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Hello To Everyone: Just a short message to let you know ~~~Lucy Has Passed ~~~to the Rainbow Bridge~~~ To be with Miss Molly and all her New Furbaby Friends who were waiting to greet her with Hugs and Purrs;; Thank you to all for your words of comfort and Prayers for Miss Lucy;I will write you all again later once I have got myself together a bit xxxx Love and Prayers to you all travelling this mountain of a journey ; MARION. MOLLYSMUM.


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My heartfelt condolences to you on the loss of your beautiful baby Lucy. My heart and prayers are with you.

I know how devastating it is to lose a precious one.

May you find some comfort in the memories you have which will forever be in your heart, and be thankful for the years of love you shared with Lucy. I try so hard to do that while I am grieving for my beautiful boy Cheeseburger.

You have friends here who care and understand.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee and Cheesey


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Oh Dear Marion,
I've felt it all day. . nothing "awesome" about that . ."Animal People" just know .You both have been on my mind for the last 24 hours . wow , The Bridge was a busy place today . .
Hope they have a good Staff! I'm pretty certain they work it out . . .
Horrid time !
. . tough for us humans . .apparently, no big deal for the critters though . . I've seen dogs and/or cats that have been together for years sniff the body of one just passed and . . just walk away!
They KNOW!
That's not THEM!
It's US who suffer . . on and on .and sometimes . .ON . . . until we decide to let go . .
I wish I had the SPIRITUAL fortitude of a cat . . . or a dog . . to just move on!
But we humans hold on to our grief . . like a "Support",
like it's all we have left. (and that's EVER only true if we believe it)
I have known that TOO well.
I could say what many have said to me in the last 24 hours: "Condolences" , "I'm SO very sorry for your loss", all DEEPLY heartfelt.!! . and SO very Appreciated!
But I won't. I'm in the too-fresh throws of my own loss . . as you well know. There are no WORDS to cover this,
Let's face it . . it SUCKS!
But it's Life. And we knew that going in.
Give yourself some credit for seeing it through.
Give some thanks to whatever you believe in that you had this time with your Animal Companion . . thanks that you had them at ALL!
How many souls in this world never know . . UNconditional Love ? MOST of them!(that's why this site not only exists . .but THRIVES!)
everybody on the planet should be REQUIRED to have and care for an animal . . I don't care if it's a Gerbil, (I have no idea how to spell Gerbil) an object to learn BENEVOLENCE UPON! And possibly . . HOW to Love !
I dare say , it'd be a much better world!
Forgive me . .I seem to be on a 'rant' . . and hidden beneath it all is is my own pain
When I give thanks tonight, I'll say a special, "Thank You" that I connected with you and Lucy here in spirit
Ya know ,.there are no coincidences , stuff happens for a reason!
I hope you know, how deeply I feel for you now!

SO with you in Spirit!

Karma's Mom !

ps. I'm pretty sure they're all hangin' out 'bout-now!


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Dearest Marion,

I am so upset I can barely write this.  Your little Lucy's plight touched my heart so deeply.  I know your pain is so intense right now.  I just wish I could do more.

I am sending you my deepest and most heartfelt condolences over the loss of your beloved girl.   My heart and prayers goes out for you at this sad time.   Her suffering is finished, and she is now in the presence of our beloved furbabies and the angels.  May you be comforted by sweet memories of your baby. 

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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Dear Marion, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Lucy. She is now healthy playing on the Rainbow Bridge with Miss Molly and her new friends...
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 1,328

Sorry for your loss of Lucy. Take care.


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I am so sorry for your loss of Lucy. Please know I'll be thinking of you, Molly and Lucy, and keeping you all in my prayers.



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Dear Marion,

I'm so sorry.  Your Beloved Sweet Lucy is now with her sister, Molly, and all of our furbabies were there at the Bridge to meet their new friend.

Your pain is shared here, please know this.  It can't be taken away, not when you have loved and continue to love so deeply.

