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My beloved cat Henry has been missing for about a week now and I am starting to believe that he died at the hands of a coyote. The worst part is not knowing and I don't want to give up hope completely yet.  He was everything to me and I miss him so much-the pain feels unbearable at times.

How do I know when it is time to accept that he is probably not coming back, that he has passed and not missing?  I feel so much guilt because I feel like as his mother (he is only 2yrs old) that I failed to protect him. I hope this makes sense and I would love any feedback.





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I am so, so sorry about Henry.  Not knowing what has happened is worse, I think, than knowing that they've made their transition to the Bridge.  Some have been gone much longer than a week & then showed up.


Two-year-old cats are like adolescent teens: they have to try the boundaries of freedom, have to "do their thing."  Unfortunately, in both case, that often leads to trouble.  If Henry is unneutered, that compounds things, for entire males will roam in search of a female. 


If you check the other forum - Rainbow Bridge parties, etc. - kuhio98 has posted excellent guidelines for procedures to follow when searching for a lost pet.  Please go & read them; don't just sit waiting for him to return.


Please keep us posted!

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Dear Jill,


This has been a tough year for cats who have gone missing.  I don't know where they go or who they visit, but many of them have come home after several weeks or even months.


I feed feral cats and my Sylvester disappeared and I thought he had gone off and died someplace and 3 months later he showed up at the back door, skin and bones and hungry.  There are many others on the old Pet Loss site also whose kitties took lengthy strolls and returned.  So I wouldn't give up on Henry yet.


It is also sad that it has been a bad year for coyotes, but I would prefer for a few weeks yet to hope and pray that this is not the case and that Henry just has a case of wandering fever.


I will say prayers for Henry's return.




Rhoda (Maggie Rose's Mommy)


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Dear Jill


I am so sorry to read about your Henry's dissappearance. I am sending lots of prsyers for his safe return.


Please do not give up hope. A few years ago one my cats went missing for 2 weeks. I went round and pinned up posters and a few days later a lady came round and she had found my Tiffany trapped in her garden.

last year my Jemmima went missing. I went out every night calling and looking. One night after a week she suddenly appeared over the fence. he had a temperature and an injury to her tail. We took her to the vet and found she had been shot in the tail. She had obviously been terrified and hiding. She recovered completely.

I will keep praying that your Henry will return safely. ou are in my thoughts.







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Jill, I'm so sorry to hear about Henry.  My Maddy kitty went missing for eight days, but thankfully she came back home.  She disappeared again and has been missing now for a month as of today's date.  I too live in an area where there are coyotes, hunters, etc.  I would not give up on Henry just yet.  I had a kitty go missing for a year one time who came back.  I understand how you feel.  The not knowing is the hardest thing to deal with.  I cannot tell you how long you should wait before you give up hope, but I sure wouldn't give up on him just yet.  Please know that you are in my thoughts and I will pray for Henry to come home to you.  Take care.


Your friend,




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Jill, I'm so sorry Henry is missing.  Please don't give up all hope yet.  My JR was missing for almost 2 weeks, and he was found, very skinny & hungry, but still alive.  You will both be in my thoughts & prayers that he come home soon safe.

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