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Precious little Pucky,
Mommy misses you so very much. 
I still don't understand what happened to you, or why it happened so quickly. 
I knew you were getting old my little pekinese, but I was so much hoping for one more summer together.
One more summer of walks, playing and sniffing in the yard, and swimming in your pool.
But, for whatever reason, it was not to be.
So now you are in Heaven my friend,
but you're not far from me.
Even though it may seem we are so very far apart,
you will always remain here, deep inside my heart.
A friendship like ours is so very hard to find,
because my precious Pucky you were so kind!!
We will hug again my friend,
because I believe,
this just can't be the end.

In Loving Memory of the best friend a person could have,
my precious pucky.


Posts: 657

A beautiful tribute.  Because my dog had just turned 7, I always believe I had at least 7 or 8 more years with her.  IT wasn't to be.  My dog also had a little pool she loved to get in.  The constant triggers make it so hard. I am sorry for your loss--you put it so well "the best friend a person could have."


Posts: 1,400
Dear MrBillsNPuckys Mommy:
I cry with you.  I am so sorry.  I understand the deep loss and pain you are feeling.  You love Pucky with all your heart and I know you will be together in Heaven again one day where you will hold Pucky and share more happiness.

I wish I could take away your pain but I know I can't.  I will pray for you and your precious Pucky.


Meisters Mom

Posts: 99

You're tribute was so beautiful. And it helped me remember just how much Duck liked water. He loved to be wet down with the water hose & for the longest time I wondered which one was standing & playing in the water bowl getting it so dirty. Well, I caught Duck in the act...All for legs in a small water bowl @ one time. He just looked up @ me, smiling like it was no big deal. Thank you so much for helping me remember those things about Duck. I pray for you comfort & peace in knowing that your Pucky is just fine playing in the rain clouds. :)


Posts: 139
Dear MrBillsNPuckys Mommy:

I can only say, like everyone else, what a beautiful tribute to your
Pucky.  The love speaks very loudly when reading your post.  It is so comforting to know that we will be with them once again and that they are always here with us locked deep inside our hearts nice and safe.  Your Pucky was very lucky to have you and I know, from experience, that you feel that you were the lucky one.  You both somehow found each other and had such a great bond that under no circumstances will ever be broken.  It might change for a little while but oh the reunion will be so magnificent.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you find comfort in the precious memories that you have until the road turns and then on that day right in front of you will be your Pucky all ready for his swim in a pool and that sight will light you up brighter than any shining star.

Posts: 5,100

What a beautiful little tribute poem to your beloved Pucky.  I know your heart is broken and you miss him so terribly.  I am so sorry.  May your grieving heart be comforted by loving and joyful memories of your Pucky, and may he soon come visit you in your dreams.



Posts: 2,245
Dear MrBillsNPuckysMommy:
I am so sorry for your loss of Pucky.  Your Tribute to Pucky is beautiful.  I could feel every ounce of your pain in your words.  Christopher has been gone for over 15 months and I know that my life will never be the same without him.  I know that your life has changed Forever too as you have now lost two Precious Babies.  I wish there was something I could do or say to help, but as you know there is nothing that makes this pain any better.  I just wanted you to know that You and Pucky are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 55
I know you are so saddened by your physical loss of Pucky.  You provided such a loving home for him!  He lived so long because of all the tender loving care you gave him.  I am so saddened by your grief - it is so hard, especially in the beginning and especially after having such a long life together.  Pucky loves you and is very near to you in spirit.  He is with you always.  And you will be together again - of that I am sure!  Take care of yourself - Pucky wants that!

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