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Posts: 16
Harry Harrison.
My baby. My baby love. My bug.

Happenstance. A series of stupid, tragic fortuity. I leave to visit my mom on mother's day. Long drive. Eight hours. Four day trip.
The wind. The damn wind. Blows the fence down. Around the side. Nobody sees. Harry slips out when the puppies have their late night outside time. Nobody sees.

Except coyotes...

This was mother's day night.
They found my little boy on tuesday.
Ripped to shreds.

He was five days old when he came to me. Dying. Sick. Starving. Dehydrated. Herpes. Everyone said this kitten would not last.

He was five years old when he left me. Strong. Smart. Brilliant. Funny. Didn't think he was a cat. Loved me. Loved his Daddy. Loved his new puppies.

I can't breathe.
My heart is struggling in my chest.
I feel weak.
I feel like I could kill a giant.
I can't tell one moment from the next.

My mom says that in the midwest, in the depression, in the drought, the people of the great dry dusty basin learned to simply sit with their grief.

So I'm sitting.
With my grief.
As it tries
to rip me to shreds
swallow me whole.

I adore you Harry. I love you with all of myself. Forever.

~Harrison's mom
Harry and his puppy Cody

Posts: 774
Harrison's Mom,
I am so sorry for your loss. Your kitty, such a handsom little cat. I wish I knew what to say, I don't, I am so sorry. What a horrible thing that has happened.The picture of him with the puppy, He loved that puppy, you can see it in his eyes.
I hope you don't have to sit with your grief to long.

Posts: 76
I'm soooo sorry for your loss...  I'm loosing my wonder Wizard Kitty after 17 years...  I have to put him to sleep this week...  So, I understand your pain and grief...  I'm sooo sorry.  I have to try to think and pray that he will live forever in the sunny meadows of heaven or someplace better with his step brothers and sister along with all other kitties and animals...  everyone getting along, loving and playing with each other and just waiting for the day when we come to see them again.  I have a few more days with Wizard, but I don't know if that is better or worse than a quick loss....  I feel your pain.

Best wishes...

Bob, Wizard's Dad


Posts: 5,100
Dear Kelley,

I am so very sorry you have lost your beloved Harry.   Your post was so beautifully written.   What a phenomenal tribute to him!   I am home on my lunch hour and have to run back to work, but I saw your heartwrenching post and wanted you to know my heart and prayers are with you.  How blessed the two of you were to belong to each other. 


Posts: 699
Dear Netwolf,

I am so very sorry you lost your Beloved Harry, so tragic.  I'm crying for you.  Saying a prayer for your little boy, and sending you hugs,


Posts: 881
I have no heart feels for you.  How fortunate Harry was to have crossed your path and you his.  He was so loved and given a wonderful home.

This may not be much consolation but the animal communicators get the message that when their death is the result of trauma and sudden they had already left their body before the kill.   See Harry as flying out of his little body...beautiful and free and surrounded by your love. 

I'm so sorry for your loss and sending many hugs.


Posts: 460
Dear Harrison's Mom,

I answered a later post of yours, and I now see your original post.  I am so sorry for what happened to Harrison. What a beautiful kitty he was. My heart goes out to you.  One's heart is slow to heal after a tragedy like this.

Please know that you and Harrison are in my prayers.

Posts: 540
Dear Kelley, I am so very sorry for your loss of your beautfiul kitty Harrison, he looks so sweet laying next to your puppy. That is the 3rd incident of a cat being killed by a coyote in CA that I have heard in the past few months. My brother in law and his fiance lost their beloved kitty Miles, he was 2 years old in the same way. He shot of the door on a rainy night and my brother in law was leaving in the morning to return to school in Boston and they found him in their backyard. It was so tragic. Then there is another poster on this board whose roommate let her cat out and it got killed by a coyote as well. I can feel your pain so vividly in the powerful words you wrote and I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain.  Please whatever you do don't blame yourself for going away that weekend to celebrate Mother's Day, there is no way you could have known that would happen. You gave Harry a wonderful life and took him in and nursed him to great health when he was so sick and young and he loved you for that. You, his daddy, the puppie, your family. He is now at the Bridge were he was warmly received and he is having a grand old time up there with all of our furbabies.  Please be kind to yourself in these first several weeks as they truly are the hardest.



Posts: 16
Dear -

Thank you so very much for your words of support and comfort. I don't think I can impart to you how much your responses have meant to me.

I want you to know that I am taking a moment here, intent on focusing a return of your strength and compassion back to you and your beloved ones, having added my own, hoping that we all can heal more gently and find some peace in our broken hearts and spirits.

~Harrison's mom - Kelley
My Baby Harry


Posts: 558
I'm so sorry about this horrible loss of your sweet Harry.   Your beautiful Harry looks so happy there with his friend the beautiful golden puppy.  My heart breaks for you as I can't imagine much worse than loosing a kitty this way.  Coyotes are so very dangerous.  We used to live in Southern California.  Packs of coyotes roamed at night and sometimes during the day.  Nothing was sacred to these animals.  They even jumped a 6 foot fence and attacked a rottwiler and almost killed him.  They grabbed our neighbors pekinese through the fence and there wasn't anything left of him.  Luckily the other pekinese was untouched.  They had also jumped another fence and done some serious damage to a scottie that the people were in the backyard when it happened.  Luckily the sweet scottie survived.  Everytime something happened in our neighborhood, I would copy off warnings and walk them around the neighborhood to try to warn people who didn't know the danger.  It broke my heart every time that it happened and I didn't know what else to do with my anger.

