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My faithful friend of 13 years, a golden retreiver, passed away last Thursday. I knew the time was nearing and I didn't want to have to make that painful decision. It was like she knew that because she went in her sleep.

I have a five-month old baby, and we were up at 3:30 AM. The dog usually came with me to feed the baby and sat by us. She was up, I heard her panting, but she never made it to the other room. I petted her on my way back to bed and she was fine. We were up again at 6AM, but Ginger had not moved. When I tried to wake her she wouldn't move.

I sat there in the floor with the baby and the dog and we cried together.

This has been so hard for me. Ginger was with me for so long. The house is so empty without her. She was with me through a bad first marriage, the single years, a new marriage, and now a new baby. I feel like a piece of me is gone. She knew me so well.

My husband mentioned getting a puppy, but I want Ginger back. He doesn't understand that.

How long will I feel this way? I really miss her!

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First, let me say I'm so sorry about Ginger. You will feel like this for as long as it takes for you to grieve for her. No pat answer here. We take the time we need to and nothing moves it faster. She was a very important part of your life for 13 years, seeing you through all of life's changes, and it will be hard for a while. But you're not alone. I can say it gets more tolerable, maybe not easier but you learn to adapt and you make new routines. Plus you have alot of new friends here who totally understand where you are.

Your husband may think talking about a puppy will help you, but it's not the right time until YOU feel it is. I hope Ginger and my boy Bubba are having a blast together. And I also hope she sends you a sign that she's ok. Hugs to you Ginger's mom.

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Soooo sorry. Oh, I know how you feel. It will take time, and you will look for the dog, and then remember she has passed.  It takes time. Time does heal. It will, I promise. A new puppy cant take Ginger's place---ever. But, someday, in time, you might want to consider another dog to love, but perhaps not yet. You need to grieve. I am so sorry for your loss. I am also going through something similar. My devoted Rocco, who I have had over 9 years---since he was 6 weeks old (and I saw him born) is dying of lymphoma. He has always been so devoted to me, and by my side every second. But now he cannot follow me any longer. He just sleeps and can make it up perhaps once per day. Already I look for him and he is not there. He is somewhere else in a deep sleep. Like you, I know he only has days left and I will be alone. Somewhere deep inside me I know that time will heal---I've had other pets---and I know it to be true. Cry in the shower if you have to. But also remember what a wonderful life you gave to Ginger---and she was where she wanted to be, surrounded by your love. Some pups never have the love that you gave to Ginger. They dont have that constant love and devotion, but you gave that to her, so you did well. You can message me if you would like to talk. I am facing the same thing very shortly. 

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Dear Julie,
I am so sorry to hear about your Ginger. It is so unfair to loose these precious souls and companions after so many years of love and compassion, yet so shortly it seems. The grief we go through is such a roller coaster ride of emotions of ups and downs, memories of good times and heartache and void after they pass on. Eventually, you will heal from this grief and the duration is quite individual. But don't let anyone to stop you or prevent you from going through it. At some point you will know that it is the right time to adopt a dog or get a new pup. I am sure Ginger will guide you :)  
So come here often, share your girl stories and let us know how you are doing.

another Ginger's Dad; 6 months at the bridge as of yesterday. And with newly adopted Georgia to help me heal...


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My Friend,

   I'm so sorry about the loss of Ginger...truly,  I am.  It hurts so very much.

   It sounds like she was with you thru ups and downs,  good and bad...a true Friend.

   It will get better,  easier,  different...but it takes it's own time.  Please stay with us and talk about your feelings,  good and sad.  That's what we do here.  We hold one another upright, until we can go on again..  Another Puppy is probably in your future,  but I agree with Rottie...your Heart will tell you when it's time.

   Love and Hugs to you and your Family.

  Debbie,  The Dude,  Baby Lamb Chop....and 'Manda's Spirit at the Bridge


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Dear Julie, I am so very sorry for the loss of Ginger.  You and Ginger had a very strong bond.  Sounds like she was there for you for many years, and was your one constant friend.

