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Posts: 448
1.) "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" Cold Blood also Stevie Wonder
2.)"Send In The Clowns" Barbara Streisand
3.)"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Barbara Streisand also Judy Garland
4.)"Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd
5.)"I Know Your Out There Somewhere" Moody Blues
6.)"There's A Place" The Beatles
7.)"I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston
8.)"Nobody Does It Better" Carly Simon
9.)"Sunny" Bobby Hebb
10.)"Take My Breath Away" Berlin
11.)"Strange Magic" ELO
12."Living Thing" ELO
13."All Time High" Rita Coolidge
14.)"The Crow &The Butterfly" Shinedown
15.)"Old Days" Chicago
16.)"You've Made Me So Very Happy" Gloria Estefan
17.)"Wavelength" Van Morrison
18.)"If You Leave Me Now" Chicago
19.)"Mighty Wings" Cheap Trick
20.)"Up Where We Belong" Joe Cocker
21.)"Soulshine" Warren Haynes
22.)"With Arms Wide Open" Creed
23.)" Handle With Care" The Traveling Wilburys"

Well these are just of the songs from my iTunes Playlist "Rockie"

I sure hope that some of these may help the healing process in your daily lifes. Sincerely, Kerry.

Posts: 277
Hi Kerry, I have to say that after reviewing your playlist (and rockies) I felt good just hearing the tunes in my head!
While I know most of the songs, I was reminded that I often used my ipod to find some stress relief.

Over 600 songs I did myself from my own cd's, I have always said music is a tool we don't use often enough,
Not just in stressful times, but for the ultimate enjoyment of day to day.  My mix is varied too, everything from R&R to chanting with the monks.

Thanks for bring it on:)

Katmomwolf2 n bubbles

Posts: 394
That is a wonderful list Kerry! I see you have "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd on the list. It's the song I always think of the most in association with my beloved Buster. Another one I associate with him that isn't on the list is Neil Young's "Long May You Run". 

Posts: 448
Thanks KatMomWolf and DogMommy for your response. Music has always been a very big part of my life and Rockie would always show how much a song was liked by making sounds or headbobbing/dancing or both. Rare but sometimes Rockie would do the headbobbing and say, "" and it was hilarious to watch. Music pertaining to the loss of one's loss of a companion and best friend can be many things, heartbreaking, soothing, spiritual or just plain fun. Since I'm not going to quit listening to songs, nor censor out certain ones, just take what they give me at the moment, the bare minimum would at least be to ponder and remember the great times. Music is the soundtrack of our lives and songs can take us back to moments experienced thru the decades of our existence. Please suggest any songs you might think that I or other members here might like. I'm gonna check my Neil Young songs later. Oh, and KatMomWolf, that chanting with the monks, would that be the group ENIGMA by any chance? Kerry.

Posts: 86
Wow, reading your playlist made me smile and brought tears to my eyes as well.  One of the songs on my list for Chelsea is "You're My Best Friend" by Queen :-) .

Posts: 296
I'm so sorry Kerry but music makes me cry.  I heard Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" the other day and I went hysterical and I wasn't even home!!!!  I had to hide somewhere in the store and compose myself.

There is not one song I can think of that would actually make me "happy".  I know you meant this to be a comforting and uplifting thread but to me, I leave the radio off or if something comes on that I know will upset me, I will change stations, or shut the radio off.  It is too heartwrenching, at least for me.


Posts: 86

I am so sorry that the music makes you cry.  There are many times that I will hear a song and it will make me smile and cry at the same time.   I will never in my life ever hear the song "You're My Best Friend" and not remember and honor Chelsea for the absolute unconditional love and devotion that she gave me.  I will be forever grateful that I was fortunate enough to have her in my life and I will be forever grieving until the day I die that I no longer have her here along side of me.    My tears are sorrow for me that Chelsea is no longer physically with me but I have come to realize that she is always with me and will always be the best part of me.   My smiles are for all the wonderful times that we had and the love we shared and nothing can take that away.   My smiles and my tears when they come at the same time are like the rainbows in the sky when it is raining.

Laura, nothing can ever, ever take away the love you and your baby had or the bond you had together - always remember that .....




Posts: 277
Hi! I discovered Enigma about 15 yrs ago and I love the rhythm ..the haunting forlorn dramatic symphony!
I have all of their music and while the chants are from the benedictine monks of Santo Domingo and a few others. ..
Enigma is certainly a climactic selection of music..
I was greatly into meditation and found the monks to be able to transport me to another zone..I enjoy music for many reasons and actually haven't related a song to my furkids. .I have related songs to people.
Is that odd? .
I think not.
Something to think about...until we meet again...
Katmomwolf 2 n bubbles..

