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Our dear Buffy has been at the Bridge 5 weeks today.  Today is my birthday and I miss her not being here to give me my birthday kisses.  I think I am stuck in the loneliness stage of the grieving process. 

My husband would get me a birthday cake every year and he'd put Buffy's paw print in the frosting...I know it sounds nasty...but it sure was good. He'd get me a birthday card  and present with  Buffy's name in it...and this year I won't be getting any of that and it makes me sad. 

RIP Buffy I really really miss you. 

Love Mom


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You have such a sweet husband!  I know special days and holidays bring up memories of happier times when our fur babies were still with us.  I hope you had a somewhat happy birthday, but understand where you are coming from.

precious Christoph ~ sweetest bunny ~


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Dear Lois,  I want to wish you a happy Birthday but I know it is sad for you with your baby gone.  Please know that everyone here knows how you feel on this first birthday without Buffy.  Your baby is so beautiful! I wish for you on your birthday, wonderful memories of your life with Buffy, with no tears or sadness.

Bless you and the spirit of your beloved angel.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge 8 years

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i am so sorry that you are having such a sad birthday.    all of these 'firsts' without our beloved furry friends by our sides as they always used to be are unbearably sad.    and at 5 weeks into the grieving process it is still a very raw wound  for you that isn't anywhere near healing.   

i know you've heard it from others b4 but please give yourself an enourmous amount of space and time to go through the different stages of the grieving process.    it is such an emotional roller ride that leaves us dizzy, weak, weary and at times just plain fed up with life.      little bit by little bit the rides gets a little easier to bear and smooths out some.     it does take a long amount of time and many 'firsts' to live through b4 the sun shines for us once again.     until that day comes we all walk through our lives feeling 1/2 alive.   that is a horrible state to be in and a horrible fact of life that our precious babies cannot be at our side much longer than they are allowed to.   that is part of God's plan that i do not understand but have to accept none the less.    i do know that i will see all of my loved ones again-both furry and human again one day.    and you will also see buffy again one day.

funny but i had a kitty in my growing up years into young adulthood and his name was buffy.    he was a very handsome gray and white baby with a major macho attitude.   always enjoy hearing of others with a furbaby with the same name.   and also, your husband's idea of decorating a cake is just darling.   i love the paw print along with the gift and card from buffy.   

come back often and talk all you want and need to.     we all understand the pain you are feeling and the depths that it can reach.    talking to others will do your heart and soul alot of good.    we all need to do that.


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Thank you everyone...I so much appreciate the comfort that your postings are...and Diane, your right...all the firsts are going to be tough.  Buffy's birthday would have been this month too.  I will survive's just very tough.   Every Saturday at 2:30...I am so sad.   Thanks again for everything.



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Happy Birthday Lois.  I know,  my birthday was last month and it just isn't the same. Especially when you recall the happy birthdays when our little ones played a big part in making the day special.  We used to make mac and cheese for the boys to eat while we had our birthday supper.  They could feel that it was a special day and they pranced around the house excitedly.  Tuesdays at 11pm are sad for me.  I try not to keep this vigil because it's not healthy.  But if I notice, it shakes me.    I hope you celebrated your birthday because regardless,  it's a day to be grateful for the love we still have.  

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