My heart goes out to you, and I am so sad that you lost your Beloved little girl.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever  

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Dear Marion-- I'm so sorry about your little Lucy.  You were on my mind all weekend, and I knew what you were going through.  It's so difficult to lose our furry little friends (actually, I call them furry "people").  Sometimes certain furbabies touch our hearts more than others, and the bonds are so strong and hard to let go.
     I just know that your darling Lucy is at the Rainbow Bridge and welcomed by my Teddy girl with loads of licks and plenty of mischief.
     You will be in my prayers that you will find some peace in the long grieving road ahead.

                               Many hugs---Teddy's Mom

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My heart goes out to you during this time. you and molly will be in my thoughts and prayers. your baby is with my baby now and they are well and happy. we know that they are out of pain and in a good place. take care your friend, Elaine, -Savanna my constant companion


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Dear Marion:
I am so sorry about your loss of Lucy.   Unfortunately there are no words that help with this overwhelming, devastating pain we feel from their loss.  Losing these Precious Angels is just a nightmare.  Christopher has been gone for over 14 months and I miss him as much today as the day he left.  I am sure that Christopher and Lucy have made friends already.  I know that Lucy will be safe with all our babies and I know that they will all be waiting for us when we arrive.  You and Lucy are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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Hello To Everyone!!!!  You have all been wonderful sending such beautiful word,s of comfort and encouragement in the passing of ' Miss Lucy 'Iam sure you would have enjoyed her ways of winning everyone over to give her lots of tummy rubs and cuddles;She loved everyone especially children;;as soon as she saw them she would pull on her lead to get to them,then look up at them wagging her tail and trying to rub against their legs and lick their toes if she could get to them;;roll onto her back looking for a tummy rub and hugs;; Just full of love!!!  Well after our reasonably good day on Saturday even though still not eating etc; Sunday was not looking good she was very weak and just wanted to sleep; when I took her out in the car to brighten her up Lucy just lay there so I carried her all around the Park and we talked and sang songs to her as we often did!! I rang the vet but they were closed till Monday only emergencies;so I decided to wait till the morning;;with the little bit of Praying that it would be better if she passed away at home rather than the vet having to give her med;either way I did not want to Lucy to suffer any more and I also think she was saying it was time !!! I can not do this anymore Mum!!!Even though she could not see me  anymore it was the way she held her head when I spoke to her and just  wanted to lay in her basket;;Now Lucy very seldom would go in her basket she preferred to lay in on the tiles in the en-suite floor or on the floor next to you!!!  I made a bed on the sofa and we stayed together all night as I had done so since she come home from the vet,s last WEDNESDAY;I would talk to her, stroke her ,give her cuddles carry her outside as when she had a small drink she wanted to be sick and would try and get up to go out struggling to try and do it herself and would then let me carry her and I told her everything was OK she was my precious girl;; Finally morning came and I rang the vet to find the vet,s we normally seen were away for the day and not back till Tuesday;;  The more I wanted to take Lucy in the More I wished our vet,s were there to see her;; Oh God what to do;; it was so unbearable not knowing !! Can we last another day or Maybe just slip away;;in my arms I was Praying;;;It was Like a living Hell and My Poor Darling was so brave she just would not let go!!!Being sick quite a lot now and sleeping and sleeping,We lay together during the night again and she was trying to be sick and breathing with a snuffling sound, she just could not get comfortable and we spent all night up and down my talking to her and giving lots of cuddles;;Morning finally arrived and after giving her some water she wanted out again to be sick in the garden and smell the morning air:: after being sick she had some mucus coming from her nose which I cleaned ; 5-10 min; later she had it all over her again;;so I wrapped her in her blanket and Headed for the vet I wasn't waiting any longer;; when I rushed in the girl said who is this I said Lucy!!! is Richard here!!! He rushed out bless him!!! and Put his hand on my shoulder and looked at Lucy and said its Time!!!! He said she had a respiratory infection as well:;He come back to see us with our other vet Julie who help as well giving Lucy hugs and talking to her, along with me!!! we were all crying!!!! Richard was saying he could not believe that  we had to lose our two Beautiful Girls so close together!!He had worked Tirelessly to save Lucy for Months with the help of all the staff at the practice;;; They are a great credit to helping all our babies;;  Iam so sorry to have been going on and on;;;You must be getting tired reading all of this!!!!! Nearly finished;; I had a call today from the cremation people, and Iam going to see Lucy tomorrow before they do anything, and as I forgot to snip a small piece of her hair for keeping I shall get it tomorrow;;;When Lucy was on the sofa with me during the night, Hamish come beside us but would not sit near Lucy he went to the other side of the sofa, normally they kiss and sniff each other all the time!!!! He was still asleep when I run out with Lucy to the vet so I just did not left him behind,But when I returned he ran to me sniffing all over my shirt and Lucy,s blanket!!!He took off and lay on the floor and just ignored me would not come when I called him,and has been very quiet since; so He is Grieving for his girl as well;;;Like all of you the heartache is unbearable and you think you are going out of your mind;;;with all the crying,not eating or sleeping;; but this is so insignificant and so little to suffer;; in the light of what our Precious Angels have suffered and with never the hint of complaint,pain or ever giving up hope through all their suffering;; with complete unconditional love; Thank you so much for letting me rabbit on a bit;;I have seen by some of your posts that there has been many Passing,s to the Bridge in the past few days and many more Fur babies still in pain;;; I keep you all in my thoughts and Prayers!!!!! and I shall post a few Photos for you all to see in the next few days;;; Blessings to all and thank you ;;; Marion.  MOLLYSMUM.