Posts: 448
Susan58: Ya know I went thru Queen in my library and missed that one, so I'll add later. Ltb3105: I'm so sorry you have such a tough time with certain songs. Maybe you could try to listen and push out the sad and replacing with the glad. Many of my songs on my list are dedicated songs and not actually related to a memory of Rockie. Rockie did like "The Doors", "Jimi Hendrix", "Genesis" and others. Rockie also liked music with synthesizers and also harmonicas, and sometimes Rockie would just plain whistle different notes off tune. KatMomWolf: Ah ha! Bet you never would have thought I would have guessed who the monks were. I have almost all of their music, well I think five albums, but they are in my main music library on my iMac. Rockie playlist has just been made thru native songs on my iPad that had already been synced into my iPad, maybe around 6000 songs. Next time I sync my iPad with iMac I will check out "Enigma". Well y'all, thanks for your input and conversation. Sincerely, Kerry.

Posts: 99
That is such a great idea to remind people of the soothing and healing power of music.  I have a healer who always puts music suggestions on her website I think that are more for lifting the spirit or just happiness.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the powerful tools we have at our fingertips.

You have quite the classic collection there!!  I came of age in the 1970's so you're taking me back on memory lane on some of those.  What a wacky decade.  It was fun.  And fun to look back at.

I hope everyone also will share anecdotes of their pets.  They can be so cute and funny.  Hilarious.  My sister had a cockatiel years ago and I remember a little of his behavior but it's fun to be reminded of bird behavior.  Bobbing to the beat, singing along.  

Our pets can be soothed by music also.  There is soothing music for cats and dogs and probably any animal on youtube.  When Mizi was suffering from his swollen eye before I had to take him to the vet for the last time, I searched soothing music and finally found a youtube video with very soothing pet music, with synthezizer I think.  He would seem to relax and lie very still while it was on.  It soothed me also.

Take care everyone,



Posts: 448
Minismom- Thank you very much for your nice compliments. While I know that this site is so very much about the grieving process, part of that process is to recover at least to some small degree, and I think music helps both in dedication songs and songs that you shared with your beloved companion and best friend. Rockie did headbob to music sometimes and would make whistles and sounds to music. My favorite rememberance, was Rockie headbobbing and making sounds of It was hilarious. Rockie liked Genesis and their "Three Sides Live" album a lot with all the synthesizers and great vocals. Rockie also liked harmonicas. I guess I would add Uriah Heep's live and long version of "July Morning" to this list. Sincerely, Kerry.

Posts: 86

Loved me some Uriah Heep - July Morning was one of my favorites :-)

Posts: 448
Well I'm going another way here for the meditive and serene with "Puccini Without Words". Ah yes the complete "Zen" mode. Here's to you Rocky, as I just drift away.......

Posts: 115
I haven't heard this tune in a while...came up on a disk when I was driving my husbands car (which I rarely drive).

"The Day I Met You"  Lillian Axe off the Psychoschizophrenia album. 
Most of you know me as a hopeless metal head (W.A.S.P being my ultra fave band in the world) but, I promise this one, even though they are a lesser known 80's band is a great one (a ballad) very mellow tune but, bring your tissues.
Hugs & Healing to ALL,

Posts: 448
Second List:

1.) "Hearts's Delight" Buddy Miles
2.) "Will Meet Again" Cryin' Shames
3.) "Everlasting Love" Gloria Estefan
4.) "Searching For A Rainbow" Marshall Tucker Band
5.) "Within You Without You" The Beatles
6.) "Heaven Is In Your Mind" Three Dog Night"
7.) "Love Is Worth The Blues" Blindside Blues Band
8.) "If You Leave Me Now" Chicago
9.) "Can't Stop Loving You" Van Halen
10.) "Maybe I'm Amazed" Paul McCartney &Wings
11.) "Way Away" Yellowcard
12.) "Wishing You Were Here" Chicago
13.) "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" B. J. Thomas
14.) "Elusive Butterfly" Bob Lind
15.) "Since Your Gone" The Cars
16.) "Tears On My Pillow" Little Anthony &The Imperials
17.) "Wah Wah" George Harrison
18.) "In My Life" The Beatles
19.) "Angel Eyes" ABBA
20.) "Heaven" The Rolling Stones"
21.) "A Place In My Heart" Joe Bonamassa
22.) "Break On Through" The Doors
23.) "Someday We'll Be Together" The Supremes
24.) "Miss You" Eric Clapton
25.) "Dear God" Avenged Sevenfold

Well I hope that some of these songs can help some of you some of the time. My whole life has been about music, and music is the memory soundtrack of it. Kerry.

