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Three weeks ago today i had to say goodbye to my sweet kitty,Sam.
It still hurts,but i have stopped weeping and i feel tremendously guilty about this.i feel like to honor him i should cry for a year.
On the other hand,i don't think he would want me to do that.

My place is so empty without him.i still talk to him.The only thing that comforts me is my belief that i will see him again one day.See him running and jumping and playing,free of his illnesses,and his pain and suffering.i can't believe there are actually people in this world who do not think animals have souls.

i adopted Sam 13 years ago after leaving an abusive man.
Sam's love saved me.i believe we were brought together for a reason.
He taught me about unconditional love.
He brought joy into my life,something i hadn't known for a long time.

Letting him go was one of the hardest things i have ever done,but i know it was the right thing to do for him.
Once he was gone,a literal pain,this stabbing feeling, went straight through my heart,and i broke down.

i will love him always.

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Vee, I am so very sorry about your sweet kitty Sam. I just lost my precious, beloved Rufus yesterday. He was doing fine on Thursday, then Friday he was off his food and he was gone less than 3 days later. 

You are so right about our pets - they teach us about unconditional love, they bring so much joy to our lives and we really don't realize how much they bring to our lives until they are gone.

Like you, when my Rufus passed away I felt such a pain in my heart and I broke down right then and there. I did not care that others were seeing me cry, my beautiful, precious companion of 14 years was gone, never to return. 

I know you will hear this over and over, but it bears repeating - the depth of our pain represents the depth of our love and devotion to our pets. It hurts like hell and it is so hard to go on without them, but both you and I know we would do this over again without a second thought if given the chance.

As for how long it will take to get through this, I can only say everybody is different. For me, it took me over a year to be able to talk about my cat Blackie without breaking down in tears. I think that was because his passing was so unexpected and he was the first cat I had as an adult that was solely my responsibility. The grief was not as pronounced when my kitty Squeeker died, probably because we went through a 3-month cancer situation together so I had those months to kind of prepare myself for what was to come. That isn't to say it did not hurt when he drew his last breath - the pain was very deep, but it was just different. And now Rufus is gone. I am still in shock over his passing - it happened so quickly that when his heart stopped beating I was simply shocked. And I am still numb about it.

I'm sorry, I did not mean for this to be about me, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I really understand what you are going through. It is so hard and it is not a situation we anticipated or asked for. We just want our cats back with us, happy and healthy the way they used to be...

Hugs to you as you navigate your world without your sweet kitty Sam. 

- Kelly
Mom to Angel cats Blackie, Squeeker, Thomas and now Rufus


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Thank you so much for your kind,empathetic,and comforting words.

i am so sorry about your precious Rufus.You must still be in shock,and your grief must be overwhelming.i am sorry as well for the loss of your other beloved cats.

i feel very blessed that Sam was in my life for 13 years.He was so selfless.He comforted me in my darkest moments.He changed my tears to smiles.He had such a loud purr!

i don't see how i will ever stop talking to him everyday.

Thank you again for your compassion,Kelly.

And again,i am so sorry for the tragic loss of your Rufus.

Much support to you and hugs.


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