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Firstly I would like to thank you all for letting me share this journey with you;and a special thanks and Prayers to Katherine and Karma at this time on their journey also; Thinking of you!!!!To Heleny, Karen and Katharine many thanks for your Prayers and candles for Lucy; I always forget your time difference; It is now Sunday pm here; Anyway I shall start with Saturday am. as we drove out of the garage up in the sky were these two beautifull Rainbows!!!as we drove to the park I thought how wonderfull they were and thought of all the Furbabies at the Bridge and all our sick Angels; Lucy and Hamish had a little wonder through the gardens; I had to carry her at times as she was so weak she just sat down and lifted her head and had a smell of all the beautifull aromas that were drifting in the breeze!!!that I had a little smile in my heart and thought you enjoy my Precious!!!!and I managed to take a few photos; as I did not get this pleasure to do with Molly;When we got home I rang the vet and asked if I really needed to give her Medications as she is not eating and only a little water; and if I force them into her it only makes her vomitt;He just said not to worry as there is not much time left only waiting;I then drove down to the estuary where the dogs go for a paddle; and we have a cuppa and a bacon rolland a sausage for the dogs;;would you believe she wanted into the water and ate some of the sausage!!!! I thought great she looks happy and maybe this is a turn around great;;I took some more photos and we had a rub down and back in the 4x4 and went for a long drive and a carry along the beach;;; in between the rain;;When we got home Lucy would not eat or drink so I had to syringe water into her;; which she vomitted up later;; Poor girl she looks so weak and lifeless laying in her basket I have to keep touching her to see if she is breathing!!!She must have gone outside earlier in the morning for I found her ouside laying on the lawn, face and feet covered in black soil and I mean black!!!where she had been digging with her nose;;so we had a nice wash up!!!but she would not eat or drink anything and today she can not stand her back legs just give way so she lays down;;;I took her to the park to see if that would cheer her up but Lucy did not even move to come out of the car!!I carried her around the so she could smell the animals that had been there over night and we sat in the sunshine for a while listening to all the Parrots  and the kookaburras; flying around in the Gum trees around us!!we snuggled up and I cryed into her fur around her face and neck and told her I knew she was telling me it was time and she needed to sleep!!!!Tomorrow we shall see Richard for the last time!!!Iam afraid to let her go in fear of not having her with me after all this time but I know she can not suffer anymore pain;;in this world!!!My Presious Darling Miss Lucy always remember I love you!!!Mum.Iam so sorry to have gone on a bit today Please forgive me and thank you all for being here; I couldnt do it without you;;   Marion. MOLLYSMUM.


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I;m so sorry for your loss.  I totally understand as I'm in my final few days with my Wizard Kitty, but best friend and companion for nearly 17 years.  This past Wednesday the Vet gave him a week or less.  So, I'm down to only 2 or 3 days before I will have to bring him down to be put to sleep.

So, I understand and it is very hard.  I wish you the very best and I'm sure your special companion will remember the good life with you and keep an eye out for you from the other side of the bridge.

Best of luck!  Wishing you the best.

Bob D
Wizard's Dad

Wizard Checking His E-Mail / 5/23/08

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Dear Sweet Marion,
. .and here we are, . . Looks like Lucy and Karma will be arriving at The Bridge close to the same time ! Westies eh? great little "gardeners"! wonder why it is that the white ones seem SO drawn to the dirt ! (funny little Boos, I do love them!)
Yes, watching a once energetic and lively dog going downhill is hell for those who love them! I checked Karma's gums this morning; usually black (Rottie) going grey now, NOT a good sign! just hope she makes it through this last day. Sunday here, only emerg clinics open . . gonna be a rough day . . frankly, tomorrow won't come soon enough, I get sick thinking my darlin' is suffering. The vet said that with kidney failure there isn't pain so much as an overall feeling of really sick . . like the worst hangover without the headache. I'm having trouble eating too . .have felt nauseaous since she went in for the iv on tues. . .sympathetic no doubt . .
there's nothing I can tell you that you don't already know at this point . . I'm praying for you and Lucy as much as for my Karma and myself!
Be Brave for your dog . . . they pass with just a sigh,

Katherine & (still) Karma

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Dear Marion-- My heart is aching right along with you and I have tears in my eyes from reading your post.  I'm reliving the same grief as you, since that's how my little Teddy girl was her last day.  She just couldn't get up anymore, and it was a chore to lift her head.  Her quality of life was no longer there.  Somehow, I was given this tremendous strength to make the call and say this is the time.  I knew if I waited any longer, I would have changed my mind, and then she would have suffered.
  Your little Lucy will tell you when she wants to leave and you will know.  You are doing all the wonderful things with her that you can now, and some day, looking back, you will find such peace in your soul knowing that you did the very best for her.
  I will light a candle for you both that you will get through this very difficult time.

             All my thoughts & prayers--- Teddy's Mom

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I am so moved by this post of yours. I understand your great sadness about your precious Lucy. I, the stoic, am actually crying. How very much you are going to miss her. She is so lucky to have you for a mom! I liked your description of taking her to all her favorite spots yesterday. We did that too with our schnauzer Molly on her last day last October.
Spoil her rotten today. Love on her and tell her everything in your heart. My prayers will be with you tomorrow.
My Molly will meet your Lucy at the Bridge and escort her across.
Molly's Mom

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Dear Marion, we are in the same boat. My Bennie is slowly dying today. he is vomiting and weak. We are calling the emergency vet in order to let him go today.

What heartache!!!!!!!

You took your Lucy to the park and she enjoyed. You made her happy. That is what we plan on doing with my Bennie.

Warm hugs, comfort and prayers to you.


Posts: 699
Dear Marion,

We are right with you and Lucy, dear friend.  My heart goes out to you, I am so sorry.  I keep you and your little darling in my prayers.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom

Posts: 64
Just checking in Marion, want to see how you both are doing . .

Love and Many Blessings,

Posts: 699
Marion, I'm checking in, too, and have been thinking of you and Sweet Lucy a lot, and keeping you both in my prayers.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 567

I'm so sorry for what you are going through.  Tears rolled down my face as I read your post.  The hardest thing we ever have to do.  My heart breaks for you. 

You and Lucy are in my prayers,
Nina Maria's Mom
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