Posts: 38

Just a photo of the Family for you all to see; Hamish and Lucy are always sitting with each other ;;an old neighbour used to call them the bookend,s because they would sit touching each other and she could not tell them apart;;      BEST OF FRIENDS!!!!! MISS LUCY AND MR. HAMISH.


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They're just gorgeous Marion! A credit to the breed!
And YOU are a credit to OUR "breed"!
Hellish time
I think I see Karma all the time . .whew!
I looked up into a deep blue sky today, thinking of you and Lucy, and Bob and Wizard, and my Karma . . what a place The Bridge must be now!
I'm thinking of you through my own heavy heart!
Karma's Mom

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I am so, so sorry for your loss of Lucy.  I sit here trying to type and crying.  My goodness, how sad.  I think it touched me so much because I too waited for her vet to help her pass to the Bridge.  She cried right along with us.  I wish I had the wise words to say to help you feel better, it's just so hard to loose them.  No matter how it happens, we grieve deeply.   They are always in our hearts.

You will be in my prayers,
Nina Maria's Mom

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Dear Marion,

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear, sweet Lucy.  My heart aches for you.  I know how desperately we want to hold on to our little ones, hoping right up to the last minute that something will change and they will have a turn around.  It hurts us so much to be without them, and the pain is overwhelming.  I hope that you are comforted to some degree knowing that Lucy is now restored to health and vitality, and is romping with our angels at the Bridge. You and your sweet girl are in my prayers and thoughts.

Warm hugs,
MaxsMom ~ Joanne

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Dear Marion:
Here I sit in tears after reading every word of your post. Your last moments with Lucy were so much like mine with Christopher.  It just breaks my Heart and will Forever.  Your babies are just adorable.  Christopher left behind his little friend Sophie.  Her eyes are so sad it breaks my heart to look at her.  They were raised together from little babies.  Since Christopher left Sophie sleeps in his favorite spot, a place she never slept in before he left us.  I know she misses him too.  They will always be safe in our Hearts.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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Dear Marion
I am so sorry that you have lost your beautiful Lucy.  Your babies are just so gorgeous.  I am thinking of you, Love Di xxx
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