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Dearest Bud Bud, 

It's mommy baby...thinking of you so much today on this your 62nd month anniversary at RB! I'm sorry I missed writing you last month has been too busy with everything that's been happening with Gram, and also business stuff that continues to be a challenge at times. Please know that you are always in mom's heart sweet boy, even if mom misses a month of writing every now and again! 

Mommy was on Facebook earlier today and there was a memory from six years ago - a video of you playing with your Frisbee out in the back field here. The grass was snow or cold, maybe a spring day? You were so happy baby...running and chasing your favorite blue one and of course, playing "keep away" when it was time to take it from you and throw it again. How mom misses those special moments with you and looks so forward to the days when we will always be together and able to play frisbee and all of your happy games! 

Gram is doing better since her fall...mommy is taking her to physical therapy twice a week, and she is doing her exercises at home on a daily basis. Shi is doing really well...she is a very happy girl and loves that it snowed the other day, so she can do her "doggy angels" on her is one of her happiest times! Mom thinks of you playing in the even love playing frisbee in the snow too, and of course chasing your snowballs! 

Sending you so many hugs, kisses and tummy rubs today baby...please spread them around to all of your beautiful Bridge Pals and if you can, come to mommy's dream soon as mom always looks forward to our "dream hugs"...

Love you forever and ever sweetest son...have a happy time today!! 

mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo!!!!!!!!

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Dearest Sweetest Bud Bud, 

Hello my are you on this your anniversary day in heaven? It is only ten days until Christmas and mommy is missing you and looking at the old poster Joelee made for you over ten years ago now...your special Christmas poster that is so sweet and made with so much love... 

Did you get to play in the snow today with your pals? Mom knows you had lots of fun and probably ate too much cake and vanilla ice cream but it's OK because you're in Heaven and you can have all the treats you want and your pals, too... 

Mommy has had a long day...Aunt Kris came over and we made a ton of food and also some Christmas goodies. Gram made her special crescents and will probably make more tomorrow or the next day and also we will make some M&M cookies to give away to the neighbors. It is getting cold here...winter came early this year and Shi has been doing lots of her snowy angels on her back. Mommy knows it is one of her favorite things to do and it makes her happy and it's so funny really because she'll wriggle around and around and then she'll just lay there and mom will be standing there patiently (freezing)...waiting for her to get up! She even likes to do that on the grass in the summer...wriggle around on her back and then she won't get up for the longest time...she loves connecting with the Earth, just like you baby!  

Be well my Sweetness...mommy's Butterscotch Boy...sending you so many hugs, kisses and cuddles...please come in a dream when you can a beautiful cozy dream where we are able to have the longest hug for the longest time...that would be mom's best Christmas present ever...

Love you Buds...forever and always...



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Dear Sweetness Boy, 

It's mommy baby, wishing you a blessed Christmas in heaven with the angels and all of your sweet pals! We are having Christmas today as Joelee wasn't able to come yesterday. Mom knows you are always here with us in spirit baby...Shi is lying on your Buddy blanket right now (and mommy's pillow)...we are in the quiet time of the day before anyone else is up...the Christmas tree is the only light as we think of the miracle of the birth of precious Jesus...

Mommy loves you forever sweet son...sending you special Christmas hugs and kisses...stay close baby, mom loves you so much...


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Thank you, Elise for your post on Harry's posts. I do feel that he is with me, for I feel a rub against my leg at times, or a weight lying behind me on the bed, and nothing is there. He finds ways to let us know he is here with us still. I do know that the holidays can be hard without our babies, but, we will always have the memories they left behind, and we can look forward to the day that we are reunited with them. I am hoping this finds you well, and that Buddy will always find a way to let you know that he is never far from your side.

Brenda, Harry's mom

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Dearest Bud Bud, 

It's mommy baby, thinking of you on this cold February anniversary day of yours Sweetness! Mommy knows you had a great day today, celebrating with your old and new friends...romping in the snowbanks and rolling around making your snow angels...

Lil Sis is pooped out and sleeping on her pillow - big travel day back to Gram's...she played with Toby and Sibby before we left, even though it was very cold with the wind off the river and then yesterday we went to the doggy park and she made quite a few new friends, especially this youngster (6 months old)...named Taz. He is a beautiful tri-color Australian Shepherd and he just fell in love with Shi, Baby...mommy thought of you and mom remembers so well our trips to the Ottawa doggy park, Conroy much fun you always had with Coco and all of your doggy park pals! Mommy and Shi don't go to this park too much as we are often across the street with Toby and Sibby. You would love them so much day you will meet them and you will all have so much fun! 

Stay warm sweetest is thinking of you sleeping in the angel's arms after your busy day. Please give hugs to all of your pals from Petloss baby, and of course, all of your new know you make new friends every day and that makes mom happy...and you too baby because you are pure love...

Love you always and forever Buds...

Mommy & Lil Sis Shi xoxoxoxoxox!!!!!!!


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Dear Sweet Little Bubbly Nephew,

Reading mom's post is such a sweet things, A misses Little B just like the way mommy misses you!

There are so many such sweet memories that you had have left with mom and they are always with her and this even make you both closer than before...

Have a sweet belated anniversary filled with love Sweet Little One, A knows how much mommy misses and loves you!

Sending you lots of angel tummy rubs and kisses HSC!

Love always,

A. BedoTropimom 
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