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I miss you so much Sadie baby, I know I'm not that good at poems but I think you would like this a lot honey. I love you so so so much Sadie and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about you and miss you. My heart aches and I want so badly to hug you. We will meet again Sadie, have fun in heaven with Sapphire and all of your other friends up there.
You always had a smile on your face,
No event could ever replace.
From the very beginning you bounded into our life,
The Golden furball that would change our lives.
You played and played til the night was through,
You never let us forget all of your toys.
And when you were worn out,
You would nuzzle up to me and we would sleep.
Days passed by and you grew and grew,
Until you became a beautiful Golden Girl.
When times were bad you were there,
To lick away my tears and make me feel there was nothing to fear.
When thunder would rumble you would become very scared,
But daddy and mommy were always there to protect you.
You always loved to play, and never let that change.
As years went by, times became hard.
No longer was it easy to get up and run.
Your muscles grew weaker and your hair turned lighter,
But your family was there to help you.
You still played with a smile on your face,
And gave all the kisses you could give.
But one day, things changed, it was hard to eat, and you lost weight.
The doctor said,"It's probably nothing"
But when he checked, he found colon cancer, you only had a month.
Mommy and Daddy would give you anything you would eat,
Mostly people food which was a big treat!
You ate and smiled and played, just like any other day.
But as the days passed, you became weaker, your appetite lessened.
Your family watched helplessly and in pain,
But we were happy to still have you.
Then one day, about a month away, you stopped eating,
You could not even keep any water down,
You stopped smiling and could barely lift your head.
I layed next to you and cried and cried,
I wanted so badly for you to stay alive.
We planned on giving you a peaceful death in the next few days,
But you went your own way that very night.
Now your family sits and cries,
We are missing a part of our lives.
No more walks, no more car rides, no more smiling face and shining eyes,
How will we ever not pet you again? Not itch your chin or play with you again?
We know it's for the best, but our hearts ache and the pain is a lot to handle.
Sadie has a smile on her face now,
She is sad that she is not with us,
But she is up there with all of our pets and all the loved pets,
You are running and playing,
Eating and smiling,
You no longer have pain,
You are no longer afraid.
We love you Golden Girl,
Little Sadie Baby,
We will never forget the happiness,
The love,
The friendship
Everything that you gave.
In our hearts is where you will stay until the day we meet again, my friend,
I love you.


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Sadie is a beautiful, beautiful girl!  What a lovely face she has! Your poem for her is beautiful too and I bet she just loves it and is so proud. I am so very sorry for your loss.
Happy 2 week Bridge Day gorgeous Sadie! Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

Posts: 355
I loved reading your poem for Sadie - you did a wonderful job writing it. Poetry to me is all about what you feel in your heart and in reading I feel the deep love you have for your Sadie. Thank you so much for posting her pictures. She is such a beautiful girl!

I am very sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to be without them. They are so much a part of our lives and part of the family. My cat Cheeseburger was my little boy. I lost him to cancer on May 4th 2008. I miss him so much.

I hope you can find some peace and comfort in all of the cherished memories you have of Sadie. Her love and spirit will live on in your heart always.

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


Posts: 14
Ohh what a beautiful and heartfelt tribute. How fortunate Sadie is to be loved so much to have a poem written in her honor. It's obvious the love and pain that pours thru in your words; my heart goes out to you. I do understand. I write a lot of poetry these days, ever since I lost my baby Jazzie last year. It's powerful to see the extent of emotion that comes thru in words. Your poem is perfect.



Posts: 143
The tears won't stop as I read your heartfelt poem to your beautiful Sadie.  I hope in the months to come you will have many smiles remembering her. 

We all wish our pet's lived as long as we did.  The pain when they go is so unbearable. 

It's good we have this site to come and share with each other.

Posts: 139
Dear Katrs09,

What a beautiful tribute to your Sadie.  It seems only fitting because your Sadie is such a beautiful girl.  I can feel the love that you have for her in your words and I know that your Sadie felt that all her life.  You were extremely lucky to have that special golden bond for as long as you did while she was here but I know that bond continues and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Sadie - Happy 2 week bridge day sweetheart.  You are so beautiful and from your picture look like such a love.  Mommy misses you so continue to watch over her and show her a sign that you are okay now and that you are still with her.

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