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This is my second dog to suffer a hemorrhage and then diagnosed with cancer. The last was just over 2 years ago. I recognized that something was terribly wrong and got her to the vet in time to save her today. She’s not stable enough for further examination to see exactly what type of cancer she has. Hopefully in a few days. We have 2 other dogs, but Lily is my heart dog. I know what the prognosis is. This is on a rib or the thoracic cavity. Not sure of that yet either, but will probably require painful surgery with rough recovery. I don’t think I want to put her through that for a little more time. I’m just trying to prepare myself for saying goodbye. She’s only about 6 years old and was running like a champ. She’s an English Pointer that I take hiking with me. She ran 13 miles without blinking the over the weekend. I’m in shock.

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I am so sorry to hear about your pup.  I lost my heart dog Jackie to hemangiosarcoma 7 years ago.  It is a devastating disease.  She was playing in the morning and I had to let her go about 6 hours later.  I wanted to do everything possible to save her but it was too late.  She did not even let on that she was sick until it was too late.   I realized much later that I would have put her through surgeries, chemotherapy, whatever just to keep her with me and she would not have wanted that.  I am grateful now that she made the decision for me - she left with my arms around her, looking into my eyes and surrounded by love.  I believe you will know what is right for your pup - you will take away her pain and give it to yourself.

JoAnn - Jackie, Chan, Daphne, Scarlett, Noir, Stan, and Thomas's mom and mom to many other Bridge babies.                  

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My heart breaks reading your post.  I never knew what this disease was , until my 7 year old German Shepherd , Jada, without any warning , dropped dead by my feet, while playing with the water hose in the backyard.  She was perfectly fine one minute and gone the next.  She left me and her older brother Leo and Zeus alone and devasted.   I couldn't even lift her up because she was soaking wet and I was alone and I was trying to revive her, even though I didn't know how,  so my daughter , who's 18 heard me screaming in the backyard and came and called the ER vet , who told her to call a mobile vet , who came out and said from what I described that my Jada had expired when she collapsed.   There was nothing I could do, I felt so helpless, I could barely breath.  How could this happen to a young , energic, athletic , dog who was the glue who held her pack together.   She had the motherly instincts although she never had her own babies, but she was the motherly type.  She was always watching out for her brothers , and our family, even protecting us from the hawks who fly over our house looking for small animals.   I had to go through memorial day weekend , not having a clue what happened to her.  When I took my 2 boys to our regualar vet that next week,  she told me about this monster cancer , that goes undetected and that it affects many German Shepherds, Jada's age.   I asked her a milion question , because I though somehow , someway I was responsible for her death.  I thought maybe she was poisioned.  We took Jada on vacations with us, hiking , or swimming in Michigan, in the cold lake, but whatever we did with her , she was the happiest dog ever.  She even squealed with delight when she even smelled the Lake and knew we were going swimming.   She squealed with delight when we took her to her grandmas house because she would guard their hose all day long.  She was obssessed with the water hose, and loved being squirted with it.  I still cannot believe she's gone.  Can this cancer really strike this fast without warning.   
I am so sorry about your dog having this cancer and that it's your second , so you probably know more about it than most people.  I am learning that even if I knew about it, that there was really nothing that I could have done.   She had some spinal spondylosis going on, and some minor hip dysplasia , both of which she needed a chiropracter to keep her able to jump up into the car and keep her moving.  But she never acted sick a day in her life.  Except when she had a bizzare breathing issue earlier this year, that we took her to the ER, and they ran some blood test and checked her oxygen , but she had stopped the labored breathing at the vet, probably because of her adrenaline , I don't know?  But they sent us home that night and said if it happened again to bring her back,  Maybe that was a sign of the cancer, I really don't know.  Because she didn't have another episode.  She did pant heavily at night though, and I figured because she was such a high drive dog, she had a hard time settling.  Maybe that was also a sign. Other than that she was active every day, never ever skipped a meal, had occasional time where she ate so fast she threw it all up, but she 'd done that since she was a puppy.     I was always afraid of bloat with her, but the vet that came out checked her stomach and it was not distended, and she wasn't coughing or showing any symptoms that day she passed without warning.  She was too excited that the hose was on for one of the first times of the season.   She was running around and playing with her brothers.  

I hope you get more time with your pup.  6 years is way too short.  If you get a chance , would you please let me know what the signs are that I may have missed with my Jada, with this disease.   I am just having a hard time processing all of this and how it could happen to a dog that appeared so healthy.   Thank you. 
Michele- Jada's mom
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