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I had to send my precious boy kitty Dawby to the Rainbow Bridge to be with God on 3/1/18.  It is killing me that I do not have my little man with me.  I still am crying every day 2-3 times.  Right now I am crying as I type this post. He had pancreatitis which I thought he had recovered from, but it was his liver that failed.  It happened so fast.  On February 3, 2018 he had his feeding tube out from recovering from his pancreatitis.  Then on 3/1, my life fell apart.  He was very sick and was suffering.  It breaks my heart knowing that he was in pain.  I know he is 100% healthy now and in God's care but losing him hurts so much.  I am having a really hard time with his loss.  He was 14.  His sister Sassie, who is also 14, is missing him so much.  Dawby would pick on her, pounce on her and pull her hair out, and sometimes stalk her.  But Sassie is missing her brother so much.  She is so much more vocal now.  I have had to wipe tears from her eyes a couple of times.  She is often walking around the house searching for her brother.  I cry for her too knowing that she is also mourning the loss of her brother.  It hurts me so much and I have some anxiety.  I wish so bad that I could have my boy back.  Healthy of course.  I just don't understand, I don't.  Why do bad things have to happen to good people?!  Why do the innocent animals have to be in pain and suffer?!  What can't they be with us instead of being sick?!  If God could raise Lazarus from the dead, cure Simon of his leprosy, and let a blind man see, why can't he make our pets better so they can stay with us longer.  I am not mad at God, I just don't understand.  I don't want to do anything:  exercise, chores, make dinner, go to school (I am a 46 yr old college student), or go to work.  I have gone to work because I can't afford to stay home.  I try not to cry in front of Sassie but I sometimes can't help it.  I always think of the happy times and I have his ashes so he is home with me, but I just can't deal with his loss.  I have had a kitty once before.  Her name was Baby and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2001.  My grieving was hard with her.  She was my first kitty.  It just seems like Dawby's loss is even worse.  It seems like it is getting harder and harder every time.  Why did my sweet boy have to leave me?????? Why???? 


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Thank you for the post. Your pain helps me.

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Hello there..
Feeling your despair and sympathising ..
Know when You are hurting, the Love of Dawby is within Your Heart.
A true bond we have with Our pets
**two Souls-one Heart**.     Peace to You..........                               Sherry/perryx

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I'm so sorry to hear about your boy Dawby.

I too lost my little boy Champ.  Champ went to kitty heaven on 03/02 so I'm sure Dawby was waiting there to greet him.  They are probably playing and napping together now and just waiting for us to come see them again.

I know this is difficult.  Champ was with me for almost 20 years. I feel so very lucky to have had such a great little boy for all those years. 

14 years is also a long time, but whether it is a year or 20+ years, the pain is difficult to deal with.  We love these animals so much and they in-turn love us.

I'm sure Dawby loved you dearly and felt your love as well.  I hope you can find some comfort in the cherished memories you have of him.

I don't understand either why our precious boys are gone other than it was time for them to move on to greener pastures and prepare to meet us again.  They are now in a place where they don't have to suffer and feel pain.  We now have to carry that pain so that they can be free of it.  I will gladly take this on if my Champ is now happy and healthy in heaven.  I know we will be together again, along with all of those I loved and have lost. 

I know Dawby is in a good place.  He has many new friends and I'm sure misses you dearly and can't wait to see you when the time is right.  Hold on to the love you had for Dawby, you don't need to let go of it.  As time goes on hopefully you can smile when thinking of him, even if you still shed a tear from time to time.  This is natural.

God Bless

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I know what your going through... I let my cat out to go play and a mountain lion got him.. I found him outside but.. in pieces. It broke my heart and I dont know how to live with it. I feel like it was all my fault. he usually would just come home but he stayed out to late and I couldnt find him and it was to late. He was so special, he was my best friend. I rescued him a year ago as a kitten. He wasnt no normal cat, he was very sweet and would try to hug me all the time when I was upset. I got new cats but they arint the same. 

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Thank you everyone for your kind words.  I know my Sassie and I will be with Dawby, as well as Baby, when it is our time to go to God.  I just need him here with me, with his Mommy and Sissy.  I want to kiss and hug him and hear his purrs and see him rolling around happy. I know he is doing this in heaven but it is not the same here on earth.
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