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I work as a veterinary technician and the clinic I work at is also the city pound. One day we got this ferret in the pound, she was very lethargic and right away we thought she was sick. The veterinarians checked her over and did many tests. The little ferret was totally healthy, we came to the conclusion that she was just lonely. I felt horrible leaving her in the pound so I decided to adopt her. I brought her home that night to my husband and our three kitties. Immediately we knew she would be a perfect fit in our home. She got along with the cats so well, they were always either playing together or grooming each other to sleep. Last night we brought our little ferret (Cinnabon) into our room for the night. She was running around like usual and then she went quiet. I assumed she fell asleep in the drawer like she always does around the time we go to sleep. I thought nothing of it until my husband and I were ready for bed and wanted to put her in her cage for the night. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find her. I knew she was in the bedroom because we had the door closed and there was no way out. Finally, my husband decided to lift up the mattress and sure enough there she was, lying there still. I was in shock. I knew she was dead. I picked her up and just started sobbing. My little Cinnabon had managed to crawl in between the mattress and the bedspring and she suffocated. I wrapped her up in her favorite blanket and put her favorite ball in there with her and we buried her outside. One of our cats which seemed to favor her walked into the room and started scratching at the seam in between the mattress and the boxspring. I am just heartbroken. I didn't know how attached I had become in just a month of having her. The house now feels empty without her running around and dooking. It is just so hard to believe because she was so well behaved, she never got into stuff she wasn't supposed to. I just feel horrible, my cats run around meowing looking for her and it just hurts my heart. Being at work is difficult because that's where I fell in love with Cinnabon. I just really don't know what to do. 

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I'm so sorry.  I have had many ferrets over the years and they are such sweet and engaging little creatures.  Over the past year I've lost two of them.  They were rescues and stole our hearts.  We had them for quite some time and as they got older one of my sweet girls started having episodes where she would become lethargic and drool but then would come out of it but after awhile the spells became more frequent.

  I would let them play in the pool area while I was out there and one day they were sleeping on one of the rafts that was in the pool area, I stepped inside to take care of something briefly and then got distracted.  I then realized I had left them in the pool area alone and went racing outside and my little girl was at the bottom of the pool.  I was absolutely devastated, it took time to forgive myself, I didn't want this to happen, I loved her, I made a mistake and it was just a horrible accident.  It was sad to see my other little ferret alone because they had loved each other so much.  I recently lost her, she was having blood sugar issues.  I would treat her with karo syrup and she did ok for awhile but then one morning things had progressed to a point that it was time to take her to the vet and say good bye.  She was an elderly ferret and I loved her but it was bearable because she had a long life filled with love.  She loved cuddling on the couch with us. I do miss her little kisses.

What happened to Cinnabon was an accident.  You gave her a home filled with love.  I know my words to you are of little comfort at this time but there is no way you or your husband could have known this would happen.  Please continue to reach out, I visited this site due to the loss of my kitten and it has helped me.  My thoughts are with you and your husband.

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