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It was exactly one year ago today that we had to say goodbye to our sweet Miriam, a 14 year old cocker spaniel.  It was kind of ironic, but we adopted Miriam on November 13, 2013, so saying goodbye on the same date was very bittersweet.

Miriam was a wonderful dog.  We adopted her knowing she was a senior (10 years old) but we thought she could help us heal our broken hearts from losing our beloved cockapoo, Brandy.  She did just that and in so many ways she rescued us more than we rescued her.

She was a white cocker spaniel with one buff ear and one white ear.  People would remark how beautiful she was when we would walk with her downtown.  But I think it was her inner beauty that shown through the most.  She was so loving and never met anyone that she didn't love right away.  She was so adaptable to new situations and became our "camper girl" because we had bought a travel trailer about 2 years after we adopted her.  She loved going on adventures and even went with us for a month to North Carolina, never once causing a problem and always ready to get into the truck and head out somewhere else.

When we returned from our month long trip she started going downhill, refusing to eat and losing lots of weight.  We took her to the vet and she confirmed that Miriam was suffering.  We couldn't let that continue.  So on this day, 11/13/17 we helped her to go to the bridge to be with her sister, Brandy.  Although our hearts were broken again we knew that we did the right thing.  She had fulfilled her purpose here on earth and we will be forever grateful for the love and devotion she gave us during those 4 years.

So today we honor our Miriam girl, our snow white angel...I hope there is a big party today at the bridge to celebrate her one year anniversary.

Thank you to all my Pet Loss friends who have followed Miriam and Brandy's journeys.  We now have a new little girl named Bree who has helped to fill the loneliness in our hearts.

May everyone here find peace and comfort....

Barb (Angel Brandy's and Angel Miriam's mom) and now mom to Bree

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Angel Miriam!  I know you had a great celebration with all your friends - old ones and some new ones too!  I'll bet my Lee Lee found you a great pretty for your special day.  You are still loved so very much and missed too - please come and visit your folks and let them feel your sweet presence again. And bring Brandy with you!

Dear Barb,
My heart is with you.... I'm sure yesterday was a difficult day to get through.  I know you miss your sweet Miriam very much.... what a great blessing she was to you!  (and you to her as well).. I admire you so much for adopting a senior dog.... they have so much love left to give and yet are often overlooked for a younger ones.  I saw a quote just a few days ago and I though how true it is...

"Blessed is the person that has earned the love of an old dog". 

Thank makes me cry....  you know...  

Sending hugs for you and Bree and angel kisses for Miriam and Brandy. I hope your girls can visit you soon.
~Lee Lee's Mama~

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Dear Barb,

I don't get on here very often any longer, I do miss coming on and it always brings me comfort, but as with all of us,  life gets in the way.

I'm so sorry,  I didn't know you lost Miriam.  I remember Brandy and Miriam's stories and I was happy to read you now have a new sweetie: Bree who is helping with the loneliness in your hearts.  I love the fact that Miriam was a senior dog ( I had forgotten that) and that you took her on camping adventures.  I know this is late,  but I wish her a very happy 1st anniversary at Rainbow Bridge celebrating with her sister Brandy.

I came on today because it's Smudgie's 5th anniversary,  can't believe that much time has gone by and 9 months ago I lost my beloved Jadie and 3 weeks ago I lost my beloved Calie. The only thing that brings me a bit of comfort is that they are all together.  My last old girl Sparky so misses her sisters but last year I adopted a pair of crazy kittens who are helping us with our hurting hearts,  it's impossible not to laugh at their crazy antics.

Sending hugs to you and Bree and angel kisses to your beloved Brandy and Miriam

Nancy,  Mom to Sparkie, Ollie, Jazzie, Angel Smudgie,  Angel Jadie and newly winged Calie

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