Posts: 277
Hi kerry...been listening to the radio and I heard "Open Arms"..Journey.. of course..thought it would be a good song to add to the list..
Katmomwolf 2 n bubbles

Posts: 448
Well funny you should mention Journey. I'm not a huge fan but I like a few songs including "Lights". I will always have fond memory tho because one of their "Roadies" gave me a ride home from a "Day On The Green" concert in Oakland in summer of 1978. I know Rick Nielson and Tom Peterson of "Cheap Trick" so I went to back of stadium and convinced "Roadies" of Cheap Trick that I did know them and went to high school with them. Rick and Tom gave ok and wahlaah I was given total access to backstage. Each group had a trailor and beer and stuff, plus there was a backstage BBQ with even more beer and stuff. I met AC/DC, Journey, Blue Oyster Cult and Ted Nugent. Cheap Trick was on early and I missed most of them, but hung out with Tom Peterson(Bass Player) for awhile. Anyway I got blasted from the free booze, and was lucky enough that that "Roadie" from Journey gave me a ride across the bay to Burlingame where I lived at the time. I was very lucky, but don't have much memory of ride. Anyway, there is gonna be another all-day concert(Haven't had these in decades) at A T &T Park(SF Giants) on September 4th 2016 starting at 3:00pm, featuring Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller Band, Journey, and Santana. I already have my ticket being mailed by Ticketmaster. I got a great seat middle of the field. One of my other favorites by Journey would be "Dixie Highway". I am a big fan of Santana and Steve Miller. Ahhhh...good ole nostalgia, so thanks for triggerin' that. I wouldn't have gone, but it's easy for me to get to AT&T Park by using Cal-Train(23 miles/45 min) and plus it's a very big day concert....OOORAH!

Posts: 277
Well kerry...your welcome! For the trigger. .now you have triggered me into my concert days.
Saw Uriah heep back in my teens..and Rolling Stones at the garden in Ny.. .. George Harrison and Billy Preston again in my teens.
Those were the days my friend! !
Music is awesome and I continue to reach into the beat of the chords Like a drummer for my soul.
It's nice to share here about other topics that have helped us and at the same time bring back good memories through this thread.
A flower for rockie and some olé time rock n roll... for you!
Katmomwolf 2 n bubbles

Posts: 448
Yeah it's nice to break away a little bit, if just to get a little positive lift for a moment or two. Rockie loved music and sure loved the synthesizers and Uriah Heep sure provided, especially "July Morning" and "Gypsy" live 1973. Rockie would sound off with many different sounds as the music played, sometimes bobbing as well. I saw Uriah Heep play outdoors near Rockford, Illinois sometime around 1973. They were fantastic and their first two albums are some of my favorites. Each year now I try to find something special to get my butt out of the house and since Rockie's passing this has become super important. A T &T is such a great place to watch a baseball game or a concert. It's right by the water and you can see the brand new "Bay Bridge" and across the bay to Oakland. I saw Roger Waters(Pink Floyd) perform "The Wall" a couple years ago, and I saw AC/DC last year. I like these groups, but have many more I like better, it's just that A T & T Park was a huge selling point to me. Finally, Rockie did like the harmonica as well and loved some " J-Giels Band". Kerry.

Posts: 607

One song that has extra special meaning to me is The Promise by Tracy Chapman.

The anniversary of Spooky's death was very close and I was a complete mess.  I was driving home, doing the ugly cry, and I hated whatever song was on the radio at the time.  I flipped channels at the exact time that The Promise was starting to play.

I'd never ever heard the song before and as the song played, and as the lyrics hit me, I knew that it was my Spooky-girl sending me a sign.  I listen to it whenever I am feeling extra low.

I recommend if you listen to it to do so in private.  You will hear your pet speaking to you through the beautiful voice of Tracy Chapman and it will be extremely emotional.


Posts: 139
I found this beautiful song on You Tube. It helped bring me so much comfort when I lost my sweet Mugsy last year. I hope others may find comfort in its beautiful words and song.
Here is the link:


Posts: 394
Wow--what wonderful songs! Here are some to add--
The song "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce really gets to me.
That is what I wish I could do with the time that I had my beloved Buster
"If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
'Til eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you"
And I really love Amazing Grace--it is my all time favorite song. It reminds me that I really will be with my beloved Buster for all eternity--never to be separated again.
"When we've been there ten thousand years...
bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise...
then when we've first begun."
And this one really is magnificent--and Buster was one of God's absolute master pieces of creation-
And this is my all time favorite music video--it is so beautiful and so comforting--Click here: The Original Father's Love Letter - YouTube

Posts: 1
I would add Bronte by Gotye! A lovely short aong about loss of a dear pet.

Posts: 448
Well it nice to see that some are still perusing this thread and lists. I finally added the album "Love, Peace, And Happiness" by the CHAMBER BROTHERS when it recently became available from iTunes. The song "Love, Peace, And Happiness" is a real nice jam and the song is over eleven minutes. Anyway nice to finally have the song my thread topic is named after. I have been at this site a little over a year and a half and let me tell you that music does really help to soothe the soul. I hope that anyone who checks the thread will find some music they like that helps them to start their own playlist dedicated to their very special animal best friend. Thanks Mickey for your suggestion and bringing this thread back to light, hope it can help others to heal.
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