Words like "I know what you are going through" seem so empty, but believe me I know and so does everyone here at this site know.  We have all suffered the horrible loss of a dear pet.  The only way I got through my loss are the wonderful people here.  They helped me tremedously.  I am so glad you found us.  We will be here for you.

We lost our Beagle Bonnie Lou in June of this year.  We had her 13 years and it was the most heart breaking thing ever.  I knew her days were numbered because I could see her health declining.  I used to pray to God to take her in her sleep so that we would not have to make that horrible decision.  

But, it was not to be that way.  It was heart breaking to take Bonnie to the vet and come home without her.

We waited 3 months after BonnieLou's passing and we got a new dog.  She too is a Beagle.  She is a rescue dog(which makes me feel good).  She is about 3 years old.  We named her EmmyLou and she is helping heal our broken hearts.  She will never replace BonnieLou, but we have enough love in our hearts to love again and to share our home with a dog that did not have a good start.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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So Sorry to hear about yellow lab Sandy would have been 16 this friday...he died in his sleep in July...they are without a doubt a member of your family....we are empty nesters and these days it is very rare to have my son and daughter home for visits at the same time....but they were both home on July 24th and spent time with Sandy that morning....he took an afternoon nap and never woke up....I feel fortunate that he wasn't sick and I didn't have to make the decision of putting him down....he made it very easy for me as did your Ginger.....his picture is on my desk every day and this Friday will be really difficult because it was his birthday.....I did not think I wanted another new addition to our home....but  a month after his death I went by the Orange County animal shelter just to walk around....I had no intentions of getting a new dog...and surely not a shelter dog....Sandy was a purebred lab......well it's hard to describe and plenty of folks on here know what I mean...but sometimes you just know....and I met 8 month old schnauzer/lab was the same feeling I got when I picked Sandy out of the 6 pup liter....I adopted her on the spot....and she is just a delight...Sandy knows she has filled a void in our lives and I know he is very pleased...Ginger will send a new addition your way too....I believe that....Stay strong


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Dear Julie,

I am so sorry about Ginger. Just know her beautiful spirit is still with you and that she'll still be there for you, all around you.

The grief will be very painful for quite some time, but it will get better with time. It is so hard to lose such a faithful and loving friend of so many years. It is hard to readjust our lives without our babies.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.


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Thank you for the messages. It helps to know that I'm not alone.

To Rocco's mom, sorry to hear about your situation. Cherish the time you have left with him. I know what it is to look for Ginger and she isn't there. I think I see her all over the house. I have to keep reminding myself that she is gone.

Take care and hang in there! Send me a message if you want to.


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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Ginger.  Sounded like she was with you through so much.  I lost my Shelby a week ago and she was with my through so much I am still trying to understand how I will get along without her.  Ginger is in no pain and happy and playing and while our beloved fur babies want us to remember them, they do not want us to suffer and not give love and companionship to other animals who deserve it.  You will know when you can accept another fur baby in your life and when you know it will feel right and that will have nothing to do with your love for Ginger.  We will never forget them.  Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  This is such a beautiful place to share our babies and heal.  


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 I am so very sorry about your loss of your best friend Ginger.. how close we get to these furbabies, they know all of our secerts, heartbreaks and joys. To wake up and have them gone is devestating. I am on week 28 id like to tell you im fine, but i am so far from that. You learn to live with it. to find a way to make it thru those moments when it physically aches. You found a great place to come. Only you know the answer to a new dog, however, no one can replace Lenny. I do know i have enough love thou to give to a dog who needs a forever home a  soft place to lay his head at night , belly rubs and a full belly. So many are out there that have none of that, so when the time is right you will know. Thoughts and prayers to you at this hard time in your life.
Katie Lennys Mom

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I am very sorry your precious golden retriever, Ginger, has passed on.  It is so hard losing a pet.  You are beside yourself with grief and you miss your pet so much.  The early days of grief are the hardest to endure.  In time, your heart will begin to heal and you will treasure all the sweet memories. 

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~

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