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We lost our Chihuahua, Domo, last Tuesday, 6/11/19.  Since then, there hasn't been a day that has gone by that my wife and I don't speak and think of him.  Many tears have been shed, and are still being shed.  He was the absolute sweetestest, most loving dog we'd ever had.  We adopted him 19 months ago from the daughter of one of my wife's colleagues.  Sadly, he had many health issues (Cushing's, thryoid, heart murmur) we weren't aware of; nevertheless, he was NOW family and we were committed to caring, loving and doing all we could for him. 

Initially, things were challenging, but he soon showed improvement and fit right in with us all.  He was a daddy's boy...always looking for me to put him on the bed or take him outside.  His hearing was phenomenal.  If the cat dropped just one small morsal of food on the floor, even if he was in the other room, he'd get up and find it. 

In October of last year, he was diagnosed with diabetes which made his care even more challenging.  Through all the pills and shots, he never lost his zeal, his unconditional love and happiness.  And while the diabetes took his eye sight, he continued to thrive while quickly adapting to the changes that afflicted him.  

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, he started taking a turn for the worse.  Initially, it was not wanting the dog food we served him.  We even cooked special meals with chicken, eggs and other proteins.  He ate those in the beginning, but the Friday before he passed, he just stared at his food and didn't eat.  He was hospitalized and his doctors believed this was something that he would overcome.  Sadly, 5 days into his hospitalization, he still wouldn't eat on his own, was experiencing pain (likely from severe pancreatitis) and his kidney functions were showing signs of shutting down.  My wife and I loved him too too much and made the difficult decision to end his suffering.

We are heartbroken.  The house is far too quiet without him here.  I look for him to come to the bedroom wanting to be put on the bed or bark at me to take him outside or that he's hungry (he was always hungry).  While we have photos and videos of him (his bark was so special to us), it is also a reminder that he is gone.  A dog so wonderful, so loving, a dog who didn't allow all the bad things in life to affect who he was.  These 19 months were the most rewarding ever.  I wish we could have had the previous 5 1/2 year before he came and more.

I pray that from the first moment he came to us, up to his last breath where we held, kissed and loved all over him, he knew we loved him so very much.  Our live's will never be the same without him.

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Sorry for your loss, it is a hard time.

Seeing the care you gave him and the fact he wanted to be with you so often only shows he loved you. Do not ever doubt that, if he didn't like you he wouldn't have done that.

You have given him a good life, good care and he loved you for it. Please don't doubt that.

Rough times will be ahead, but do try to remember the good times when you feel those tears coming. Doing that has helped me a lot the last week and a half though there are still times it is not enough.

Stay strong and know you did the right thing.

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I too am so sorry for your loss. It hurts to ones core when we have make that awful decision to let them go.We want to hold onto them and never let go but when we know in our hearts that they are suffering we become their hero and give them peace. This is when our suffering begins. I can feel the love and devotion that you gave to your little one. I read nothing but love in every word you wrote. Oh, yes little Domo knows the depth of your love. We all hope that our babies know how much we love them and we let them because of that love. I feel guilt sometimes wondering if my beloved Termy knew that I let him go because I couldn't see him suffer anymore but I know I did the right thing just as you did for Domo. I am grateful that you gave him such a perfect life, even though you wished for more. Remember the journey. Grieve as much as you need to and cry, it's our way of showing how much we truly loved them.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Thank you all for the kind words.  As I've mentioned, his death has really hit me and my wife very hard.  For me, I am having a hard time during the quiet periods of the evening.  The house is just too quiet without him.  I have two other dogs & cats that I love and care for and I'm sure they can sense that their dad is very sad.

He was a very special boy and I look forward to the day I can see him, as well as my other fur babies, waiting at Rainbow's Bridge.
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