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Hi to all my Pet Loss friends:

Four years ago when we had to say goodbye to Brandy we decided to open our hearts and home to a dog that might need us.  On 11/13/13 we welcomed Miriam to our house.

She was a wonderful dog - very affectionate and loving and always adaptable to new situations.  She loved camping with us and we just returned from a month long camping trip.

Upon our return home she seemed to go downhill.  It was so sad to see her decline.  We knew we had to end any suffering she had and the vet confirmed on Saturday that she was suffering.

So we had to let her go today - the same day she came into our hearts.  To say we are devastated is putting it mildly.

Everyone here has been so supportive of me when Brandy passed and you all rejoiced with us when Miriam came into our lives.  So I thought it was fitting to let you know that our little Brandy now has her "sister" with her to run pain free and happy again.  I can just see Miriam and Brandy's ears flying in the wind as they run together at the bridge.

The leaves on our trees are falling today, just like the tears that won't stop.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support dear friends.

Barb (Angel Brandy and Angel Miriam's mom)


Posts: 2,835
Dear Barb,
My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.... I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your sweet Miriam.... 'that' decision is the hardest one in the world... but it comes from the deepest love. 

I know that your little Brandy was sitting at the gate watching for sweet Miriam, the newest angel, to arrive..... and along with my Lee Lee and a host of their friends they have welcomed her home... I imagine they've had a wonderful day showing Miss Miriam all their favorite places and prancing around like a bunch of puppies.  I wonder what kind of "pretty" Lee Lee found for her today....

Barb.... I know the pain and loss you feel..... when you adopted Miriam four years ago I admired your courage and willingness to open your heart and home to another little one after the devastating loss of your beloved Brandy.... I know there is a another huge hole in your life now... 

My heart to you...
~Lee Lee's Mama~

Posts: 4,781

I am sorry for your loss of a family member. I know the decision was not an easy one to make. I am sure that Brandy greeted Miriam as she crossed over the bridge, and I am sure that they are both telling each other all the memories they have of you, and how glad that you was their mom, and will always be their mom. And, I bet that Brandy showed Miriam all the places that are her favorite up there, and together they are finding new places to enjoy. And, one day, when you join them, they will have so many wonderful things to show you. That is after the wondrous reunion you all will share. But, for now, I know the grief you are feeling is deep, and, my heart goes out to you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  

Posts: 1,010
Thank you, Melanie and Brenda for the heartfelt replies.  You'll never know how much this means to me.

It is amazing how much of our lives revolve around our pets.  Now there is an emptiness that nothing can fill.  Yesterday we were gone for a while and when we came home I didn't even want to go in the house.  No one to greet us, no one waiting for our return, no one to hug and give love to.  It's just so awful.

I know you both understand this.  Again, thanks for being there....

Barb (Angel Brandy's and Angel Miriam's mom)

Posts: 1,441
Dear Barb,
I am sorry to hear about Miriam, I wish you find peace that she is with her sister now! You had welcomed Miriam to your home and gave her so many loving years, she is smiling at the RB. Bless you for what you have done, given a sweet home to a senior baby with your big heart!
Love and hug,
Nance, BefoTropimom

Posts: 1,010
Dear Nance:

Thank you for your kind and comforting words.  We are trying to hold onto that now, knowing that we gave her a good 4 years in her golden years.

Bedo and Tropi were so lucky to have you for their loving mom!

Barb (Angel Brandy's and Angel Miriam's mom)

Posts: 1,170
Dearest Barb,

I'm so sorry to hear about Miriam's passing, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I hope it brings you a bit of comfort to know that Miriam and Brandy are together and always watching over you.

I truly believe in my heart that one day we will see our beloved furbabies again but for now even though our hearts are hurting, may the memories you've shared with them make you smile.

Hugs to you and Angel Kisses to your beloved Brandy and Miriam

Nancy, Angel Smudgie's Mom and Mom to Calie, Sparky and Jade

Posts: 1,010
Hi Nancy:

Thank you so much for your heartfelt reply.

I don't come here very often any more either, but sometimes I am just drawn to this site and I like to catch up with the friends I have made here.

It does give me comfort that Miriam and Brandy are together now.  I guess that's really the only comfort I have.

