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I hope my new fur baby is just nervous and will calm down----soon!!!!
We were afraid to let her off her leash when we took her out.  We live in country on twenty acres.  We have got probably 2 acres fenced.  So, when our friend came for dinner, we figured if she got loose he could chase her down-------WRONG!!!!
As you all know hubbie just got out of hospital.  I have a handicap in the fact that I have had left knee replaced and it never was good after that.  Then a few years ago, right hip had to be replaced.  Well, because of bad infection, that hip was replaced twice in less than a year.  So, mobility is an issue for me.  
Well, when fur baby went exploring, she REALLY went exploring.  Unknown to us, our fence was down in the back due to a tree falling on it during a storm.  She slipped through it.  Our friend was already searching for her and against my better judgment, I joined him.  i took my cell phone with me in case I fell down or whatever.  Well, she finally came to me and our friend was trying to repair the fence.  I called hubbie and told him to bring her leash.  
We finally got her back to the house and our friend repaired the fence.  
Not off to a good start.  She is so precious and I had a talk with her and told her that i am already in love with her and unknown to her, she has stepped into a paradise here with us.  I told her she needs to calm down and give us a chance to make this work.  She promptly yawned and went to sleep.
We will continue to pray for this to work out.  I truly believe it will.  She is so very precious and i love her already.   

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awwww.... Claire, she will,.... eventually :-}

She hasn't been able to run free for awhile.... for who knows how long really.  She's sooo excited!   When I brought Max home from the shelter, and he found out he could run free in a fenced yard... OMG... he would run and run and run.  He'd disappear behind the shed coming out running the other side.  He did that every time he went out for a very long time.  He is still a bolter out the front door and it's a constant issue.  I can't open the door for anyone without him being on his leash or he's gone.  I, like you, can't run after him he's so darn fast, we've found him blocks away in just minutes.

I'm glad to hear you have such a large property, but watch the front door, she may be a bolter too. They are just so curious, they want to get out there to see what's going on.   Max has been with me almost 2 years and it's still an issue, but one we work with.  My little Murphy was never like this so it has really been trying to say the least.

Keep us posted on how she's doing!!


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Ah Clara, she was just exploring her wonderful new home and stretching her legs. She will calm down eventually. She really does have a paradise there and alot to check out.

Paco did the same thing the day we got him. Hubby thought he could trust him to go out on the deck with him and he took off like a speeding bullet.

Of course it will work out. You love her already, so that says it all! She just has to test you a bit before she settles in. Ha. What does Floyd think about her?


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she wants to run like the wind and enjoy that freedom.    sure sounds like she walked into a doggtie paradise here with all that great big yard to run and play in.    ya know clara,  now i am thinking that it would be a pretty darned good idear if you considered getting a 2nd dog as a buddy and a run-time playmate for your new little one now.   what do you think?

clara???   clara???   are you there????    did i just hear a big clunk as you passed out and hit the floor?   lol!

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Wow, it does sound as though she has landed in paradise. How could you blame her for wanting to explore. Amazing that she came to you so quickly. After all, she is a beagle. I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you are off to a better start than you maybe think.  It sounds like another strong bond is in the making. Congratulations!

Posts: 628
JUDESMOM------that was floyd hitting the floor!!!!!!!!



Posts: 1,901
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