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Tomorrow is 2 months since my beauty queen has left me, she had unconfirmed cancer, part of me even now wonders if I should've done testing but the other part of me says she was so close to 17 and testing seemed cruel and overly stressful. Her decline wasn't as fast as some (Not in a matter of days) but just last summer she was barking at the other dogs in the backyard and trying to run after them. By September she was walking in circles inside the house, no longer even noticing any of the dogs and dropping weight so I was adding extra protein and healthy snacks. November 18th she went into the vet to get an accurate weight, which was supposed to be walk in and walk out I don't know why I thought that I guess because it would mean I was helping her gain weight. In 4 months she lost 12lbs she was down to 33.6lbs and for a norweigan elkhound mix who should've averaged 55lbs and for whom I was adding extras to her food for the last several months it was horribly shocking. We talked about letting her go after the first of the year as long as she was doing ok and for a month she didn't decline until she had some kind of episode December 11th. I thought she had gotten over stressed from me going to the store, she had horrible anxiety in her later life, I gave her a few days of being watchful and she really just seemed to want to sleep. When she was up and around she couldn't walk on her own anymore she was going in counter clockwise circles and I had to carry her outside to use the potty. I had to decide to let her go, it seemed cruel to put her through the stress and December 22nd 8:20 in the morning after several weeks of tears, cuddles, sleeplessness and sharing snacks we had to say goodbye. I miss her everyday, we had 16.8 years together I was 16 and she was 8 weeks. She'd be 17 April 20th, everyone says she lived a long time and I know that but to me it wasn't long enough. I never thought I'd be sad about a thunder storm or crying over pictures of friends dogs they send me. I get angry when people ask when I'm getting a new dog and I now worry about my other girl rein who is going on 15 years old in June. She'd had two episodes of vestibular in the last two years but after MRI and such nothing was found. I don't know how to not worry about rein, is that just normal after losing another dog?

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Hello WH,
Saddened by your story and the loss of Queen. 17y is a remarkable age and your breed a larger one compared to my wee chihuahua, age 16y, been 1M. Never enough time period ! Yes, they grow up with us and the days turn into years and before we know it the twilight episodes. More than Sad !! . Saddest moments are when the one who gave me the Best Memories become the Memory. What helps me cope is having attachments close at hand that Perry was fond of, such as his stuffed pig staring at for hours, my wooly gloves, his wee face perched on and his pearl studded collar. Find something that belonged to Queen to bring You comfort. Peace be with You going forward.                                                Sherry/Perryxx

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I have her teddy bear that I got her for her 7th birthday, her dragon she got for Christmas last year and her second hedgehog she got when she was about 3. I also have all of her collars I want to put all those things together with her box in a safe place i can always see her along with her paw print cast.
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