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We rescued this 3 year old calico cat we found out in the middle of nowhere we raised for 3 years and then 3 new cats came in the house. One day we found her dead on the porch we don't know if any of the new cats had killed her or what happened there where no bite marks on her or nothing. We don't know how she died but it makes me feel resentment towards the other cats because they picked on her because of her size she was a fairly big cat but they considered her the runt because she couldn't gain any weight. We don't know if any of the other cats in our house killed her or how she died we just found her on the porch dead on Wednesday I was gone somewhere and was told she was gone when I came home. I was in shock and still am in grief for her. She was sweet cat but we don't know if the other cats where fighting over food or how she died or what happened but it's still just unbelievable that she died. I know I am rambling but. I am just grieving it's what you do when you ramble I feel like if I'd have been home I could have saved her from dying. She was fine a few minutes before she died which led us to believe the other cats hurt her but she didn't look like she was in a cat fight and there was no bite marks on her unless cats can kill another cat with an immediate kill defense? I don't know. I just miss her and I wanted her to be safe in her own home but we found her dead and I feel guilty for leaving her alone with the other 3 cats that we just brought in. My aunt thinks the stray that come here killed her some how but we are rehoming him soon. The other cats are afraid of him but no one heard a cat scuffle when she died either. She was only 3 years old and quite a shock that she's gone. My niece named the cat a unique named she named her E Y but my niece was only 2 at the time and she was probably trying to name her Eli. We did not tell my niece about the cat because my niece is only 4 and in preschool now. I feel so bad she's gone and feel like if I was home I could have prevented my little girl cat from dying. She was so sweet but to other animals they are just other animals they don't see them like humans see them. 

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I'm so sorry for your experience- it must have been very distressing to discover. It wasn't your fault. I know it must be painful to not know the cause- sometimes in these situations our minds try to make sense of things by looking for causes and even blaming ourselves. But it sounds impossible to have predicted this.

Often cats will deliberately hide health issues and that isn't your fault either. And you are looking to protect your other cats as a precaution, you are a good person. You gave your kitty a happy time with you and loved her. I know this doesn't stop the hurting but you were a good kitty friend.
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