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My sweet beagle Piper was attacked by a dog and the injuries were very severe. She stayed in the hospital for over a week and had 2 surgeries. As the doctors saw on her second surgery, they discovered her pancreas was is such awful shape it would never heal on it's own and the advised me the humane thing to do would be to put her down peacefully. I had to OK this over the phone while she was still under anesthesia. This is very recent (this week) and I am traumatized and heartbroken. I had to witness the attack happen, and watch her in the hospital with tubes in her trying to get better. She was such a fighter till the end. I am a complete wreck and can not function or go 10 minutes without bawling. I know pets have to pass away,but this way is NOT the way pets are supposed to die. I am reaching out and wondering if anyone has had a similar way in which their baby passed on. 

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Hi Pipers Mom.

I am so very sorry that you’ve lost your beloved Piper this way.

I have lost a number of my furry ones in a traumatic way over the years. It’s shocking, heartbreaking, devastating and leaves you feeling broken.

I think because we love our pets sooooo much, when they go we feel immense pain. If we didn’t care, it wouldn’t hurt. So the pain you are feeling comes from a place of great love. The decision you made for Piper was because you loved so much.

No, this is not what is supposed to happen. It’s not fair. It makes you angry.

I’ve just lost my baby Matrix too, 5 days ago. His last hours play over and over in my head.

We are grieving. Nothing we can do can change what happened. Be kind to yourself. Nothing about what you are feeling is wrong. So many of us have cried buckets and buckets in our grief for our pets. You are not alone.

I bet Piper had a wonderful life with you.

Much love xxx


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I am so sorry you are going through this. We lost our Goldie the same way - only it was 2 dogs (Rottweiler/Chow mixes - so large dogs). And Goldie was a cat. As best I remember, he lived 8 days before sepsis took him (this happened over 16 years ago). No severely damaged organs, nothing broke - bruises and deep punctures, but those punctures led to septic infection. He was a feral in our colony - but he was sweet to me, allowing me to pet him while he ate, and watching me when I was in the yard. When we took him in to my vet in the middle of the night we told them he was a feral, but he never gave them a problem, and they were amazed when I'd visit that he would crawl up into my arms for comfort. He actually had seemed to be getting better - then on the 8th day he pulled his bruised and hurting body to the front of his kennel at the vets and cried like a house cat will for attention. Our vet was right there - heard Goldie cry - and immediately went to him, because ferals are usually very quiet so as to avoid unwanted attention. He was only a few feet from him when he cried, but as he finished the few steps to Goldie's kennel he got there in time to see Goldie collapse and pass away, he couldn't revive him.

It does get better, the pain dulls and the happy memories begin to take over and your 'new normal' develops. I can't tell you how long it will take - every journey of grief is unique - but you will get there.

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Im about to hit day 6 without my baby cat Bella. I feel your pain. Im in the grief and guilt stage sometimes filled with anger of why my 10 month old beautiful orange baby had to be taken from my own doing!
You wouldnt grieve as hard if you didnt love her so much! It shows you loved her alot. The pain in your chest and heart will let up. Mine has but sometimes when life seems like its normal again it dawns on you that something is missing and that feeling has set me into bawling fits out of nowhere. You have to grieve and take your time doing just thst. Hugs to you!

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Thank you so much for your replies, it truly meant the world to me. I Have never experienced this kind of grief before, so this is all new to me. I have never been so heartbroken in my life. I am also sorry for all of you that have lost your babies 
in the end. It will always be horrible. I think bc of the way it happened,it makes it that much harder. It's always sad when you lose a pet, but when a horrific attack happens unexpectedly it makes the grief 100 X worse. It isn't fair. It isn't a fair way for them to go. She was the sweetest little beagle you'd ever meet. Everyone that ever had the pleasure of meeting her will tell you, all she wanted to was love on you and give you a smile. I know she touched many people thru out her life. I only wish people could be as kind and loving as she was. She will forever be a part of me and always with me wherever I go. I know I will feel heartbroken and devastated for a long time sadly. That's part of grieving. I just don't know how to function with out her being with me, I know I will see her and hear her in my apartment from time time. I think what makes things worse is I just moved out of state and am missing my hometown connection. I don't know why this happened to us, I know terrible, awful things happen to good people all the time and its just depressing.  
I appreciate anymore advice on how to get thru this.I guess the only answer is time. But it will take a LONG time for met to stop grieving and crying over sweet Piper. She was the best thing that happened to me. 
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