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Note: This is graphic, and I describe my kittens condition when I found her.I feel this urgent need to have some idea what happened but someone took her and buried her right away so I couldn't take her to the vet. I'm just trying to possibly get some answers
Two morning's ago, I walked down the stairs like normal. And then things started to go very wrong. My dog had pulled my couch cover apart and ripped it so I was scolding her for that (she had roughed it up before but hadn't ripped it). Then since I didn't see my approx 4 month old kitten around I started calling her. She didn't come so I started to look and noticed her sticking out a bit from under a fold of blankets that her and my dog often shared as a bed. She was laying stretched out with legs extended and open eyes (one had a membrane or something partly over it) and a blood tinged yellowish clear discharge hanging from her mouth. I knew at once she was already dead but I grapped her up and checked just to make sure. From how she looked and where she was nothing led me to believe she died naturally so I involuntary starting yelling at my dog. Even as mad as I was I never touched her though. I was just so upset and it seemed really likely that a play fight (which they did often and both sides enjoyed) had gotten out of hand. Especially since my dog had been acting off the last few days (like ripping the couch cover) she never usually does anything like that. I quick looked over the cat and she was limp and warm, it hadn't been very long since whatever happened. She didn't appear to have any broken bones or ribs but she had slobber on her side toward her tail. The inside of her mouth/throat looked dark blue and like there was more fluid in her throat. I don't know what to do about the dog, my parents are looking after her for me right now. It seems most likely from so many factors (more then I put down) that my dog was involved in her death. I just don't know how to handle one pet killing another pet and don't even know for sure how I currently feel about the dog, much less what to do.

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So sorry for the loss of your kitten.

If you are definitely sure the dog caused the death of your cat, I'm not sure how to advise you. Please take time to listen to your heart about what to do... if you would still be in the state of mind that you could care for the dog compassionately... only you could answer.

Sorry you are going through this. ((hugs))

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I am so sorry that you lost your kitten. 

To lose our furbabies is always heartbreaking, but to lose your  kitten so tragically, must be even more painful.

I don’t know what to tell you about the dog.  It sounds like they were playing and the dog may have gotten a little too rough.  I’ve seen my dogs play rough and they don’t intend to hurt each other but it happens . 

If you can forgive the dog,  then take him back.  But if you can’t , you should find him another home.  Only you will know how you feel.


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I wrote another reply but I don't see it showing up/ don't know where it went, I'm new to this site.

I really appreciate the support so much, thank you. When trying to figure out why/ what happened on other sites, I saw a lot of callous bashing of people who were understandably very upset when their dog killed a cat. That really hurt and I felt was quite dismissive of the actual feelings involved.

That being said, I think currently I would feel quite guilty rehoming my dog. But I also can't quite care for her/ interact with her positively yet. I tried yesterday. It's especially hard since she was acting out before the incident and is now acting out because of all the changes the incident has brought on...

Thankfully my parents can look after her for a bit longer to give me some time to try to figure it out. Neither of us know what to do long term though.

And I miss Phoebe sooo much.She was my constant companion. She made every second of every day I was with her so bright and joyful. I can never get her back and that hurts so much I can't completely comprehend it. But I also can't ever trust my current dog with a cat. And really wouldn't trust any dog with a cat after this.

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I've decided to try forgiving my dog. Her and Phoebe actually got along really well for the most part and Phoebe loved her as much or more than she loved me. That makes what happened very confusing but also seems to indicate that it was a natural instinct overdrive/ an accident. Still very messy but makes it a bit easier going forward to know that it probably wasn't premeditated. That being said I will never have another cat with this particular dog.

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I have so sorry for your loss. We just lost our 11 month old kitten, he was an indoor/outdoor cat, and although we wanted him to be able to experience outside, we did what we could to keep him safe and we hoped that that would be enough. But it was not. He had a GPS collar, so we found his body, and it looks like he was killed by a dog. I can only imagine how terrible this must be for you, because I know what the loss alone feels like for me. I hope you can forgive your dog. One thing that I keep telling myself is that animals are animals, and just as my cat delighted in killing birds, no better how much we tried to stop him, a dog may well have killed him in the same unthinking way. We are the only ones who are experiencing guilt – for them it is just how life works.
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