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Silver, Mozart, Kuggel and mom wish all a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year. At the bridge, Hershey and Spartacus will be leading services aided and abeted by Nikie, the grand dames Sophie Esther and Zoe Pearlman, Betsy Noodle, Schatzie and Maedchen Susan. Preparations and cooking are under way as honey cakes, chalaha, and apples and honey are prepared. Betsy is roasting chicken, the grand dames are making a roast and the boyz are just getting the way smelling at all the food. On Monday night, September 29th, the Shofar will sound and both here and at the bridge we will welcome the start of New Year. So we say L'Shana Tova, may this year be sweet and may you and yours be inscribed in the book of life for happiness, helath and peace. Meriam, Silver, Mozart and Kuggel

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Hi Mari,

I can't believe the New Year has arrived so fast.

Preparations are beginning. All the new babies 

who arrived at the Bridge this year will all be included. Spartacus has been working with Vicki on reading the Torah.

Thank you for starting this thread-it will be fun to share our stories about these special "High Holidays" which begin with Rosh Hashanah on sundown of September, 29th.

Love and blessings,

CareWolf aka Carol




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Hi Carol, I hope that your husband has recovered from his recent health scare. Mozie had a Mast cell removed from his neck last week and I bite my nails as I wait for results. Taslich is always a time that produceds laughs in our Cogregation. We go to Giant Springs State Park in Great Falls and stand along the banks of the Missouri River. All of the Congregational dogs also attend, since we are outdoors. Most of the time the weather is awful, we have even had snow. This will be Kuggels first trip to the park, so he will have to be watched. Sil and Moz know the drill. Two years ago, I caught Hershey noshing the bread before it could be scattered. Please let us know how the family is. May it be so inscribed that all of you have a happy, healthy, prosperous year. Shana Tovah Meri, Sil, Moz and Kugs

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Dear Meri,
My husband is doing better-Thank G-D!  I pray for your littl Mozie and will light a candle for him from Bijou. when Brittany was small they used to
walk down to a pond near her day care and cast the bread for all their "sins." It was so cute.
I can't believe she will have her Bat  Mitzvah in a year-we had to set it back because of all the illness in the family including her mom Stacey.




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Hi, Everyone --

It sounds like quite a celebration will be held at the Bridge.  I'm quite sure that Samantha is looking forward to it and would love to help with the preparations.  She will be a great official taster!  She loved the holidays down here nnd I'm delighted to know that she will have lots of friends at the bridge with whom she can share the Holidays.

The Poodle girls (Shelby, Winnie, Lucy and now Abbie Gail) and I wish each of you a sweet, healthy and happy year.




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Chai all, Kuggel is looking at his gradnfathers Shofar with great interset. he would like it if the Shofar would find its way off the shelf and into or onto the table so some little teeth could have a taste. After all he says, it is a rams horn. meant for a nosh. His brothers say, just wait until you hear the sound that comes from the Shofar. It is eerie, and also awe inspiring. May all who hear the Shofar enjoy a Happy, Healthy. peaceful New Year. Shalom, Meri, Silver. Mozie and Kuggy

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Meri, Carol, and Ruth,

My little Betsy is getting very excited, as are all the babies.   She is eagerly awaiting the sound of the Shofar (she whispered, "Momma, I will probably get goosebumps like you did the first time you heard it!"), and everyone is busy preparing the food.  

Gracie, Ralphie, George and I are wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Shana Tova,


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Dear Meriam,


Ollie and I wish for you and yours

 L'Shana Tova,

May you always be happy and blessed with love in your life.


Love and Peace




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Hello Kathy, Thank you. Mozie had his stiches removed yesterday. He seems to be back to his deck diving shelf. Have a beatufil Fall back east. Meriam, Silver, Mozart and Kuggel

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Hello friends,
Haven't posted in awhile now, but want to wish all of you a healthy and happy New Year.......

Love Pogosmom
Pogie and Bosgo

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Hi All,

A little doggie whispered in my ear,"There is a list

up on the Meeting hall where everyone is signing up for what they want to bring for the Holiday dinner-and what special activities you did

at home. We want everyone to have a wonderful New Year.

My favorite game was catching the food as

it feel on the floor-but since I've

come to the Bridge there isn't a lot of extra food

raining down.

Lots of volunteers for food tasting.

It's the best job.

I will add Samantha's name to the list-

but with Hershel, Betsy, Molly,Nike and

all the other cooks we have-

That food will go fast.

Max is decorating the table with

flowers from the Bridge gardens.


Betsy found the shofar and is rehearsing-

we all go by the music room to hear her practise.


The Tekiah Gedolah:


Love and Hugs,





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Dear Carol --

Thanks so much for adding Samantha to the list.  I'm sure that she is so excited -- she loved the holidays down here and I'm sure she is enjoying celebrating with all he new friends at the Bridge.

I hope that you and all your loved ones will have a happy healthy and prosperous New Year filled with blessings and joy.


Samantha's Mom


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Carol, To you and yours, Much joy and little oy. You will be with us in thought here in Montana as we listen to the traditional prayers and melodies that usher in the New Year. Last year holds many memories, some good, some bad. This year, may it be that the good, the Mazels outweigh the oy Vehs. Meri and the boyz

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Shana Tova to all here, and at the bridge....I am sure that Nike will have a hand (paw) in the brisket preparation there..   I can hear my husband slicing it now, and can imagine Nike waiting patiently for some to fall on the floor.   It is comforting to know that Rosh Ha Shana, and all the holidays will be observed at the Bridge, and that our babies are not alone in the celebrations.  They do not observe Yom Kippur, as fur babies have NOTHING to atone for, they were born with perfect souls.    Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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Jan, To you and yours Happy New Year. I also know a certain puppy who needs to think about his recent attack of the the cole slaw dish on the table and also the raid of the remaining marigolds. Enjoy your brisket and enjoy the celebration with your family. Meri and the boyz

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It was a wonderful holiday

at the Rainbow Bridge.

The bridge looked so festive

with bows and flowers everywhere.

The smells coming from the

dining hall made everyone hungry.

Tasters lined up around the bridge

and didn't go unrewarded.

"Yum" they said.

As the sun went down the excitement

went up.

Everyone was carefully combed and brushed.

They looked so cute with

their beautiful bows and scarves.




The beautyshop had been so busy this week.



Mr. Mutzy















Dinner was over before they knew it.

It was so good-just like home.

Then there was a shout,

"Come to the beach!"




That's beautiful they all said.

Where did it come from?

We were all in the Dining Hall?

They all thought about the ones

who were not here.

One by one they thought

about their homes and magically

they were home again with the

ones they love so much.

If you saw some food suddenly

missing or something brush

your cheek you had a visitor.

All the furbabies went back to

the bridge and fell right to sleep.

What a wonderful day they had.


May you have a sweet

New Year.





Posts: 909




In our hearts you could never do wrong.


Love and Blessings,

Your Babies At The Bridge

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