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I surrendered my cat Max to the shelter. Not willingly. If I weren't married Max would be here. She started to do her business on the linoleum floor and ignored her litter box. She went to the vet and took medication but it didn't change. So I cleaned it up with pinesol and just dealt with it. I did get tired of it but she was my cat so I did it. The trouble started when she started to urinate on the back porch. My cat T.J. had urinated on the back porch last winter. He was an outside cat but it was so cold. So Max started doing that and continued doing it. My husband tried to clean it up until he realized she was still doing it. He then told me that he wasn't going to have the house smell like pee. My Golden would chase Max and I would get after Molly. She wouldn't stop. I miss Max. I have heard her meow several times. Molly and I heard the steps creak on the stairs and we both looked up. I thought it was Max. I haven't been able to put her food bowel or water bowel up. I can't go upstairs bc she liked to hang out there and look out the window. Ironically I haven't cleaned the litter box bc the thought of going upstairs makes me cry. I worry about her. She will have the freedom of the shelter. What if the dogs upset her? What if she has to share quarters with another cat and Max doesn't like her? What if she is so upset that her hair falls out? I have called there several times during the day on different days and NO ONE answers. It is rural and you have to call to make an appointment to go there. If they answer that is. It is my fault bc I didn't take care of her. But I never would have given her up. I'm just afraid with her not going to the bathroom in the litter box, and her age (she is 16) that she won't get adopted. She has small paws and a small head, possibly bc she may have been malnourished as a kitten. I took her in as a stray. And I NEVER imagined that I would EVER take her to a shelter. Pets are forever. I hate myself for this. I felt I had no choice bc my husband threatened to hurt her, but I failed her. I hope and pray that someone loving adopts her, someone who understands and is willing to work with her. I ordered a pawprint ring to wear for her, but it won't make a difference. I'm sorry but I am not in a good place. Thank you.

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Poor Max and Poor you,  I hope you can get to the shelter to see if she is alright.  I have the same problem with my cat who is 20 years old.  She doesn't like the three other cats who came to live with us.  At least I think that is why she won't use the litter box they use.  After I feed her I put her in a dog crate with her own litter box with water and food.  She has a blanket and box to climb into.  She meows but after a few minutes she stops and uses her own personal litterbox.  God Bless you and God Bless Max.  Jeanie
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