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I had been taking care of my Dad with Alzheimers for many years and the day he died I was given a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier named Kelly she was a shorty or puddin'. She was 2 years old and we lived a long and happy life together, she was my best friend. I always say she was heaven sent! This summer I had a knee replacement and she was starting to show signs of illness she had kidney disease. I bought her the special diet and she seems to be improving, I had a rough recovery from knee surgery but she was by my side every day. 
she started having seizures or falling over . I had to carry her upstairs. She had blood in her urine and the Vets just though antibiotics at me and sent me home. She got worse and I took her to emergency Vet and they said her kidney disease was severe plus she would need to see a nuerologist etc. She was 17 years old I had to make the agonizing decision to put her down.I asked her what she wanted to do she peed on me and started barking at something, I really believe spirits were calling her over to the other side. Before this I would find her in strange places in the house almost as if she was talking to the other side .So I let her go! It was agonizing for me! I loved her so much. A few days later I asked her for a sign and the phone rang and on the caller ID was a name Brown Kellie. (she was brown and white and her name was Kelly!!) I was astonished! I picked up the phone and it was one of the robo calls. I coudn't believe it she was communicating with me from the other side !! I took a picture of it so people would not think I was nuts!!! She lives on and so does our love!!

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Has anyone else experienced an after death communication from a pet who has passed?

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Yes, I have had messages from my beloved Termy. They never really leave us, we just can't see them but their spirits surround us. I asked Termy for a message so that I would know he was okay. I asked for feathers and boy did I get feathers. I am guessing well over four hundred. Think about it, how many times we walk around and never see them. I found them in the most unlikely places. The really thoughtful one from him was a dime and a penny. I found them where you would never think to look for money. I picked them up and put them in my pocket. I checked them later and the dime was dated 2001 and the penny was dated 2017. Termy was born in 2001 and went to the Bridge in 2017. I believe he was communicating with me. I've had others also but these were the ones that bring tears to my eyes. They love us always and send messages when we need them the most for they never stop loving us.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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We had to put our family member to sleep less than 24 hours ago. She was a rott/sheperd/lab mix and her name is Peaches. I have been devasted. I asked for a sign today. After I picked up my wife from work today I told her I wasn't ready to go home yet. I patked down by the lake and was grieving with my wife and told her about how Iasked Peaches to guve me a sign that she was okay. As we were about to leave I look up and see and hear the back off a dog that had the same markings as Peaches before it bolted behind a car. I begin looking around for the dog and it comes out from behind the car and looks like a younger version of Peaches. A person walks out of the woods with another dog and uses the remote to open the back of her SUV the dog leaps into the back like peaches would have and as ik driving off the dog looks at me. My wife and I both thought this was a sign that she was okay now and is just waiting for us on the other side running around playing with our former pets. Peaches defintely heard me and sent a dog that looked like a younger and smaller version of herself to let me know she is okay and happy. I also felt her presence last night in the home. It really shows that they are waiting on us and want us to know they are okay until we are reunited. They can and will send you a sign or message.
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