Just wanted you to know how awful I feel in reading your post and I know the terrible pain that you feel.  Huge hugs, Golda's Mom


Posts: 16

Some pictures of my little boy.
When I first rescued him:

 He survived... and grew!

and then some...

2005 My Harry with my 2007 Rainbow Bridge girl Maya...

March 2008 Harry with his new puppies:

I miss him so.
I see him everywhere... just a corner of the eye flash. I turn, look, he's not there.
I hear his very unique meow constantly... The one that meant come get me. Sometimes I am silly and I go looking for him.
I feel him jump up on the bed at night. I reach down to touch emptiness.
Harry-Harrison... I love this one.
He liked it when I said that.

~Harrison's mom - kelley


Posts: 686
Oh my God, Kelly.  What an awful tragedy.  I am sooo sorry.  There are just no words.  Just please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful Harry.  My heart is breaking for you.

Hugs and prayers,
Kate (Gus' mom). 

Posts: 64
words can't go there . . I hurt with you.

Karma's Mom
Muqua, Mama Niki, Tink, Mr. Hose, Mr. Bowie, Unchar, Lillums, Oliver, Almitra, Princess Kyra-Kawa, Fang, Lucky, Smudge

Posts: 317

Dear Harrison's mom, I'm so sorry for your loss. your sweet Harrison is so cute!!! I understand how you''re feeling, I lost my little dog Jessie two months agos and just a week ago our beloved cat Neko was hit by a car.... totally unexpected. I hope you can find some comfort with your puppies... your baby Harrison will always be in your heart...
Diana Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 139
What a horrible event to have happened.  My heart goes out to you and I hope you find the comfort you need.  Looking at those pictures I see a small kitten who really needed love and caring and then all of a sudden the pictures change to a well cared for and happy cat.  That alone is a tribute to you from your angel.  It looks like he was a happy and loved cat.  Even though the pain is very deep and your heart aches, please take some comfort in that.  Your love gave him a good life.  He feels no pain right now and is waiting for the moment to see you again.  Love never changes or goes away, it is always locked in our hearts.  We can always go to that spot in our hearts and find them there.


Posts: 763

Dear Kelley, I am so very sorry for the loss of your darling Harrison. He is a beautiful boy! I wish I could say some magic words to help ease the pain but there just aren't any. You have a new little angel to watch over you now. His spirit is with you, all around you. Try to remember that. Again, I am so sorry. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


Posts: 699
Dear Kelley,

Thank you for sharing Harry-Harrison's pictures with us - what a sweet sweet kitty, precious beyond words as a baby, he grew and flourished with your love and care into such a beautiful boy.  My heart aches for you, knowing that you are missing him so much, knowing how much it hurts that he isn't with you on this earth anymore.  It must be a comfort to look at the picture of Harry and your beautiful Maya, knowing they are together.  His new puppies signify hope for bright days ahead.  I weep with you, now we hear only echoes of the songs our hearts used to sing.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever      

Posts: 1,205

Your little boy is just so cute.  What a tiny little dot he was when you got him.  I am so sorry that he had to leave you.  We all feel and know your pain.  May you find peace in your heart.  Much love, Di xxx


Posts: 16
I Got Harrison's Ashes yesterday...
I slept with the little box last night.
Not as snuggly as my baby.
But strangely comforting.
My little boy's memorial in the kitchen.

The rocks and sticks were brought in from the yard over the past week by Harry's new puppies. Harrison loved those puppies so much. Their inadvertent donation seems very appropriate for this little tribute.
Harrison May 2003

Harry May 2006

Harry with Shilo March 2008

Forever my love

Eternally snotty nose and all...
I miss you so much my sweetie.
You are my heart.
Please be healthy and happy wherever you are.
I was just outside - one a.m. - I felt you in the wind.
I love you.
~mama  (Harrison's mom - kelley)


Posts: 12
I am new here but saw your post and pictures today. My heart goes out to you. Your dear Harrison looks like quite a character. Be kind to yourself, what a beautiful boy!


Posts: 174

 Your post broke my heart.  What a wonderful, special little boy Harrison was.  When I looked at those pictures especially when he was a kitten and needed extra TLC  and watching him grow strong and healthy and happy through the years he shared with you it is just devastating to have lost him in such a tragic way.  My prayer go out to you and your family and I hope that you keep posting here to get the support from people who understand.  Harrison was a really special little man and I hope he's healthy and whole at the bridge waiting for you when it's your time to join him.

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)

Posts: 95
My heart goes out to you. What beautiful words you write to your lovely Harry Harrison. They echo your pain and heartfelt eternal love.

Hugs, peace and prayers to you.


Posts: 2,245
Dear Kelley:
Here I sit in tears trying to decide what I can say to you that might help.  Unfortunately there is nothing that makes this overwhelming pain any better.  I am so sorry for the loss of your adorable Harrison.  The pictures you posted are beautiful and Heart breaking at the same time.  I felt every ounce of your pain as I read your words.  What a nightmare to come home and find such a horrible nightmare.  These Precious Angels steal our Hearts and take our souls with them when they leave.  How does one go on without a soul?  I have found no answers.  I lost my little Angel Christopher over 14 months ago.  His loss has swallowed up my life and left a huge hole in my heart that nothing can fill.  I could have written every word that you wrote. 

I sleep with Christopher's picture and ashes next to my bed.  When things get really bad I hold his precious blanket, still covered in his soft fur, in my arms as it is the only thing that comforts me.  Life is just so painful without them. 

I just wanted you to know that you and Harrison are in my Prayers.  May God's Angels watch over Harrison and keep him safe until he is safe in your arms once again. 

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

My Precious Angel
Please Keep Harrison Safe
Until His Mommy Arrives.
You Are MY Man And I Love You
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