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Hi ; To everyone and thank you for all your wonderfull words of encouragement and Prayers; Well Lucy had her levels done yesterday they were 14.5.She was very sleepy and a bit unsteady but I did manage to get her medication into her and she ate a few mouthfulls through out the day; This morning how ever would not eat but had some water; I had to hold her and get the tablets and insulin into her and 30min. Later was sick she did this twice more before our visit to the vet again for her levels to be done it was around 16.4 but the vet said it was ok but keep trying to get the fluids and food into her; It is now 8.30pm and nothing as yet she wont have anything; I have tempted her with everthing;;;IT is so Heartbreaking to see her fading away;; she has lost so much weight; I just can,t bring myself to take her back to the vet and say it is time;;;as I keep saying I will wait and see how she is in the morning;;hopefully she will eat a little;;the thought of having to hold her in my arms and let the vet ;;;I cant even say the words;;as it hurts so much;;; It was the worst thing I have ever had to do a few weeks ago when I had to say good bye to Molly by doing this;;; so I just hope she pulls through a few more days at least;;I would rather this was happening to myself than my poor Darling,s.but I suppose Life has its way of putting us all through these times of pain and sorrow;; I shall keep you informed of Lucy,s health;  thank you all for being here and listening;;;   MOLLYSMUM. Marion.            Here is a photo of Hamish,on the left he is 10years Lucy behind 8years.and my black scotty MISS Molly;now at the Rainbow Bridge xxx.


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Oh Marion, I am so so very sorry to read about Lucy and completely understand why you don't want to take her back to the Vet in fear that he will tell you now is the time to make that horrible decision.  I would just keep trying to get her to eat and give her lots of love and hugs and pray that she pulls thru this. Maybe she just as a sick tummy right now from the meds and will eat a bit later.  I can't believe you just went thru this with your other baby Molly just a few weeks ago and now this. I can't even imagine. I am still suffering so much from my loss of my girl Peanut and that was almost a year ago. We have another dog Baby girl who is 13 and my fear of losing her now just tears me apart sometimes.  Your picture of your babies is precious, they are all so sweet and look like such great buddies. Your love for them clearly shines thru in the words you write about them. I know your heart is breaking right now. Just know that if it is Lucy's time to go to the Bridge (and I hope it is not) then you know that she is going to get the best greeting ever from her fursister Molly and they will be so happy up at the Bridge together making all kinds of new friends.

Please hang in there and keep us posted. I will say a prayer for Lucy and you.



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Dear Marion--- I will be saying extra prayers for your dear Lucy.  I know how hard it is to watch these beautiful furbabies fade right before our eyes.  I remember hand-feeding my little Teddy girl at the end.  She scoffed everything down when offered, but would not initiate eating on her own.  The last day, I felt this incredible strength that I can't describe in words.  I knew I had to say good-bye.  It was in her eyes, and I could see that she really had no quality of life.  I didn't want her to suffer, so I made the call and took her before I could change my mind.
    Marion, I believe you and Lucy will know the right thing to do at the right time.  Love her and hold her as much as you can.  That is the most important thing.

                    Many thoughts & prayers are with you all--

                                         Teddy's Mom

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Dear Marion,

I am continuing to keep you, your little Lucy, and Hamish, too, in my thoughts and prayers.  I've hit a block here with words, and hope that in the few I write to you, you will know how very sorry I am that you are going through this with your dear baby Lucy - and just having lost your darling Molly.  It is said we never get more than we can handle - you must be a phenomenally strong woman, my friend.  Certainly one with a huge heart.

I pray for gentle moments and comfort for you and Lucy, loving each other.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

P.S.  The picture of your Hamish, Lucy and Molly is precious.  It brought to mind that my Grunt's very first best buddy was a white Westie boy named Cooper, who was the only little dog who would play fearlessly with my Boxer boy. 

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