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Let me start by saying how sorry I am for what you are going through. I think people who like pets understand the heartbreak of losing them, but surely people who love Bostons know it's even worst then that. A lot of what you described is unfortunately very familiar to me. On January 3rd, our baby girl Colette (7 yrs old) was playing with her sister Cleo (1yr old boxer) and she was top shape. During the evening she started eating the leg of the desk which she never ever did. After I moved her from there, she started a major seizure that lasted about half a minute but felt like hours. Hours of her throwing up and foaming and shaking and looking so scared. After it stopped, she seemed fine at first, she stood up, shook herself up and brought me her favorite toy. she kissed me and played with me for a few minutes. I called the vet hospital and they said to monitor her in case she has another attack within 10 mins... which she did so we rushed to the hospital while she was shaking all the way there in the car. They stabilized her and said she might have a tumor but that we could easily regulate that and put her on drugs and she'll be fine. The vet told us how it was common and dogs live a full life on these drugs and not to worry. We kissed her and petted her and left for the night as she needed to stay overnight. At 2 am, we couldn't sleep so I called and they said she was sleeping very well and she was doing fine. So we went to bed thinking this is just a big freaking scare, but we'll be fine... she'll be fine...
the next morning the vet called to say that she had a very good night, but that she had 2 attacks early in the morning and at this point she recommended that we came to take her to an specialized vet hospital. So we agreed, hung up, started to make arrangements for our Cleo so that we could go take care of her big sister. Then we got the call.... She just had another attack it was too strong, her little body and her little heart gave up. It was so sudden. My wife and I feel as if we have been cheated by half our time with her. She has been part of all our lives even before we started officially dating, when we started living together, when we got married, bought the house for her with a nice backyard. Colette slept in bed with us and I always had her in my arms. I miss her personality, her big smile when she was hot, the way she hunted sunshine spots to sleep in, how she had me wrapped around her little paw from day 1,  her hiding under the covers. Her sister keeps going from one bed to the other sniffing, scratching and crying looking for her. It will be 3 weeks on Friday but it seems to be going worst and worst as time goes by because we only miss her more.

Our families haven’t been the most supportive either. It was just a dog, get over it… that hurts to hear. Especially when for you, it was so much more than a dog, then a family member, it was the centre of everything. We still hope this is a bad dream, but I can’t seem to wake up.

I’m glad we have our Boxer Cleo to help us through this. It’s so far from being easy but at least we have her and we need to give her a good life just like we did for her sister. But how am I supposed to go on with my life? How is it that you try to be a good person and give your seat to old people on the bus and say thank you and please and volunteer to help the people in need but you still are forced to go through life with such a heavy pain that's almost keeping you from breathing?

For everybody who lost a Boston, I try to find comfort in the fact that we shared our lives with them. It was too short for sure, but we have these memories to cherish and we’ll meet again one day.

I love you Colette, always. It’s so hard to continue without you.

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i am so sorry for your loss. i can relate to the hospital part of your story about the vet from the first place you brought him to told you that your dog needs to go to a specialized hospital. we took our dog to a more specialized hospital based on the first vet's recommendation but he sadly passed away during his overnight stay. my spitzu just turned six weeks before he passed away and to this day the pain is still unbearable but i am forcing myself to move forward for my family and other pets. if it gets so unbearable that i dont know what to do anymore, i come here.


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I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is when they are gone. I lost Harry in June 2012. He was a cat, and he was such a big part of my life. There is nothing so bad as losing a very special family member. And that is what they are. They are more than just a cat, dog, or whatever you have lost. They are a member of your family, but I know some people do not understand that like we do here. I will pray for you to find peace. Colette will always be with you, though you can no longer see her. She will always be a part of you, because she will live forever in your heart. 

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I am so sorry for your loss of Colette.  No matter what people say, they are never just dogs to us!  Our pets are like children and the love for a family member is something that never dies.  Grieve in your own time, try not to listen to what people say about grieving for a pet. 

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I've had Boston Terriers all my life.  I have two now and lost my most precious Lil Guy May 2011.  I never mourned any of my Bostons for as long as I have mourned Lil Guy, although the pain for all of their losses has been just as deep. Still to this day I want Lil Guy back.  

I knew exactly what you were trying to say in your post.   Boston Terriers are unique.  And only when you have had one in your life will you know that.  It can't be understood by anyone but a Boston owner. 

So I know exactly how you feel.  I am so sorry you lost Colette in such a sad way and so soon.  I can tell you from experience that seizures and brain tumors are not all that uncommon in Bostons.  I've had three that went that way.  I never had one in which the medications worked.

I know it's not fair.  No loss is fair.   And, all I can say is I am so sorry.  Colette had a wonderful life and was loved unconditionally.  Keep those thoughts foremost in your mind. 

Just know that Colette is truly alive and well now.  My Lil Guy always loved the girls and I am sure he was the first one to greet Colette when she arrived.

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I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved Colette. Losing a precious pet is always sad, but when they leave so suddenly it really catches you off guard.  Your Colette sounds like a very sweet girl and I know she will be missed dearly.  Our pets enhance our lives completely and adjusting to their passing is not easy.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

precious Christoph ~ love of my life ~

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I know this happened in 2013. I was looking on the internet and found your message.
Sophia my boston died the exact same way. One day one was fine she started with a seizure take her to the vet have another and the doctor said she eas better and she might come home the nect day with vets a live a long happy life until they call in the middle of the night saying she has passed.
We never have a chance of say goodbye. In confort me to see than im not alone and i did everything that was on my hands to save her.
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