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How do I begin this? I lost my little boy, my buddy, my little baby cat Prince. He was the best cat ever however I lost him to old age, the age of 19. Prince adopted me when I was just a child in 3rd grade, yes he adopted me. I would wait for the bus everyday and he would be right there with me and when my bus came home, he was there again. So, after a long winter my father surprised me and i had a new pet and his name was Prince. Shortly after that during spring sometime, Prince was outside playing and he came home limping holding up his front paw and he couldn't walk on it, so of course we rushed him to the vet, where the vet immediately took xrays, and came to find a bullet had shattered his entire leg and had to operate immediately. I was devastated to think someone tried to kill my little boy, well needless to say I can say I owned a 3 legged cat after that day. However it didn't slow him down from catching birds and mice, to jumping on the window ledges and he was normal cat still after the injury. He wouldn't normally go out after that, he was very skittish around people he didn't know, which I could understand from what happened. So, Prince was my buddy for 19 years I'm now 25 and my pain is so great in losing him. I think I tried to prepare myself for that day, and well your never fully prepared when that day comes. I found him laying lifeless on the floor(Monday night) with my other cat laying down next to him. I hate to see that image in my head over and over, and I know it will eventually go away, but that was my baby, my little boy that I cared for all these years and now he's gone and it hurts so bad to think of him, but I know he's in a better place where he isn't suffering, but I'm very selfish and I wish he was still here. I know someday this feeling will pass but for now, it's staying and there's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of him, and I know every night when I walk down the stairs he won't be there to watch me do exercises, or sit with me. I just hope he went quickly and I know he wasn't alone, I just hope he knows I loved him very much and I will never forget my little boy.       Melanie


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I am so sorry for your loss.. I am sure that your precious Prince is happy and healthy now, running and playing with his new friends at the rainbow bridge..! I lost my miou a week ago and i can say that moving on is a hard thing to do... Your Prince surely knows that you loved him sooooooooooo much, someday you will meet him again! We all here understand the way you feel, cause we all have the same feelings.. Take care of yourself and of your other cat and if you feeling talking to someone, we are here for you..
RIP Prince..


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Melanie, I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost my cat, Muffin, my "mama's girl", last Thursday and I perfectly understand the pain you are feeling.  I ended up having her euthanized and for a few days I struggled with that decision so much that it literally tormented me.  Maybe I should have done that one more thing, or what if she really wasn't that sick  -- my own denial (she died of some sort of abdominal cancer -- I found out Monday something more serious was going on when I took her to the vet thinking she just had a UTI, then I went for a second opinion and found out after an ultrasound that she was terminal.  In a span of just a couple of days I found out my once healthy, happy kitty was terminal and then she was gone) .. it was so hard.  I am beginning to realize because of this board that no matter how or when our pet dies, we will have a regret about their passing.  We do see them as our children, we feel responsible for their well-being and we want to do everything we can to protect them.  I think people who lose a pet feels death= failure.  We let our babies down.   I am trying in my own grief to not be so hard on myself in this way.  I don't think any loving and caring pet owner lets their pet down in the end.  Things just happend beyond our control and it isn't fair.  Muffin was only 10 -- I had expected, literally expected her to live another 10 years.  I was the one who was let down in this regard.  I think the questions we should be asking is -- did we love our pets?  Did our pets know they were loved?  If we can answer yes to these, no one let their pet down.  I remember earlier this year my grandfather, the man who raised me, lay dying.  I told him in the end all that mattered was we loved each other.  No matter the good or the bad we went through during our time together, if you can leave this earth, or be the one left behind, knowing you were loved -- the journey was all worthwhile.  I can hear the love for your baby in your words, so you made his journey worthwhile, and thus your journey with him was, too.  I want my kitty back, too.  I have not yet figured out my world without her.  I don't like this world without her, but i so hope when the cobwebs clear a little bit that I can do something positive in my life to honor her.  I would love to help another animal one day.  I still have love to give, and I have her love, too, so that animal's journey will be worthwhile.  It becomes a neverending cycle of love and it is a beautiful thing.  But, until then, I have my better days and my bad days.  This forum has helped me so much.  I am so glad you are here.  Everyone is where you are, or has been, and I have been amazed at how many have gone through similar feelings, regrets, and so forth that I have.  I think what is important is that you come here whenever the pain is just too hard, or even when you start feeling better, and just post how you are feeling.  Here you can be honest with yourself and let those feelings out without judgement or lack of empathy.  I think the more we are honest with our feelings, the easier the healing.   I was very touched by the passing of your kitty in that  he didn't die alone.  I think your other kitty offered him comfort in the end. This is one of many things I wish had been different with Muffin.  I wish Binkie, my other cat, could have been there to offer her that comfort.  I think it would have helped Binkie understand where her "sister" is and what happened, but she walks around confused and she sleeps where Muffin used to on my bed during the day.  I think she has her own battles going on inside that being with Muffin in the end would have helped.  I should have brought her with us to say, "goodbye", she is part of the family, too, but I didn't think of it until it was obviously too late.  Please know my heart goes out to you, and that you did a fantastic job with your kitty.  You gave him the life he would not have ordinarily had.  You made it all worthwhile.  Hugs to you ....


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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet cat. 

No matter how you try to prepare yourself for the loss of your pet, there is really no way to prepare for it.  The shock of loosing them can be crippling.

You gave your sweetie the best life in the world.  Without your care, there would have been no wonderful life for him, filled with the love and joy you gave him.  It is thanks to the care you gave him after he lost his leg in such a horrible way, that he was able to continue on as if he never lost his limb. 

Even though we miss our sweet pets, rest assured that they are in a better place at the RainBow Bridge, free from pain and suffering.  We will see them again one day and what a happy reunion that wil be.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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My heart goes out to you in the loss for your sweet Prince. What an amazing story you told us about this cat's wonderful spirit. You two were meant to be ... he knew it, that's why he was at your bus stop. He knows how much you love him, and he loves you too. The love goes on, and you'll meet again some day. In the mean time, yes, it's very difficult to go on without them. Nineteen years is a very long time, and then to have that companion gone, it's just devastating.

Thank you for sharing the story of Prince. It's good you've come here to talk about him and how you feel.

Hugs of comfort,


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My deepest sympathies for the passing of sweet Prince.  Sounds like he had a wonderful life.  We are never ready to see them go, it's a loss of unexplainable magnitude.  The unconditional love and companionship that our furkids give us day in and day out is magical. 
Grieving right now is the answer.  I thought I could fight it, WRONG.  I lost my dear Buffy of 14 years 4 weeks ago, we had  to put her down because of dementia and neurological issues..I just could bear to see her continue a good quality of life...  It's very very hard to loose a wonderful companion of so many years.  Time will help you and one day your tears will turn into smiles and memories will begin to flow.  Posting and helping others on this website is a release for me..there are so many people who don't understand or appreciate our fur family members...but everyone here does.  So keep posting and we will keep you in our prayers.


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Thank you to everyone who replied, it made me cry but also brought me some comfort at the same time, I do appreciate everything, thank you again i'll be preparing a new post soon.

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