I'm hoping that all our babies are together and enjoying all the good things at Rainbow Bridge.  I'm sure Smudgie is sharing all the vanilla ice cream she can get her paws on....

Take care my friend,
Barb (Angel Brandy's and Angel Miriam's mom)

Posts: 2,172
Dear Barb, 

I happened to see your post just now and am so saddened to hear of your loss of sweetest Miriam. I know she lifted your hearts and spirits so much after losing your precious Brandy. You blessed Miriam's life in so many special ways...senior dogs have so much to give and are so grateful for a loving home. 

I know what you mean when you say that our pets become such an important part of our lives.  With the world that we live in now, the playfulness, the sweetness...the joy and innocence they bring us is priceless beyond words. 

I hope that you will have a dream visit very soon with both Brandy and Miriam, letting you know they are together and loving and living every moment with all of their friends and pals at RB...letting you know that are happy and waiting...

Saying prayers for peace and healing,

Elise, mom to Shiloh and Angel Buddy 

Posts: 1,010
Hi Elise:

Thanks for stopping by and your kind words for Miriam.  She filled our house with so much joy and love and helped us heal after the loss of Brandy.

But I don't have to tell you about that...I know Shi has helped you in your grief over Buddy.  Pets are so amazing - I wish people could be more like animals.

We have decided to foster in order to give back to the rescue where we got Miriam.  We've had Clarissa for about 10 days now.  She is a chocolate colored cocker about 10 years old and she's deaf.  She is a real sweetheart and it's so good to have someone to take care of again.

Sending hugs to you and angel Buds and sweet Shi,

Angel Brandy's mom
Angel Miriam's mom
And now foster mom to Clarissa

Posts: 27

Barb, I just came here to read your post about your Miriam. I had already replied to you on my post about Braveheart, but I wanted to come by here too, and tell you that you are in my prayers, and that you are not alone. 

I too, am happy, to think of Brandy, Miriam, and Braveheart running together in Heaven 😉 That thought makes me oh so joyful. As we both grieve, and as we both cry, I will hold you close to my heart and I will continuously pray for you and your family. God bless you, my friend! God bless your babies!



Posts: 1,170

Hi Barb,

Thank you so much for your sweet post on my Smudgie’s thread for her 4th anniversary. 

I too picture an amazing celebration,  my tiny little girl was always the life of the party and I’m sure there were tons of vanilla ice cream and other special treats for all of her bridge buddies.  I so do love picturing Rainbow Bridge, it warms my heart.  When I say Smudgie was the life of the party,  I kid you not.  Sometimes when I had people over or having work done in the house I would put Smudgie and her sisters in my bedroom.   They had everything they needed, food, water, litterbox,  etc., Calie, Sparky and Jade were fine with it,  but not my Smudgie.  First the hitting of the door started and if that didn’t get my attention the paw under the door waving about to make sure I knew someone closed her in the bedroom.   She always wanted to be front and center and I felt so sorry for anyone that wanted a bit of privacy in the bathroom,  if they left the door slightly  ajar, Smudgie would squeeeeeeze herself in or beat them to the bathroom and sit on the hamper and watch,  she was such a character,  I miss that tiny little 5 pound cat so much !!

You are so correct, the years truly fly by,  I can still remember thinking when she first passed I wished I could fast forward a year because the pain was so intense.  Well it’s 4 years and the pain truly never goes away,  you just learn to live differently and you remember the good times and the funny memories and just get through each day the best you can.  My blessing in all of this was finding this site and the beautiful, kind, compassionate people I now call my friends.

As for my Jadie, right now she is doing OK.  She is not eating but otherwise acting normal.  I have to feed her in the morning and at night so that can be a bit frustrating because Ms. Jade Marie is so not thrilled about that but I have to wait until the steroids are out of her system and then they can do an endoscopy and find out what is going on.  My vet jumped the gun and put her on steroids right away,  but the internist I saw afterwards told me to get a proper diagnose she has to be off steroids because they can mask disease.  The procedure is scheduled for the end of March and I’m hoping it continues to be good news and whatever is going on can be treated,  the internist seems to think so.

I see you are fostering Clarissa,  god bless you,  that is wonderful  - what is she like?

Hugs to you my friend and Angel Kisses to your beloved Brandy and Miriam

Nancy, Angel Smudgie’s Mom and Mom to Calie, Sparky and Jade

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