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Hey guys...hmm where to start. So my little Henry was 11 months months old. A little background on him. He was given to me by a previous owner he was used breeding bunnies by them and kept in a tiny hutch outside in the cold. Before previous owner, he was from an animal mill. I took him in and first day he was sneezing. Week after he had white discharge in his nose. He was sick. (Snuffles) Vet bills adding up. I was mad that they gave me a sick bunny probably why he was free. But I still cared for him, loved him and dont regret anything. I noticed my depression went down tremendously since I got him. He made me so happy, I had a purpose in life to help him and support, love and give him affection he deserved since it was lacked before. I got him a companion named Blue. He was so happy and loved his brother so much. Then beginning of August they started to fight and I had to separate them till Henry’s hormones went down (I wasn’t able to neuter him since he was still sick). I noticed he was super different in his personality. He bite me so much and it hurts a lot! He was always moody and felt like he didn’t trust me. I was completely sad my sweet little Henry wasn’t the same but I new it was from his hormones and being sick. Then on aug 25th he stopped eating. He was in a random corner all day till dinner. I give him his food and didn’t eat. No hay no water. I brought him on my bed with me trying to feed him and couple hours later he starts breathing super loud. It was so scary and the second worst night of my life. I thought he was going to pass away. No emergency vets were open for bunnies in my city (so stupid) so I tried my best to make him eat. Cried endlessly all night with 2.5 hrs of sleep. Next day went to the vet and this uneducated vet barley helped and showed no compassion. Got his meds and he ate out of syringes. It was super exhausting. Emotionally and physically exhausting. I set 8 alarms just to feed him his critical care every 2 hours and baby food I blended up and his medication. He ate but was very weak. Almost lifeless and couldn’t clean himself. It was heartbreaking. Day goes by and he’s getting worst. He’s not eating or drinking. He’s cold wrapped in a warm blanket. Peeing on himself. Sigh. Then on aug 30 my little Henry was acting weird. Like trying to escape, trying to use his little energy to leave my bed. I put him on my rug and he’s laying there, then he’s moving like having a mini seizure, I quickly picked him up to bring him in his bed area and I knew he wasn’t going to make it....I pick him up with his fuzzy blanket and he grasps for air and passes 11:18pm. I was and still very heartbroken. Tonight it hit me even more. My little sweet Henry is gone. I’m so devastated that he had such a hard life with no real family showing him love. I love him so much. When my depression was very bad I had chronic back pain and when I got Henry it went away. Now that I’m grieving it came back. Nobody in my life understands what I’m going through not even my fiancé. My family doesn’t care they just think he’s “just a rabbit”. Some of my sisters didn’t even acknowledge me but they knew. I’m completely heartbroken. I haven’t been eating properly, cleaning myself. Nothing. ☹️

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet bunny. All animals from a frog, to a horse matter. You shared a bond, and witnessed something sad and tragic. I completely understand. Don't let the people that say "it's just a rabbit" get you down. They are not as 
empathetic and loving as people like us. I use to have a pet rat named Sophia and she passed away years ago, and I was very sad and no one understood bc it was a rat. You have a big heart and care deeply, that is a GOOD thing. People who love animals as much as everyone on this site it seems, understand your pain. I am grieving for my dog that was just attacked by another dog. Her injuries were too severe for her to go on. I am devastated and heartbroken, like you I can not eat or go without crying for very long. I keep hearing it just takes time and long time, but time to let this heal. You are depressed now, and its understandably why. Would getting another bunny soon help? Everyone needs different patterns of grieving. I know for me, I can not get a dog for a LONG time, but what would help ease your pain now?   HUGS

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"I’m so devastated that he had such a hard life with no real family showing him love."

Henry did have family that loved him. YOU. And that's what matters.


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Oh you gave that fur baby so much love...and he knew happiness with you. You tried so hard for him. He knows all that you did was for him.


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Hi everyone,

I've been on this site for over two months and just realized that I could search for people who have lost a bunny. And that includes me.

I've been messaging with dog and cat owners, but it's not the same.

I lost my seven year old "Baby Bunny" back on July 20 and it still hurts really bad. I had a bad crying relapse earlier and I can't stop.

I'm lonely without her.



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Hi All,

I lost my dear Buddy Rabbit 3 days ago, i had him for over 6 yrs now, everything is cold and dark when he passed away, the most difficult part is when you wake up and reach home knowing he was there before to welcome you and spend his time playing...

Plus the vegetable store is right next to my flat, where i am stilled used to stopping by to pick his favorite treats....

I am a typical work to house person, but presently i cant stand to stay longer in my room where his spot is just right next to my bed.

Life Sucks...Big Time...and it is not easy to fix the grief you are bearing inside, plus no onebody understands...

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Hello...I am deeply sorry for your lost. You gave that bunny 6 amazing years and it’s okay to cry and be sad. In life you will experience these traumas, for me it was my first and I am still very deeply sad about it. But it does get better. I promise. Even tho mine was almost 2 months ago I still have to remind myself that it’s okay to cry and be sad but I still have to carry on with my life. Losing a beloved furry pet isn’t easy because they are our best friends. They comfort us, show affection and in my opinion better than humans. What I did was get out the house the day after. Seriously. This is going to be hard but I got dressed and drove. I started going to the gym (haven’t been in months) and told myself I am going to get better for my little boy Henry. He would be so proud if he saw I’ve been going 5 days a week now. I also have been going to a therapist. Talking to somebody is very helpful because I get to rant, cry and get advice. It helped soooo much. I couldn’t even talk to my own family because like you said nobody understands. They think it’s “just a rabbit”. Get out the house, go for a walk. A long one. Cry. Tell someone how you feel. Write about your feelings on paper.
I got photos of Henry developed and put it all over my closet door to remind myself that he had a great life with me. Yes you will cry sometimes when you see the pics as days go by but he’s just too cute to not hang his pictures up. Please take care of yourself. That’s most important. It’s okay to grieve and you will feel lonely. If you need someone talk to/rant to you can message me :)

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Thank you...i really appreciate your compassion and tips, you are right, life will be different now, and yes we have to remind ourselves they were very happy they had us instead of them being in the wrong hands.

Will just have to do this one step at the time....biggest challenge is how to deal in this world were the only permanent thing is constant change and everyone has a different level of accepting it....

Take care and Thank you...

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I am so sorry for the passing of your sweet Henry. He was so lucky to have had you to love and care for him. I am sure he is in heaven very happy and healthy.
You were his hero and he loves you very much for it.
Wish you peace

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Hi l0vekimmy and romeo_theiceman

Just checking-in. How have you've both been feeling? I'm still grieving the loss of my bunny, too back in July.

People assume that we've stopped grieving, but it's not that simple. So, if you ever want to write, please do.

— Joe
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