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Hello to all;New and old members; Iam so sorry I have not been in touch earlier;;I have stopped by a few times but found it so hard to write after reading all your stories;But it still gave me comfort and hope; to try and come to terms with the sudden loss of Miss Molly on the 8/4/2008.It has been very hard to cope as you all know the pain;WE are preparing to move house and Miss Lucy my Westie has been very ill as well she has been in the vets 3times in the past month and I had to take her back again today;Lucy was diagnosed with Cushings late last year which quickly went to Addisons followed by Diabetes and the loss of her sight a few months ago;;When I lost Molly ;Lucy started to go down hill from then not eating,drinking loss of weight again and drehydration; so after another week in the hospital she came good but they said it is her kidneys now;;Poor Lucy she is such a fighter and has battled through all this in the past 6/7 months. it is not fair our babies have to suffer so much especially when they can not tell us how much pain they are in;The vet phoned this afternoon to say her kidney count was higher than last week and she was putting Lucy on a fluid drip etc; to make her feel a little better and they will do ultra sounds and other tests tomorrow when our regular vet returns;But she does not hold out much more help for our Baby as she just deteriorating once she comes back of the intavenious fluids as her kidneys are not coping with the build up of toxins;;;Needless to say Iam not looking forward to having to loose another Fur baby to the Bridge so soon But I know Lucy has lost the quality of living that she had a few months ago;  the house is so empty with out Molly being around even so Lucy and Hamish are here; Black Molly was all ways following up the rear of the troops on the way out to the car and on our walks; she was all ways last in line took her time no rushing Miss Molly;Sorry for going on a bit;;but I do think of all the fur babies every night and still light my candles every night at 6pm.I shall let you know how everthing goes;; Take care all you Wonderfull People and Precious Angels;   Mollysmum.


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Dear Marion,

I am so sorry to learn that little Miss Lucy is having such serious medical problems.  My heart goes out to you as I know you still miss your Molly girl so much.   Little Lucy has fought the good fight and you have been right there beside her, being such a good mum.   How brave you and she are!   I know Molly's passing was so hard on both of you.   After my little 16 year old terrier girl, Betsy, passed four months ago, my little 16.8 year old minpin, Ralph became grievously ill.   I thought I was going to have to help him to the Bridge, but he eventually recovered and is now doing well.   How I wish this could be the same outcome for sweet Lucy.

I just lit a candle for her under her name and I will send up many prayers for her...and for you.   Please keep us posted.

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mommy

   My Beloved Betsy Noodle
       Forever in My Heart
        Always on My Mind

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Dear Molly, Lucy, and Hamish's Mum,

Your sweet Lucy will be in my prayers, as will you, Molly and Hamish.  I am so sorry to hear of Lucy's illness and will send up prayers for her comfort and health.  My Max suffered from Cushing's disease and a whole host of problems brought on by it throughout his life.  It is so very hard to watch our sweet ones suffer.  They are so brave in facing these woes...Max was certainly braver than I!  Know that you are giving your Lucy the very best of care and so much love.  Please let us know how she is doing.

I am also so sorry for the loss of your girl Molly.  It is so hard to go on without our precious angels, and memories of them are with us always. 

Warm thoughts and hugs,
Joanne ~ MaxsMom

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Dear MaxsMom-Joanne;also WooWooWoo-Betsy-Melisa; Thank you so much for all your kind words and special prayers;for Lucy and Molly;It is very comforting to know, that there are special people who know and feel just what you are going through at these times;;I send my thoughts and prayers to you both in the loss of your beloved Angels;;as you said they are forever in our Hearts and always on our minds;;24/7; Iam Just on my way to the vets to check on Lucy so I will let you know what he says; Thank you again for all your love and caring;; kindest regards  Marion- MOLLYSMUM.


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I am so sorry for your loss of your Dear Molly and say a special prayer for her at the Rainbow Bridge. 

I keep you, your Dear little Lucy and Dear Hamish in my prayers.

With love,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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Our prayers to you and your fur babies. My hershey and your Molly are buddies at the bridge. He loves long legs.

We will say a prayer for Lucy and wish her a speedy reocery.

Hugs from the Big Sky,


Posts: 317

Dear Molly's mom, I'm so sorry about the illness of your little fur-baby Lucy. You have passed through so many difficult times... I'll keep you both in my prayers.
Diana, Jessie's mom.

Posts: 38

Thank you so much Katharine for your wonderfull words and Prayers for Miss Lucy and Molly; MR. Hamish is feeling a bit lost and goes around looking for his girls;so he is always by my side; such a comfort. Well I have just had a phone call from the vet even though it is nearly here He is very dedicated to all his animals; They have said that Lucy,s ultra/sound was quite good regarding her kidneys; only the left one with any bit of concern; she is on the drips at the moment and is doing very well;; but as Richard said it is when the kidneys are flushed out she feels great but then she needs to eat and drink;and that is when the build up comes again;;He also said there is a new Medication they can try out; but he still thinks it wont take long for Lucy to go down hill again; and if she does in the next few days then we must look at having to do what is best for Lucy as her little body can only endure so much and her quality of life is suffering;; compared to the happy running around little Precious she was a few months ago;chasing the Kangaroos and Rabbits;Sorry guys but trying to write is very hard so hope you can make some sence of my rambling;;I really do not want to lose Lucy as well; my head tells me one thing and my heart another; Thanks for listening my thoughts and Prayers are sent to you all ; and all your beautyfull Fur babies; I shall let you know what happens tomorrow when I visit Lucy and Talk with the vet again;; God Bless You All; Warmest Wishes  and Hugs. MOLLYSMUM.  Marion.


Posts: 38

Hello To Diana and Meriam; I have just seen your messages and thank you with all of my heart for sending such lovely prayers for Lucy and Molly; I shall light a candle for you and your Precious Angels; Big Hugs and Love To All;xx Marion- MOLLYSMUM.


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I just read your posts about losing Molly and now the illness of little Lucy. It is so strange -- I lost my big, black Molly last February, 2007, and her best buddy whom I still have, is Lucy too. Little Lucy was so lost, too, after Molly left us. She was heartbroken, just as I was (am). But, she has pulled through and is doing well now. I'm so sorry to hear about your Lucy, though. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. When my Molly got sick, I tried not to lose hope. Although she was diagnosed with a very quickly fatal cancer, she did defy the odds and she lived very healthy and happy for almost 4 more years. So, please do not give up hope for Lucy yet! There are miracles and my Molly is just one example.

Big hugs to you,



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Dear Marian:
I am so sorry that Lucy is so ill.  I remember when Christopher became so ill that he could not walk unassisted.  I had him at the veterinary office every day making sure he was not in pain.  Christopher's veterinarian told me I would know when he was in pain and when it was time to let him go, and of course I did.  It was the worst day of my life.  These Precious Babies are our Children and losing them is just devastating.  You, Lucy and Molly are in My Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher
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