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Hello everyone,

I am very happy someone showed me this place here. I was in the chatroom a couple of times but I always missed the person in there, so I am posting here.

About 5 years ago my mother died and left 3 cats. I also had 3 cats of my own that time. Initially we wanted to take the two boys from my mother to the shelter (the third one, a girl, went to my friends because she wanted to be an only cat). 


When I met these two boys I fell in love with them instantly and so I took them in.
One year ago one of them, Buttons,  developed bowel cancer and had surgery. I knew since then he was living on borrowed time, but you know what it is like, still you hope against all odds for a miracle.

In the meantime, his brother Jimmy developed a bad cough - or so I thought. I took him to the vet last Wednesday to take bloodwork and xrays.

This Friday, yesterday, I woke up with Buttons having a very blown up belly. I immediately took him to the vet clinic where he had surgery.
They found a lot of fluid in his belly plus a new tumor in the lungs. I immediately knew there was nothing to do about it....I took him home with me and they told me, when he stops eating in the next few days it is time to let him go.

Just 2 hours after I returned with Buttons from the clinic, my vet called me about the results he found in Jimmy.

And they were devastating. He has fluid in the heart, in the belly and most likely also a tumor in the lungs!

So now I am losing both of them at the same time....I dont know what to say or what to think. I cant think most of the time. I feel so crushed...

If anyone could reach out to me, that would be really wonderful. I dont know if anyone can see it, but I have written my skype name in my profile. 

Thank you very much for reading anyway....





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Oh Mazey, that is so much sadness to take in, I am so so sorry.
As you know, I am struggling with the recent loss of my boy and I cannot image coping with losing two.  Hugs to you.

It was a wonderful thing you did to take them both in, after your mother's passing.  I truly believe they landed with you for a reason Mazey.

I keep telling myself to try to live in the present, but I know that is so hard as you keep imagining what the future holds.  For now, you still have both boys, let them know how much they are loved and spoiled them rotten!


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Mazey I am so very sorry for the pain and suffering you and your kitties are going through. It was such a huge blessing that you were able to take your mother's two kitties and care for them after she passed. You have done all you can to keep them healthy and happy during their time with you. Sadly there is nothing more that you can do but release them from their painful little bodies. I believe we will be with our furry little friends when it is our time to leave this earth and I know it won't help your sadness but I envision the very moment they close their eyes with you by their side they will open them to see your mother waiting with open arms. I wish I could be with you to give you support and comfort. Years ago I lost two little dogs the same day due to old age and illness. I will never forget how much it hurt. Please e-mail me if you think it would help, I would be happy to correspond with you. Please take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Jimmy and Buttons.


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Hi all,

thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me. I know that you guys here get it and know what it feels like...

At the moment I am holding it together because my babies need me to be strong for them. Buttons, the one with the tumor in the lungs and fluid in the belly, is doing really well. He is still eating, pooping and he does not throw up yet. But we all know it could change any day, so we have to go day by day.

This morning I took his brother Jimmy to the vet clinic and they did an ultrasound on his heart. He does NOT have fluid in the heart! That is one big good news.
Unfortunately there seems to be a mass in his lungs though....

Vets told me to give him meds for his thyroid issue first and then perform a ct scan on the lungs. The vet also said that such a lung tumor is not growing rapidly.

I am holding on to the hope of saving at least Jimmy for now. Otherwise I would simply go nuts now.



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