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my 5.5yr old dog was just diagnosed last thur with lymphoma. ALL her lymph nodes are swollen and biopsy confirmed the cancer.Her blood work was perfect.I chose not to do chemo and have just on prednisone.Supposedly she has a month or so left.Have any of you experinced this cancer in your dog?So far she eats,acts fine etc.What do i need to look for to know its time to put her down? Could she possibly have more time because her bloodwork is perfect? Also,what are your opinions/experiences with being with your dog during the euthanasia.I honestly dont think i could handle it but want to be the last image my dog has.Any help would be great

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Hello and welcome, I am so sorry to hear your dog has lymphoma. About 4yrs ago one of my dogs had cancerous tumors in his lungs and brain. He was the sweetest dog and we had found him as a young stray. We had him for 8yrs when we discovered this. One of the symptoms he had from the brain tumor was seizures. We got them under control with med. I was really angry that these tumors were going to take my baby, so I decided not to let it have its way easily. In fought back with chemo for the lung tumors and radiation for the brain tumors. He really did well and didnt have any reactions from these treatments including no nausea, etc. It only gave us 9 more months with him but they were comfortable months for him. I guess one of the risks of phenobarbital for seizures is liver damage. One night he was acting lethargic and we took him to ER. We found out his liver was hemorraging and they said it was time for us to put him to sleep. They made him comfortable while I decided. I couldn't and didn't want to give up the fight so much I cried and cried and it took me all night to come to terms with it after calling my vet and discussing it with him.I was with my dog when they ended his suffering and I looked him in the eyes as he drifted to sleep. I wanted my face to be the last thing he saw. It is hard to be with them during the euth. but its the last act of love we can give them. I didn't want him to be alone with strangers putting him to sleep. I have had to euth before and will do it again if needed and be with them looking into their eyes. Yes. I believe if her bloodwork looks good that it is a good thing. I pray you will have many months left to spend with her.  God Bless    Jill 


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I haven't had experience with Lymphoma but have had to say good-by to two of my beloved dogs within 3 years of each other. My husband and I were with both when they were PTS.

Only you can make the decision whether to be with you dog when the time comes. Each loss was different. Zephyr went very peacefully ... Odin whimpered a bit before he relaxed and went peacefully with his head resting in my arms. Still a painful memory for me, but it's getting better as time passes.

Meanwhile I would just enjoy the time you have with your dog and do those things you both enjoy together as long as she's capable of doing them.

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I am very sorry your precious dog has been diagnosed with lymphoma.  I have not dealt with a pet suffering from cancer but know other posters will offer suggestions.  I will keep your little one in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope she will be with you for a very long time. 

Being with your pet when they pass on is an experience you will never forget.  My bunny died at home, but I would have been with him if he had been put to sleep.  You will know when the time comes if you will are able to be in the same room with your precious pet.  Please keep us updated on her condition.



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I am so sorry that your dog has lymphoma. My 15 year old pug had liver cancer and lived 8 months after diagnosis. He was a little fighter during that time, but I had to make that dreadful decision when he stopped eating. A few days before he passed away, he would drift in and out of consciousness and when he would wake up he would yelp. He also had labored breathing the night before he passed.  I took him to the vet the next morning. The vet said he may have just days left. I made the decision then that it was time for him to be put to rest.

I was there with him through the procedure.  The vet and assistant explained everything to me and were very kind, patient and sympathetic before, during and after the procedure. They did not rush me. I had never gone through an euthansia before.  I was in tears through the whole thing but mostly when it was over.  My pug died peacefully. He was already unconscious before he was injected. So he did not know what was going on...even though he was mostly blind and deaf; I know he smelled me and he knew I was there.

Being with your dog during euthanasia is your personal decision.  There is no right or wrong.  You have to decide yourself. I consider myself not a strong person; but I knew in my heart that I had to do this for my dog before he fell into eternal sleep.  It was also comforting to me that the whole process went very peacefully.  It will be a day that I will never forget; and I will be there for my future dogs, when that day comes.  Please know that whatever decision you make, your dog knows that you truly love him.

Blessings to you,
Pugangel ~j~

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Hi missa,

I am so sorry for what you are now going through.  I lost my cocker spaniel to lymphoma in 2003.  We actually did chemo, and it gave her four quality months, but as soon as it stopped, it came right back.  We did a round of prednisone and she lived about 2 months.  In the end we stopped because the prednisone was hard on her and she was declining.  On the last night she looked really tired. I noticed she was panting a lot and the next morning she collapsed in the yard while going to the bathroom. She got up after a few minutes and we took her to the vet, who told us she was having trouble breathing.  Her appetite was still good but at that point I knew it was time, and I think you will know, too.

I was with her when she passed and would not have had it any other way.  I held her and looked into her eyes and said, "I love you, honey" as she left.  I think while it is happening you find the strength to hold it together better than when it is over, because at that time the overriding feeling is I have to set them free from the pain and suffering.  But that is your call, and yours alone.  But it was very quiet and peaceful.  I am probably facing the same decision any time now with my 15 year old Amstaff (not cancer) but that is another topic.  I wish you and your precious dog peace and strength during this time.

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thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! so far so good although she did wake up this am and was shaking/shivering and her teeth clattered a bit.Only lasted for few minutes.Not sure what that all about.I will keep u all updated


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I haven't been on the board for a while but when I read your post I knew I had to answer it.
In December of 2006 my sweet Dobie/shepard mix who was about 6 years old was diagnosed with lymphoma. Her name was Patty and she was the most wonderful loving dog. The vet at the time told me she had about 3 months if I didn't go with chemo. We did give her prednisone and she felt fine until the weekend of March 18, 2007 when we had to send her to the bridge. We did all the things with her she loved-walks on the beach-playing ball and just sitting on the couch petting and loving her. Also feeding her all her favorite foods.
The day before we sent her-she started to lose her appetite and pant. It got progressively worse and we took her and stayed and held her until she had passed. We taled to her and told her how much we loved her-I know she was comforted by having us there with her.
I hope you will be able to have some quality time with your beloved furbaby-to make memories to keep in your heart until the day you meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Please know I am praying for both of you becasue I know what you are feeling.
Jean aka Candy2wolf

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This morning was very hard. We had to make the decision to put down our 8 year old Chinese Crested, FiFi.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma in January, given a prognosis of 2-3 months to live. She lived with my parents in Virginia. After going over the options with the vet, they chose to undergo the prednisone treatment. At first, she did not react well to the high dosage so the vet cut in half. Once that happened, she was doing well. You couldn’t tell that she was sick or fighting anything. Her appetite was great. Then last week, she began to slow down noticeably. My parents said her appetite weakened and she would wake them up every morning at 5 am to bring her to the couch. The past two days we knew her time was coming to an end. She stopped eating or drinking water on her own, she fell when trying to go to the bathroom and she could barely pick up her head. Through the night she whined in pain, so my parents made the decision to euthanize her this morning. My heart is hurting.
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