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Me and my husband got married August 2019 and I moved to
Houston with him in September 2019. My husband works and I was home going crazy so we decided to buy a cockatiel in September and we named him benji!
Benji became our life, our baby, our child we love him so much !! For the longest time we would take him outside and he would never fly sitting on our shoulder hand chest wherever but one day he was on my shoulder and a squirrel startled him and he flew but not very far he just landed on the ground. Ever since then we have been so careful with him holding him really close with two hands if we need to take him out. This April we went to Dallas to celebrate my 30th birthday at a campground that had a cabin so we took benji with us and everything was great he was in the cabin he flys around at home as well only goes in his cage to sleep so we know he can fly that’s why we are always careful. The next day we had a few drinks and were going to go on a walk and my husband brought benji out for some fresh air but was holding him to his chest.. I was like hold him on ur finger just keep your hand on his back( I always did that kept my hand hoovering over his back and he never flew) he said no u do it if you I took benji and perched him on my finger with my hand hovering on his back.. I could see he was looking around and not doing anything so for some reason I thought he doesn’t know the are he knows me he won’t fly and I moved my hand farther away from him still keeping a close eye incase he makes any movements.. I was watching him and all of a sudden he just flew !! And he flew so high into a tall
Tree and then eventually we lost him! I am so devastated so heartbroken and drowning in guilt !! Why did I make such a stupid mistake ? Why did I take a risk that too I’m the woods ? Why did I do this ? Why did I think he wouldn’t fly?!? Now we have no idea where he is we have been looking in and out of the woods put up flyers I’ve been praying ! My husband says babes you didn’t do in on purpose u didn’t think he would fly away u just were giving him space but nothing is making me feel
Better I know this is all my fault I can’t sleep I’m sick to my stomach not knowing where my baby is and if he’s safe and ok I did this to him I feel like god should take me in my sleep I don’t want to wake up I hate myself for making such a stupid judgement call I’m going crazy I failed him as his mother I failed my husband as well I’m such a horrible person how
Could I take such a risk I just didn’t think he would fly like that

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Oh wow. I'm so sorry you are missing your bird. Here In Edmonton it seems like many people have birds escaping in the springtime. Just the other day one person got their cockatiel back. He may be just exploring still. Don't give up hope.

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Thank you! I don’t know how to get over this guilt .. and not knowing where my baby is I’m such a mess and worried it’s getting worse

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I am so terribly, terribly sorry that your beloved bird got away. 

Here are some resources that might help you find him. Even though it is called ParrotAlert they list all types of pet birds such as cockatiels is a FREE international geographical Lost, Stolen and Found Bird / Parrot reporting and alerting site.

ParrotAlert utilises mapping technology to help you report the precise report location of a Lost, Found or Stolen Parrot / Bird and enables our system to check and alert on possible matches.

When you submit a report via, ParrotAlert automatically generates a high visibility PDF flyer/poster of your report and automatically cross posts the report to social media platforms, thus eliminating the need to spend time on-line when you could be distributing flyers, searching and networking off-line.

Even if you search our database and a matching report isn't available, we recommend submitting a report, and we'll send an alert when a possible match appears in our database.

9-1-1 Parrot Alert website (it's not just for parrots but all types of lost birds)
Found Birds
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