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I used to like the sunny weather and the beginning of summer.  Not this year.  I'm actually more depressed about losing my Sherry and Daisy even more than before.  Somehow the coming season means only darkness and endles emptiness without my babies.  I used to love the long, lovely days, now they seem like longer and longer days of crying and remembering the wonderful life that I used to have and that I will never have again because everything seems meaningless without them.  Anyone else feel bad this holiday weekend?

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)

Posts: 95
Hi Rena, you are not alone in hating this weekend. We lost our Bennie yesterday, Sunday. Had to call an emergency vet to end his journey because he had just become too sick and we could no longer stand to watch him suffer.

I am miserable and sad today. I will always remember Memorial day and Xmas - that is when Bennie got sick - as very sad times.

Hugs to you.


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I agree....  It was 8 Years Ago this week that I lost my Father at age 80; a WWII B-17 Bomber Pilot in his younger days and a Lynn, MA Firefighter through a good part of the rest of his life.  

Now, this year, my Wizard was diagnosed with Renal Failure a days before the weekend and give a week or less to live.  I've been trying to enjoy the really nice weather taking Wizard out for walks and he's been loving it; as an indoor cat he rarely saw the outside during his near 17 years.  However, he did travel across the country with me by plane!  He flew from Phoenix, AZ to Manchester, New Hampshire and then drove (as a passenger of course) with me to Lynn, MA to spend time with my Mother and Father in the last weeks of my Dad's life.  Then he traveled back to New Hampshire with me as I moved in with my brother here on 23 acres.

Although yesterday was a very, very good day for him, eathing, energy, lots of exploring outside and all, today was 100% different as I haven't been able to get him to eat a thing all day and he surely has less energy.  He went out for a while today but didn't seem to be enjoying himself; no exploring and walking.  However, I just took him out again and he walked around a little more.  Again however, he's far weaker today and still no eating.

So, I think his time is coming very fast and I'll loose him this Memorial Day Week, same as I lost my loving Father 8 years ago.

So yes, Memorial Day and the week before and after will forver be a sad time for me.

Wizard's Dad


Posts: 174
To Benniesmom:

  How tragic lose your Bennie only yesterday.  My heart goes out to you and I wish you strength to get through this difficult and heartbreaking time.  You've come to a good place here and the people here understand exactly what you're going through because we've all experienced the loss of our furbabie and can give the support you'll need now.
To MusicMagEditor:
  I know that you are preparing to lose your best friend and companion Wizard because of kidney disease.  It's wonderful that you will the next few days to just be with him  and enjoy him and make him as comfortable as possible so that the end will be sad but bittersweet at the same time.  You are helping him to not be suffering any longer but I know that it's still so hard to say goodbye to someone that you love so dearly.  Yes Memorial Day will be a hard anniversary time for you because of your Dad and Wizard.  Please know that I'm crying with you and Benniesmom for alll our lost babies .  It's so hard to even conceive of living without them but somehow we'll have to find some way to do it.  God and prayers and courage are what we need and I pray that somehow someday we can find it so that there can ve the possibility of acceptance.  It sure does seem hard to believe right now but we've got to hang in there and try to remember the good times.  My last memory is watching my Sherry dying in agony and convulsions right in front of me and stupid me not even knowing how ill she really was.  I had an appt to take her to the vets only a few days later but it was too late for my darling.  The guilt and the pain for me even 2 months later is sheer agony.  I try to go on for the other cats two of them very old and ill with CFR and hypothyroidism but at least they were taken care of and have had several years more because I was paying attention but Sherry had different symptoms and I didn't catch on how seriously ill she was and that will haunte me the rest of my life.  I loved her so much she was my heart.

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Not a good day for me either.  Life doesn't look the same and it hasn't even felt like a "holiday".

I can't even do the things I normally enjoy;  I love my cars and enjoy long weekends when I can keep them freshly waxed and clean. Both dogs would be sitting on the porch watching me and I always had company.  Then we would all go for a ride when it was cool in the evening.

 I know, female car fanatics are unusual, but maybe it's the control freak in me and why I am grieving so hard.  If something was broke I could get it fixed; a scratch, a dent, pretty much anything was fixable.  NOTHING I can do can change things or bring them back to me.   I swear I am attached to my 19 year old CAR for sentimental reasons and can't bear to sell it.  What is the loss of a precious life doing to me?  It is beyond devastating I can tell you that. God has really cursed me with being so sensitive...

I too have SO much guilt in addition to the loss that is affecting everyone here.   I will take you up on your offer of an email if you don't mind.  Maybe we can help each other.  Just your kind offer helped me feel like someone understands.

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I had to put my Ishy down at the emergency vet at 1:00am this Memorial Day  so I know exactly how you feel. It will never be the same again.  My thoughts are with you, like me I try to remember all the good times and how they always seemed to know just when you needed to put your face in their fur.  Take care

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