fluffy little bundle who can do the job.



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Sounds like you are trying to best to deal with a difficult situation.  It isn't fair to any of you.  Why not advertise on Craigslist or in the paper?  Many people advertise for pets that way and you may just find someone willing to take a kitty that is a little older. 

Good luck to you and especially Jingles, you all deserve happiness.


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This is a sad situation for all.  Are there any "no -kill-shelters" in your area.  You could give them a call and tell them of your problem.  They can give you advice on what to do.  A few years back I had a litter of kittens that a no-kill-cat shelter helped me adopt out thu my home.  This way I could meet the people who wanted to adopt them and say yes or no. Best of luck------Marty


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As the tears roll down my cheeks I think of my beloved Meadow who was also a black and white cat and was my world.  She left this creul world on Thursday and I would give anything if she were still here with me.  I hope and pray that somebody will have a heart and save this special kitty cat and give her a safe, happy, and loving home.

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