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My heart is completely shattered into a million pieces. My sweet, sweet shih tzu passed on to rainbow bridge today. My mind cannot wrap itself around it, he was FINE yesterday. He’s been his normal, happy energetic self every day of his 11 years on earth. Last night he didn’t want to get up to use the bathroom, and started a wheezing cough. He slept through the night with a slight deep breathing but we believed it was allergies as these breeds have small nasal passages.

5:30 am I wake up to let the other dogs out and Oscar won’t get up, and he’s always the first one up. We took him downstairs and noticed his breathing veeerrry deep now, wheezing with every breath. I knew something was wrong with my baby. My dad took him to the vet for me at 8:00 am when they opened. At first the prognosis looked positive and they believed he had fluid in his lungs and could be treated with antibiotics.

From 9:00 am - 11:30 am, things went downhill fast. The vet called and said while trying to give him the steroid shot they found bruising around his little neck, and did a blood test and found no red or white blood cells being produced and his lungs were being deprived of oxygen and filling with blood. He went fast from that. I rushed to the vet and ten minutes after the family arrived he was gone, put to sleep peacefully. No more pain. They said it could have been a silent cancer that

This grief is unbearable. I feel so guilty that i never noticed something was wrong with him. What if I had brought him to the vet months earlier? What if I took him last night? Could I have saved my little man? He was my soulmate and i can’t stop crying, i honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop. I can’t be at this house anymore and not see him. Especially since he was fine yesterday. This is not fair 😭

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I'm so sorry.  It is never fair when we lose a pet so suddenly.  It's normal to feel guilty but the truth is we do the best that we can.  You didn't know.  You took him to the vet as soon as possible.  Just like people, sometimes pets suddenly become ill and there's no stopping it.  My thoughts are with you.  

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How heartbreaking.  I'm so sorry. I can never understand how these things happen.  Just out of the ordinary.  You'll see many stories here with similar circumstances.  Everything good and then all of a sudden, unexpected loss.  it IS very unfair and it IS not right.  If our animals could only talk and tell us how they are feeling.  We could help them so much and so much sooner.  

Things like this are not predictable. I've read so many stories.  I lost my 6-year old dog 5 months ago under tragic circumstances during a routine dental. Who would have thought he wasn't coming home?  I didn't get to say goodbye.  It never made sense. He was full of energy and healthy.

Please know that you are not alone in your grief.  So many people here who care for you.  Please reach out for comfort and whatever you need.  This is a good place to be.  I hope there is is a Rainbow Bridge or some kind of afterlife where we will definitely be reunited with our beloved best friends. It's the only thing that's keeping me going, hoping that I will meet up with my Parker and my other babies if they go before me. 

The tears will keep flowing. Mine haven't stopped for 5 months. It's normal.  You have shoulders to lean on here at this forum.  Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

-- Parker's Mom

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Like human beings who die and no one knew anything was wrong (including the person), the same happens with animals.

I feel sad for you because the pain you describe is a nightmare. You will someday be able to smile again, just not now.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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I lost my Akita..and my heart, 3 weeks ago tonight. I went through the same thing. Could I have done anything, was it my's natural to look for blame but it's a merry go round that you don't want to jump on. They know more then we do. Sometimes, it's just the right time for them...not us...THEM. Like everyone here, I'm sure you did your best. I feel your pain and know the hurt first hand. I'm actually leaving to spend time away this summer. The memories of this house and everywhere we went are too much. I need to get away.
I hope you find comfort soon. Your not alone. Be well and thank you for sharing

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So sad to your sweet Oscar.  You couldn't have known.  Given the issues with his blood even if you took him in the night before most likely the outcome would have been the same.  My daughter had a similar situation with a pet months ago, he starting acting a bit more quiet and then it got worse and she took him right to the vet and the disease he had was affecting his blood and she had to have him put to sleep.  She was devastated.  The guilt tore at her heart.  The vet told her there was nothing she could have done but it still didn't make things any easier for her.  Things have gotten better for her, she still has sad moments here and there because she also had a very strong connection to her kittie.  I know it's hard to not blame yourself, we all question ourselves but it's not your fault that he was ill and you couldn't have known that things would progress so quickly.  We all do the best we can.   I'm sorry for your pain and loss.  Thinking of you.

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