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Hello everyone
It been a little over two months since i had to help My choc lab Lady lou cross over to the rainbow bridge,I'm still cring daily i miss her so much.I was wondering how everybody else is dealing with come home to an empty and lonely house. That seems to be hardest time of the day for me,she was always waiting at the door for me.I took the  rest of her toys,and food to the SPCA today but still could not go and look at the dogs i know i will in time but i guess I'm not reay yet.Just having a hard day today an thought this might help me get trhought the weekend.


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I feel your pain....I remember too well the first weeks of coming home to an empty house, and calling out Nike's name.  Silence.  That is the worst, the absolute silence.   These first few months are terribly hard, and I know exactly how you are feeling, tired, sad, is normal, and it will pass.  Maybe not completely, but at some point down the line, you will feel a sense of peace knowing that your Lady Lou is in a better place, one where she is pain free, and reliving her puppy days.   You will be reunited with her one day....hold onto that thought, and may it bring you comfort during this very difficult time. Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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Dear Keith,

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time.  Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your precious chocolate Lab, Lady Lou. Aren't Labs just the most wonderful and loving companions?  Oh, my heart aches for your loss. 

I am lucky that I do not have to come home to an empty house.  I have Gracie, a very loving four year old Black Lab mix, and Ralphie, a 16.8 year old minpin, who are here for me.  I know it must be awful coming home to silence. 

Please come here and post about Lady Lou whenever the need. Tell us all about her, if you feel up to it.  I know how horrible the grief is at the beginning.  I lost my beloved 16 year old terrier, Betsy Noodle, five months ago and still have bad days (what an understatement).  It is sheer hell, but I always feel better when I come here for support.  I hope we can help you.

I just lit an internet candle at AurichWolf's Light a Candle Here Thread for Lady Lou.  It will burn for 48 hours and you can find it under the name LADY. May beautiful memories of her sustain you, my friend.

Betsy's forever mom

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Dear Keith

I am so sorry that your Lady Lou had to leave.  The pain is just indescribable, we here all know your pain.  Sounds stupid I know, but I still used to talk to my Bas, I would say good morning and goodnight.  When I came in the door, I would say, Mummys home, have you been a good boy.  I know you will think I am mad, but it gave me some comfort to pretend he was still with me. 
You will get another babe when you are ready.  I couldnt stand the silence and applied to foster, but ended up adopting my Ben.  He has been with us for 6 months, and we just love him to pieces.  He is our new earth angel.  He would never replace my wee Bas, but, I just love animals, and, he is such a darling.
Take your time, thinking of you, Love Di xxx

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Hi Keith,

It's OK to cry, to let your sorrow out, better that you do.  Also coming here helps so much, because we're all going through the same thing more or less.  We are all here for each other - it really does help to have someone to "talk" to about our babies, and what we are feeling.

Coming home is VERY hard for me, too.  It's so hard, sometimes I hate going out because when I come home, my precious boy will not be there, right at the door, with a big grin on his face, nubby Boxer tail going a mile a minute, and SO happy to see me.  I start crying before I even unlock the door. I'm crying now as I write about it.  And, too, I was always so excited to go home, would rush to get home because I knew that he would be there, and I would be SO happy to see him.  Well, all that is no more, only memories.

It was nice of you to take your Lady Lou's toys and food, to share with furbabies at the SPCA.  I did that, too, with my Grunt's things, and it made me feel good to do that, to know it would be helping to make life a little better for others.

We just have to get through these moments, and we can do it all together.  Take care, and remember that your Beloved Lady Lou is always with you in your heart.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

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It is so hard to come home and not have our babies there to greet us - that used to get me through the day at work. I would come home and my beautiful cat Cheeseburger would be waiting there for me, with his sweet meows, nuzzles and purrs.

I still say good morning and good night to my boy; I still talk to him. Physically I know he's not there, but I think when you have such a deep connection with another, they never really leave you. Their spirit, love and energy remain inside your heart forever.

I know how much you miss your Lady Lou; I still have tears for my Cheese; but I also know he is now free of pain and illness and is happy and healthy again. I truly believe that.

I really try to find peace and comfort in all the memories I have of my Cheeseburger because I know how upset my baby would be to see me in such pain and tears.

Your Lady Lou knows how much you love her - if we didn't love them so much, the pain wouldn't be so terrible.

Your Lady Lou is in your heart forever.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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To Keith

I know what you mean about an empty house.  I lost Rupert 20 weeks ago tomorrow.  I will post a tribute if I can manage tonight.  I still have his sister but she does not have the same affection he had.  When I came come home, no matter where I was, Rupert would come running to see me.  He was always pleased to see me even when I was grumpy and had a bad day.  Seeing him made me feel a little better.  Now I feel numb a lot of the time and that feeling, as you know lasts a long time.  I don't have a dog but if I did a labrador/ golden retriever would be my choice because they are so sweet and smart.  They say time is a great healer but time takes you further away from the time we had together.

I know this may sound silly but I had a couple of real good photos and enlarged them.  I talk to them say goodbye when I go out and hello when I come home.  It helps to know his presence if not real is still around.  A medium told me his spirit is still around me and that helps a little although I have never had a sign from him.  I can't even dream about him.  Give yourself time.  You Lady was apart of your life for a long time and now that has changed.  Ruperts Mum
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