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Wyatt came into our lives almost 5 years ago as a foster we adopted after falling in love with his sweetness and fitting right in with my other dogs. A year ago I lost the home I rented due to divorce and was lucky to have a friend let us stay with her, me, my son, and our five dogs. This was a temporary situation and the only place I could get was at a residential motel, a one bedroom apartment basically with a area outside I could put up temporary fencing for my dogs, one end already had a fence I was allowed to use poultry fencing only.
This works fine even when people moved in a few months ago with two dogs next door only separated by fencing I put up. They moved a couple weeks ago. I never left my dogs out there longer than a few minutes took them to a park close by for exercise they went out to potty that's all and that is what I did like I have so many times before.
The sounds I heard within a minute of letting 3 of my dogs out I will never forget or describe. As I went out the door Wyatt and the other two ran past me inside I saw a pit bull go inside the back door of room the people had moved out of, it tore through the fencing and attacked Wyatt.
I found him inside with severe wounds to his stomach it was bad.......Called local Vets only to learn there is no 24 hour Vet here the closest is over 90 miles away. I got the bleeding stopped but moving him caused the bleeding to start again so I knew he would not make it 90 miles, I called the police they were here fast and could find no sign of the dog both in the room I saw it go in or surrounding area. The owner of the motel told them he knew nothing of anyone being in the room he was no help at all.
Wyatt made it through the night I was waiting with him in my car before the Vet opened he was seen immediately and Dr said he needed to stay a few hours she would call me......I bought him home that evenin bandaged his wounds treated, stables in, he had fractured ribs, a partial collapsed lung and she would see him Monday to determine surgery......I thought he would be okay....He passed away Sunday morning.....
Two days later I found out the maintenance man who works and lives here owns the dog that did this, it is kept inside he walks it at night so I never knew or saw the dog.......
My heart is shattered I can't look out one side it is where the attack happened, the other direction is where dog was that did this. We can't stay here it is too painful.....Losing Wyatt, missing him so much, the way he died I can not stop thinking of and playing over and over in my head......Owner of the dog has stepped up and helped me I don't know the wrong or right way to deal with his dog I hate the thought of another dog dying or worse a child.......My Grief is overwhelming I feel it is my responsibility to report the dog I am waiting for a call back from officer who was here night it happened.
Such a sad situation......I am having a very hard time coping.....

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Grieving takes time, take all the time you need, Try to cherish the good memories you have had with Wyatt. Take good care of your other dogs and love them even more. I suggest don’t have them put the pitbull down, I’m sure the owner loves his dog just as much as you love yours. Just make sure he pays for vet bills and other necessary costs. I lost my babygirl almost 2 weeks ago. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. I miss her soooo much. Take your time, do the right thing.

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It would be more of a tragedy if another dog loses it's life is the decision I made after sitting down and talking with the owner of the pit bull yesterday.  All I asked of him is to get help with his dog, training, and socialized with other dogs when it is trained and it's safe for it to be around other dogs.  Nothing will bring Wyatt back I will always miss him, we gave him a second chance at life to have another dogs death tied to his I cannot do to his memory.......


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What's ashes will be here on Monday Sept. 9th, I hope some of this pain will ease once I receive his ashes. This is first time I cremated a fur baby of mine....
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